Wenger says Flamini should NOT have been booked!

Arsenal fans have become used to Arsene Wenger ‘not seeing’ crucial incidents on the pitch involving his players, but he quite clearly saw Matthieu Flamini’s tackle on Dan Gosling and he believes that Flamini should have got a free kick rather than a yellow card.

Wenger was asked after the game if he thought Flamini was lucky to be sent off, and he replied: “I didn’t see it like that. Honestly I felt, even at the start, it was a free-kick for us. Flamini was first on the ball. I didn’t see how high his feet were. He was first on the ball, I don’t think he even needed to tackle.

“It was maybe both; a foul from Flamini because he had high feet. I don’t know. I still feel the fact he was first on the ball, went for the ball, didn’t go for the player, it would have been harsh.”

Obviously the Bournemouth manager Eddie Howe saw it completely differently and thinks the Gunners midfielder should have got sent off straight away. “I felt it was a red card,” he said.

“I had a very good view and I felt it was two-footed. That type of tackle has been outlawed, you can’t do it.”

“For me it was a pretty simple decision,”

“It was a straight red card and it would have had a huge bearing on the game. I was surprised when the ref only produced the yellow.

“Dan could have been seriously injured on another occasion. That’s why it should have been a straight red. It didn’t look like he was in control.”

So what about Matthieu Flamini? He was asked about it after the game, and is of the opinion that both players were just going for the ball and there was nothing malicious about the tackle. And he actually says at the end that the yellow card was a good decision by the ref, but you would expect him to say that!

Here is his interview….

So what do you think? Were Arsenal lucky not to have gone down to ten men? Or is Wenger right?

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  1. Arsenal beat Bournemouth (who were unfortunate not to make a comeback after all those chances)

    and folks are already saying “ARSENAL ARE BACK TO WINNING WAYS”

    Arsenal’s Last 5 EPL fixtures

    and we obviously think these are winning ways?….so so funny!

    Arsenal’s next 5 fixtures

    won’t u rather wait to pass the test ahead before gloating?

    WE ARE NOT BACK TO WINNING WAYS just yet…….that was only a start!

    1. And remember :

      Leicester are on form
      Our players are always afraid of playing at OT
      Swansea enjoy humiliating us with their possession
      Spuds are difficult to beat under Pochetinno
      Albion beat us earlier this season

  2. wenger at it again

    this time, he’s standing in for the kung-fu kid kash!

    That was a clean YELLOW……….. Get over it !

  3. I’m not a complete fan of Flamini but I felt that he got to the ball first and that the Bournemouth players momentum caused him to fall over Flamini’s legs not his boots.As of late to many refs have flashed cards at the Arsenal players plus a free kick but when we are fouled only a free kick is given.It’s called inconsistencies.

  4. Wanger the new Mourinho supporting bad decision

    i saw Red,
    in the past we would of had Red card for that it seams last couple of seasons the decision is going our way with the reefs “Chelsea excluded of course”

  5. Old fashion two-footed tackle is a direct red card … We got lucky this time … No more Flamini, please …

  6. I guess Le Coq is match fit now, so we won’t have to worry about untimely tackles by the midfielders anymore. And if not, please Arse ne, put your trust in Elneny.

  7. Wenger can not think that that was an except able challenge that should of been a red card we was lucky! It was two footed and whether you win the ball or not the laws state its a red! Flamini could of cost us that game with his recklessness, i hope we doesnt start again where he could cost us in the future! Plus hes a poor midfielder anyway

  8. There was not even the need to go down like that. Wenger is troll. He knows much but likes to bs a lot.

  9. I love coming to this site to read comments from different supporters as you get a sense if what others think when it comes to the love of our lives ARSENAL FC. On topic, that was a red, cant deny that but gosh we need some luck, we got a red against chelsea in the last 2 games and i believe we still the better team. i also get the sense that fans are not happy with management as a whole including Wenger but my question is what do we do about it as i am a mere peasant down in southern africa. in my country we’d probably burn Ivans Range rover but thats another story lol

  10. It would appear that some people were not happy with Arsenal’s win yesterday that they are desperate to find reasons to moan. The laws of the game do not prohibit two footed slides towards the ball. Rule 12 states that a player is given a red card if he commits serious foul play or for violent conduct. In 2012 Mike Riley was reported to have given instructions to EPL referees to show red cards for two footed challenges if the opponent is in the immediate vicinity (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2092434/Two-footed-challenges-red-cards.html).

    Any one who watched the game will agree that the opponent in question was a meter(yard) or so from Flamini, so clearly the referee followed Riley’s instructions to the letter, not a red card offence. The Bournemouth player was then one who cluttered into Flamini.

  11. Wenger defended flamiddle because he is the one featuring him even as he knows how tactiless and careless he is. Coq is back + Wenger went all the way to Basel to grab Elneny; I think Wenger should clear his deluded mind and start thinking straight

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