Wenger says the fans had a great night – One Arsenal player disagrees……

In the wake of Arsenal’s massive home defeat to Bayern Munich in midweek, there has been an explosion of anger and grief from the fans, who have seen the Gunners go out in the round of 16 for the 7th season in a row. But Wenger has tried to diffuse the situation by saying that he thought the fans at the ground had a “fantastic” evening, although the evidence is not quite so convincing…

Here is an excerpt from an article on the official Arsenal site last night…..

While our defeat against Bayern Munich in midweek left the manager “very angry, very frustrated”, he was keen to address one positive from the evening – the manner in which the fans at Emirates Stadium stuck with the team throughout.

“It was fantastic,” he added. “They were there for a great night.”

Now I am not saying he is lying, because I am sure that the fans that did “stick with the team throughout” probably were there just for the fun BUT there wasn’t a very large percentage of fans left at the end of the game….

Notwithstanding the fans that didn’t even use their tickets (and there were very many looking at the emppty seats at the start) but as the second half progressed more and more fans voted with their feet and left before the scoreline got even more embarrassing.

Now I know that Mr. Wenger’s eyesight seems to be fading, but one youngster with very good eyes gave a different view, and he could see everything as he was actually on the pitch. The young Spaniard, Hector Bellerin , was asked how it felt in the dressing room after the rout, and he said: “I’m really hurt because to see the fans leave the stadium so early… At the end of the day we play for them, want them to be happy, to be behind us, and it hurts to see them leave so early. We just need to try to make them happy with the rest of our season. We know we’ve got the players and the potential to do well, we just need to play every game the same way that we started today. If we play that kind of football, we can be up there. We have to say sorry to the fans because we want to do better than that.”

So after some consideration I have decided that Wenger wasn’t lying after all, and was actually talking about the Bayern Munich fans, who were the only ones left at the end, and they had a “great time”!

Darren N


  1. goonerboy says:

    Leaving early is not enough, more is expected..the heat shouldn’t be turned down no matter what!!!

  2. antiwenger says:

    At times you want to sympathise with Wenger and then he opens his mouth

  3. goonerboy says:

    Sympathize my foot??
    Anyway, maybe you have a cut in his dough…

    Just wondering, the players keep saying “if we play like we did in the first half” or the last game”

    Who is stopping them from maintaining that tempo for 90mins??? Nuff said..

  4. mark says:

    Has he not resigned yet?

  5. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Lacazette scored a fantastic last minute winner last night (long strike placed in the right corner)

    If we lost Alexis, he would be ideal but we would ALSO need a Top winger
    If Alexis stays we should STILL get Lacazette as Alexis is not enough to win the PL. We need another top Forward

    1. bran99 says:

      Some people were saying he is average and will struggle in the EPL, they better see OG every week playing like a donkey than give the lethal striker a chance to do great in our team.. we always see every player we missed, firing in all cylinders except the ones currently playing for us bar Sanchez

  6. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Tell you what a great night is!
    A night when you get to pee in your pants cuz of frustration…
    Wenger don’t get to decide our feelings for us…… The club’s recent status ,decades of decadence & abject suffering speaks volume….

  7. nernlorg says:

    Of course, he wouldn’t resign! If you are waiting for him to do so, forget it. He loves the club (the cool 8.5m BP per year for delivering nothing). At no other top club in Europe will this happen; only at Arsenal. When arrogance goes over the top, it becomes insanity. I said before on one of these blogs that Arsene wenger is numb, and does not feel the pain we feel when we are humiliated by our rivals. In fact, his conscience is seared with a hot iron and is not bothered by the humiliating defeats we’ve suffered in recent weeks: Everton, Man City, Watford, Chelsea, Liverpool and now the 10-2 aggregate hammering by Bayern Munich. The British fans should use their power of boycott and stay out of Arsenal matches until this guy is forced out.

    1. N4NICOLAS says:

      Wenger won’t resign, he loves the 8.5mil n who won’t Love 8.5mil for doing nothing?

    2. bran99 says:

      All those defeat are always quenched by the thought of 8.5m in the bank account, that’s why he never admits he makes mistakes.. mistakes are made by everyone else but him, he is perfect and deserves the salary he gets without delivering a single EPL title for 14 years, let alone the real men’s trophy.. UCL

  8. Rest my case…the man is a loon

  9. We’ve given the deluded one the benefit of doubt because of the new stadium and no funds to buy players….but I can categorically say that for the last 12 years he has had a better squad than Leicester not being able to clinch the PL once shows that his demise started a long time ago…complacency got the best out of him and the greedy board went along with him

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