Wenger says Arsenal should be scoring more goals – and we will!

Arsenal absolutely dominated our arch enemies Stoke today and, despite the heroics of Jack Butland in goal, we still managed to get two goals. As is obvious from our first few games, we created hundreds of chances that were not converted – so to see the Gunners get two past a very good goalkeeper was quite satisfying, especially as I guaranteed Arsenal would win by two goals, and even better for Jonn Hirons who predicted the 2-0 scoreline. So we should all be very happy today as well as a little bit richer…

So, everyone has been criticizing Wenger for not buying a striker in the summer, but the two centre-forwards that he kept the faith with, Giroud and Walcott, scored the goals that moved us into joint second in the League. Perhaps we could now stop criticizing our players and manager? Yeah Right!

Of course Le Prof was happy with the win, but he did point out that we really could have scored a lot more….Wenger said after the game: “They (the strikers) scored so it is good for them, but I believe we put in a very strong performance. Technically we had our moments in the first half and we played the football we wanted to play and created several chances. Maybe if I wanted to be critical I could say that that there is too big a difference between the number of chances we created and the number of goals we scored but that will come quickly once you win your games at home.”

There was a lot of talk about the lack of goals before today, But Wenger always believed that his team would come up with the goals. “I was not worried about that as I knew that would not last forever with the number of chances we create.” Wenger related. “We are the team who has created the most chances since the start of the season and we had 30 shots on goal today and continuously we created chances today from the first to the last minute and the players had the quality to score so at some stage that would have come. I also believe we have stabilised our defensive record, we have not conceded after a difficult start. We did not concede against Liverpool and at Newcastle and today so that is good for our future.”

Well we should all be encouraged by today’s game. The defence was great, and the strikers will get more accurate as they get match-sharp.

Onwards and Upwards!

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  1. Only if we have better strikers.

    How many chances have Walcott wasted this season so far? More than a dozen……unacceptable.

    1. Wenger said in the post-match interview he was going to take him out back and flog him with a hose!! Naughty, naughty Theo!!

    2. Cathyman… Quick question though. In Theo’s last 11 starts how many goals has he scored??
      I’ll give you a small hint, it’s the number after 10….

      1. Last 11 *league* starts, which proves he can score and can do it consistently. Give theo time he has the ability to come good as a ST and if not, he goes back to terrorizing defenses from the wing

        1. Given the so many chances created, he only converted few.

          You won’t get that many chances when you face teams like man xhity, man u, chelshxt….

          And before that 11 games, how long has he been in the treatment room?

          If he can be Henry, he should have been for ages…..given the time he has been with us.

          1. Haha ‘if he can be Henry.’ Grrrr!!! I hate it when our strikers aren’t at the level of the best strikers to ever grace the game. It winds me up!!!
            Theo… Cummon mate, just ‘be Henry.’ Simples!

          2. He’s already scored against Chelsea and City multiple times. What else do you want him to do to prove he turns up in big games ? Save a penalty ?

    1. Stop it!! You absolutely overhype other teams players and then disregard are own.
      Oh a player on the left beating a few players with a tidy finish. Heavens above? Where could we ever find such a player!? Oh wait… We already have one, paid a lot less, and is actually motherf@#king world-class!!

    1. The majority of fans are focussing on theo’s misses, but the goal he took was pretty convincing.
      A high lofted ball under heavy pressure with the keeper advancing? He still had a lot of work to do.
      His first-touch was perfect and finished calmly. Great tackle, amazing pass, cool finish overall a brilliant goal.
      And G-train’s?? Probably don’t leave him open near post guys… Had to relieve a bit of pressure for him!

  2. Well Wenger has committed himself now. Today he admitted he did not get a striker because he believes Walcott can do the job. He can no longer fall back on his favorite excuse of “I tried to get a striker but none were available.” He has put his judgement on the line. Let us hope he is right.

    In any case I will be cheering for Theo and Wenger to the end.

  3. Would have love to see Martial gracing our left side of the pitch……..

    that control, pace, skill, confidence and finish….

    36m is a bargain!!

  4. Things I took from the game.

    1. Both strikers scored in this game – not bad. Can they do it in big games?
    2. Gabriel is fitting in nicely. I am confident he can do the job.
    3. Arnautovic can dish out punishment but does not like taking it.
    4. I thought I knew what constituted a yellow card offense until the ref gave one to Ozil. I must be missing something. Ridiculous.

    1. Nice Ozil assist, Cazorla the master mind of our game, Coquelin is brilliant, etc. A few more to add.

    2. Yeah… Though it was an absolutely ridiculous yellow, I sort of breathed a sigh of relief as if a challenge that soft warranted a yellow, Stoke’s usual nonsense wouldn’t go unpunished.
      Wasn’t really relevant when they could barely close us down let alone foul us 🙂

  5. Theo missed the easy chances but scored the difficult one. I think we should play both Giroud and Theo against Chelsea. Theo will find life hard as a lone striker against Terry and Kompany ?

    1. Hmmm… A conundrum.
      With Theo, we used to have a player who would disappear after missing the chances he did yesterday. I watched him closely and he was every bit that ‘mobile striker’ so many fans cry out for. Quality runs, left, right and central, dragging defenders out of position and showing a work-rate and willingness that he was often justifiably criticized for a lack of in so many games.
      The Newcastle game… We got the goal and were content to sit on the lead. Same with Chelsea in the CS. But Stoke, we attacked with some serious intent, Theo had a big impact… Especially off the ball.
      Big fan of Giroud. And I’m not trying to suggest it’s a clear cut decision by any stretch. But super impressed with Theo so far.

  6. cazorla was my MOTM for me. he was perfect. and kos’s shot! i wish it was in. our defense is solid. Gabriel, bellarin and le coq were brilliant. and their energy determination to show their worth will b the thing that will take as through. ozil was not very convincing. sanchez thou, teams will b craping their pants once the woodwork becomes the net for him.

  7. cazorla was my MOTM for me. he was perfect. and kos’s shot! i wish it was in. our defense is solid. Gabriel, bellarin and le coq were brilliant. and their energy determination to show their worth will b the thing that will take as through. ozil was not very convincing. sanchez thou, teams will b craping their pants once the woodwork becomes the net for him. goodd game and ppl let’s just enjoy and keep the bulshit for the times we actually get disappointed.(not happening if we play like this thou)

  8. Not a problem with either Giroud or Walcott, but what about if one or both get injured. I can’t believe that Wenger wasn’t already aware how long Wellbeck will be out. Not a good decision.

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