Wenger says Arsenal MUST solve UCL first leg problem!!

The last time that Arsenal progressed from the first knockout stage into the quarter-finals of the Champions League was in 2009. The Gunners played the first leg at home and beat Roma by 1-0. The scores were reversed in the away leg and we needed penalties to go through but we did it and went on to the semi’s.

Since then Arsenal have generally messed it up in the first leg and given ourselves a mountain to climb. A 2-0 loss at home to Bayern Munich last time, 3-1 the year before and that awful 4-0 disaster away to AC Milan in 2012 tells a clear picture.

So it is no wonder that, as reported by Sky Sports Arsene Wenger has highlighted this to his players and called on them to learn from the past and not to make the same mistake again when Monaco arrive at the Emirates stadium tonight.

The Arsenal boss said, “In the last four years we always came out frustrated. We’ve gone out yes, but just.

“We conceded a goal at home in the first 30 minutes three times and that goal knocked us out. Two times we have been knocked out by the winners and all because of goal difference or one goal.

“It’s really tight and we’ve learned from that. It is hard earned every time and it is done with a one-goal difference. You either go out by one goal or go through by one goal and that means you have to work very hard.”

All Wenger’s talking up of Monaco and claiming that tonight’s game is a 50-50 as well as this reminder of previous first leg disasters is intended to make sure that the players go out there ready. There should be no fear but a desire, a belief and the intent to put things right this season. Will Arsenal get it right this time?

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  1. Yeah…..we cannot afford to Fck it up in 1st leg of Knockout then don’t give ourselves a chance in 2nd leg….we have to play the game the way it is (over 2 legs)….next tie is away, wat if we fail to score against this defensive minded team there…NO EXCUSES we have to win todays game by 2 goals or more.

  2. We got good luck when we drew Monaco. Also playing 1st leg @ home

    We can’t take Monaco for granted yet we must take advantage of home 1st leg.

    They have a good defense with Kondogbia ahead, but they are not impregnable.

    We have amazing quality in offense with the likes of Ozil, Cazorla, Sanchez, Walcott.

    Therefore, we should work hard for full 90+ minutes and do our best to score a few goals and get a clean sheet.

    Not getting a win is not the end of the World BUT Nothing but a Win is acceptable tonight.
    Win and make us prou

  3. i had a dream we beat monaco, an drew dortmund in quarter finals.

    we have to show dominance tonight – clean sheet an few goals cushion

    1. Doesn’t look like BvB will qualify for the quater finals. But Pirlo is injured. Who knows.
      I would be happy with Juventus/BvB or Porto/Basel if we qualify ourselves.

      1. they have an away goal, plus there only one behind.
        1-0 in return leg -they through
        agree any of those 4 would be good- ideally not juventus

        1. Juventus always flatters to deceive. Last year they had the same ditto team expect for Morata and they failed to reach the R16 ahead of Galatasray. I believe we can beat them if we draw against them.

          But if we don’t get past Monaco i will be go mad.

          1. I would WAY rather have juve than bvb. And if any of you watched the match you would’ve seen bvb dominated juve except juve played a little better in the 2nd half. I think Dortmund will go through.

  4. Beat Monaco, then beat Barca in the quarterfinals, then Bayern in the semis and Real in the final. And please don’t wake me up!!!

      1. Be the best – beat the best. If we cant beat any of the teams individually, then we dont deserve to be in the final. Playing those teams is going to be the toughest way to a CL title anyone ever had, but hey – Anything’s possible with Alexis, Özil and Cazorla + Giroud IF.

  5. What are the chances of us doing a Chelsea of 2012 in the UCL or Greece in the 2004 Euros?

    Not expecting anything much of this seasons campaing (as i kept saying from the beginning of the campaign) but just want to retain the FA Cup and have a real go at the Champions League.

    1. Actually quite a few teams who weren’t falvourites have won, like Liverpool, Porto, Marseille, PSV, Bucharest.

      It’s not impossible

      It would help if we would only play Madrid, Munich or Barcelona in the Final as it’s just one match and anybody can Win in one match.

      A great draw would help but we need to take care of Monaco first.

  6. Yeah, our think our prblm has always been d 1st leg of d ucl. As long as we beat monaco even by 9-8, I’m very sure dat we’ll qualify. Trust me I knw arsenal very well!
    Gunners 4 lyf

  7. What would you feel when you are standing at the Emirates with the CL anthem….

    Faaaaaaaaaaackk! I would cry for sure

    1. Dude I would do anything to see a champions league game at the emirates! That’s one of my life long dreams!

  8. I don’t believe this “1st leg” thing is anything but coincidence, but it makes a good story line for sports pundits.

    2 of the “1st leg” losses recently came at the hands of Bayern. It is not shocking that Arsenal under Wenger might lose to the one of the best teams in the world. And the Milan shocker came on a pitch that was not fit for grazing cattle – Arsenal players ALWAYS struggle on a mangled surface.

    There always seem to be other more tangible factors involved. Most importantly, that Wenger has failed to put together a side that could compete with the big Euro clubs.

    But if Arsenal lose to Monaco, the story line will continue and the media will have a lot to work with, will they not?

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