Wenger declares Arsenal injury troubles are over

If Arsene Wenger is right and the constant and recurring injury problems that have dogged Arsenal in recent years are coming to an end, it really is fantastic news. Because just last month it was revealed in a Daily Mail report that the Gunners have suffered more injury problems than any other club in the Premier League since 2002.

In fact it has been so bad for us that our 890 injuries up to that point was 100 more than the second placed club Man United. Some, like Ramsey’s, Eduardo’s and Diaby’s were the result of bad tackles and there is nothing you can do about that other than treat them. Wenger did accept last season, however, that there seemed to be an underlying problem at the club and vowed to get is fixed.

And that is one of the reasons for Arsenal bringing in the fitness and conditioning expert Shad Forsythe during the summer. But the start of this season has been just as bad so far, if not worse, at least until now. Because with Ramsey and Walcott already back and others like Koscielny and Giroud getting close, the boss has claimed in the latest injury update on Arsenal.com that these injury problems are nearly at an end.

Wenger said, “We had Olivier Giroud, Theo Walcott, Mathieu Debuchy and Mesut Ozil injured but they are slowly all getting better. Theo is the first to come back but I believe we are at the end of the tunnel.”

The manager also revealed that Jack Wilshere will miss today’s clash with Anderlecht due to illness but should be fine to face Swansea City at the weekend. If Forsythe and the rest of the Arsenal medical team have begun to eradicate the underlying problems, then maybe we really can have a proper push for the title or claim another trophy this season.

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  1. What of. Koscielny? Need him back; but we bless d Lord, d injuries r reducing; Unleash d beat #Sanchez!!!

    1. i go as far he is in the top 5 in the world. i cannot wait to see him play, really like someone said here before: every player looks like a p.ssy compared to him. he may be the one who reaches the 228 goals..

      1. @arnsam of curse yes, that’s where he belongs. even if he is fit until he change his ball wasting habit!

    1. Gibbs Ramsey Monreal
      Koscielny Arteta have been injured
      and Sanogo Gnabry and Ospina
      injured and Diaby is always injured.
      Wilshere and Ox are injury prone.
      Walcott could relapse tomorrow.
      14 injured or injury prone.
      Have we solved our injury issues?
      Umm no.

  2. Come on gunners! Lets beat those “sore losers” anderlect and send them back to belgium, with their tails tuck between their legs! Coyg!

  3. Really, a little early to declare this! Ibwantbtonseebabsustanined period with minimal injuries/and improved recivery durations before we start getting excited. Ot anyone seebthe comments that Mesut sees himself as a lion, as he has similar traits, lmfao pussycat more like! Also cabaye linked again with arsenal as a long term replacement for arteta. Wouldn’t mind this but he’s another small skillful midget 🙂 coyg tonight!!

  4. Wenger declared many things that were erroneous…
    For example: Abu Diaby will be like a new signing…

  5. Also my way back from work to home i saw a goat fu#king a tiger right on the divider of a 50 lane road. JustSaying.

  6. My mate text me before the game saying he is wearing a bulletproof vest to make sure he doesnt get caught by a Podolski stray.

    I said dont be stupid. The furthest a Podolski shot has ever been from the goal is to hit the goal post

  7. It’s Bizarre, Brendan Rogers is not starting Gerrard, Coutinho, Ballotelli, Glen Johnson, Henderson and Sterling. And Lovern isn’t on the bench. Against Real Madrid, that’s nuts.

    If Wenger did that, Id go nuts

  8. I don’t think it’ll happen but I think Alexis should be rested tonight or brought on in the 60th minute, or if he does start then take him off after 60 minutes, I say this because we can’t risk him getting injured or burning out at all, if he gets an injury, we are in trouble.

      1. Exactly, you’ve got lazy, uninterested sloths like Ozil who don’t appreciate the fans or try their heart out playing alongside Alexis who has an attitude opposite to Ozil.

  9. Idiot manager still keeps Ox and even the out of form Cazorla. Only one change from teh side that started at teh weekend, and he keeps talking of strength in depth. Never uses the bench players. Favourite player Sanogo once again takes Joel Campbells place on the bench by default.

  10. ‘Wenger declares Arsenal injury troubles are over’.

    We are approaching January transfer window of course he will say everyone will be back. The first pre match press conference after the January transfer window Wenger will be like ‘Giroud suffered a knock, Diaby just returned to full fitness, Ozil suffered a set back, Wilshere is long term, Monreal has back problems.’

    Then end of season blame injuries for failing to push for any trophy.

  11. LOLWUT at Liverpool’s lineup. Dint know Rodgers is a fraud manager too. Got his fame for one season riding on the back of Suarez. 😀

  12. Read a report Diaby to retire at end of season. Can’t he do that now so we can get a replacement as part of squad NOW??? Sad really.

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