Wenger says he WANTS Walcott to stay – BUT……

The Arsenal and England winger Theo Walcott has until June to agree a new contract at the Emirates, and ahead of tomorrows FA Cup semifinal against Reading, Arsene Wenger has admitted that he is hoping that Walcott will stay.

“I believe he will have a great future and I want him to stay here,” Le Prof said. But then he went on to say that he will improve some more, but he doesn’t say that his future will be at Arsenal! “Walcott is getting better every week and will have a great goal scoring record in the future.” he added.

Having said that Wenger refused to confirm whether Walcott would make it into the starting XI for tomorrows match, saying that he had a squad full of talent to choose from. “We have a massive squad of 24 players at the moment and there are also players on loan. It’s important to get the right dimension,” Wenger added.

“We know each other better now and have a better balance in our team between attacking and defending. All the players have top, top quality, which makes it very difficult for me to pick my best team.

“They all deserve to play. Szczesny will play on Saturday. He had a very good performance at Manchester United (in our last FA Cup game).”

The comment about the “balance between attack and defence” gives me the idea that Walcott will NOT be on the teamsheet as he is not renowned for his defensive abilities, and he is hardly match-sharp at the moment. Should Wenger give Walcott a chance to prove he deserves a new contract?

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  1. how do we expect him to get match sharped if everytime he sits on the bench???.. this is Reading for muffdiver’s sake!! not chelsea… well i hope he stays too..he just have to improve and fight for his spot..Silva is coming back,watched videos of him yesterday,he’s also got pace and truth be told he moves like Neymar with skills..all said.. Walcot t should be given his chances..this is the FA cup not EPL…we’ve looked down on walcott so much that we forgot what he did agsins Reading in our comeback and against newcastle few seasons ago..the team is on fire now but Playing Walcott at times wont quench that fire will it??


  2. I think Campbell would be sold, he isn’t improving, also poldi but sanogo won’t be sold, wenger sees a kanu in him

    1. I’m not sure about Campbell. He’s still very young got bags of potential just I don’t see him as a centre forward so his position is a wide forward where we have lots of options welbeck, Alexis, Walcott the ox who are all in front of him then there’s Gnabry and quite a few others who can play there. The likelihood is someone is going to have to be sold if Rosicky leaves that free’s up a little space. There’s also Wellington I’ve not seen enough of him to judge but also big potential. For me we have one to many wide players who don’t quite provide a massive goal threat and if we buy another forward this summer I’d say it’s definitely the end for Campbell but I’d like to see him loaned to another premier league side. Although not sure if he’d be happy with yet another loan.

      Podolski I agree has to

      1. Campbell’s turning 23, he’s not “very young” by footballing standards and should be establishing himself at this point which he’s not bene doing at Villarreal.

        Disagree completely that there’s one to many wingers, who are they that can actually contribute there?
        LW – Alexis
        ST – Giroud, Welbz
        RW – Ox, Theo
        I’m not having Wellington and gnabry as reason not to buy someone like Griezmann/Dybala/Draxler/Sterling. Welbz is being used on the wing instead of challenging Giroud. Weneed a DM and a false forward this summer IMO.

    1. All the Theo transfer is CRAP. All the Sterling exchange is CRAP.
      Some twat posted a wet dream on a blog, and everyone repeats it. Not gonna happen

  3. Wenger just doesn’t know how best to use Walcot 🙁
    Walcot is a good goalscorer but we all know Wenger hate wingers and kills them all!!!! 🙁 rem gervinho, podolski, arshavin..??? Wenger doesn’t know how to use wingers, even alexis has started deteriorating and welbeck is becoming worse than he was at man u!! 🙁 🙁 🙁
    Anyone who plays at the wings in Arsenal suffers with time, Ramsey, Ozil, Carzola…unless they change position. It is because wenger doesn’t know how to coach and use wingers. he is the problem, he should go and walcot to stay
    walcot > wenger 🙁

      1. Perhaps you should make of list of all the wingers at Arsenal since Wenger took over and edit the caca you posted.

  4. So chelsea again get the luck, just saw reports that Carrick, Blind, Rojo and Jones all are ruled out for their game tomorrow. I predict a draw tomorrow now

  5. the Theo i know is better than this trash i hear about him. He should be a goal scorer(which he is really good at) not a CB/LB/RB/CDM that we all want him to be. when he s on the peach…the oppo. LB dont have to attack us

    1. You have spoken wisely pal..people here expect walcot to score, defend setpieces, be a dm, save penalties, give red cards, pay for all fans season tickets.. 🙁 🙁 ..its unrealistic and abnormal.
      Even green lantern(my fav super hero) can’t do that 🙁 🙁 🙁 so sad. Wenger is the problem 🙁

  6. I WANT Walcott to STAY but if he is sold Wenger must get a top quality replacement.

    I know we can’t get most top 10-12 wingers like Bale, Ribery, Robben, Neymar, Ronaldo, Di Maria, Hazard, Cuadrado but at least we have one top 10 winger in Alexis Sanchez.

    We need to get the best we can. None of this Iturbe business. Someone like Reus, Draxler, Shaarawy, Mertens, Pedro Rodriguez etc

    Again, I WANT Walcott to sign a contract. He is quality and makes life easier to keep him.

    1. Cuadrado?? hahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!
      top 30 winger… maybe… just
      But I do agree… If we are to bring in a top winger it should be a top class one. Just your name dropping lacks credibility

  7. Yes,Walcott is a good player but I don’t think he should stay anymore.He’s already 26 and he is not a vital part of team.If he will leave I would like to see Sterling alongside Sanchez,or Draxler and Ox.Walcott can play in any team in EPL,but Arsenal is the only team who play very tactical and tehnical,passing more,have players like Sanchez,Cazorla,Ozil who can take off many oponents,Walcott doesn’t.Walcott have pace,excelent positioning and speed but when he remain one on one with the goalkeper,he doesn’t score,doesn’t gave composure and finising and many times when the ball come from up,he miss to stop the ball and ruin the chance.I like him very mutch and I whish him all the good in the world us football player,but he’s already 26 and probably will not play anymore in our first XI,we can’t bunch Ozil,Ramsey or Sanchez for him.He need to play,he need to leave.

      1. Sterling is over hyped. Hes a very similar player to the one we called forehead. Both are very adept at taking players on one after another but then just as merse mentioned with sterling, they dont look up to see a pass or sometimes even to place a goal… mainly the passing aspect though. Now Gooners want another forehead over someone who assists and scores regularly.. lol. English tag always flattering to deceive.

    1. ABU – I think that is a reasonable analysis but it still leaves the sticky problem of 36 goals in his last 83 starts – some going for a “poor finisher suffering with lack of composure”. That sort of return is rare in a wide player and frankly quite difficult to ignore imo. I think the biggest problem with Theo is him being injury-prone and the effect of this on his time in the team/consistency etc. Maybe his injury problems are reason enough to look for a replacement but we know ho Wenger tends to stick by his players.

    2. you said it all , arsenal will not miss him big time if he leaves if he stays not bad for cover on the bench

  8. Wenger sounds like a used car salesman, “Oh I hope you don’t buy this car, it has a great future, there is a good journey record ahead for this car,” … while really wanting you to buy it.

    Having said that Wenger refused to confirm whether the car would be picked tomorrow for the shopping trip, saying that he had a whole car lot of cars to pick from at the moment.

    Personally I

  9. Stay or go – it’s up to him and the boss. Are we weakened by his leaving? I think not.
    Would i like him to stay? yes.
    Does he fit our right side set-up? Right now No. You can’t pair him with Hector but you could with Debuchy.
    Would I prefer Ox over TW on the right? yes. Ox offers much more.
    Fast men get slower…big men don’t get smaller…tricky players don’t get simpler…

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