Wenger says this is Arsenal’s most disturbing window ever? Who is to blame??

I find it quite amazing that Arsene Wenger is complaining that this transfer window is the worst that Arsenal have had to endure since his arrival, and he explained why in today’s press conference. He said: “We of course play the semi-final next week and after we have the Europa League as well, which is another target, so we have to very quickly get over this transfer period because for us especially this period has been more disturbing than ever. Why?

“Because we have big players that are at the end of their contract and that is the first time that it happens, that we have such influential players close to the end of their contracts and it has been more destabilising than ever.”

Arsenal have had a very bad set of results since the end of December, in fact we haven’t won any of last five games, and it seems that he is blaming this “disturbing” transfer window.

Well, perhaps he should have thought of that when he let three of his best players get into the last year of their contracts, and tried to persuade us all that this would be the best for the club? Everybody knew that it was obvious that Alexis Sanchez was desperate to leave in the summer and he made little contribution to the Arsenal team until December, when this current window was approaching, so we have had a disrupting influence in the squad all season.

Could this have contributed to us being down as low as 6th in the Premier League? I think it certainly has, and as far as I am concerned there is only one person to blame for this fiasco, not to mention costing Arsenal tens of millions in lost transfer fees.

Who do you think I could be talking about?

Darren N


  1. dave says:

    AW will blame everyone and everything but taking responsibility

    1. jon fox says:

      A devastatingly accurate article, correctly laying the obvious blame at the manager. As if there is any other choice! Perhaps Wenger would have us believe it is the tea lady’s fault! Yes, Ethel on NINE POUNDS AN HOUR! This ridiculous “manager” – and ridiculous is the best word by far- is thrashing about blindly for someone, anyone, to blame. Anyone but himself. After all, he is only the manager, on approx £9 million a year to sort any problems out! If it is not Mike Dean, Mike Riley, Sanchez’s love for money(funny how Wenger never ever mentions that Sanchez, beside being a greedy mercenary, which he is, also has ambition to win important honours) or the fixture list, injuries, tiredness or oil rich clubs blowing him out of the water, then it must be bad luck. Sanchez’s ambition may not be quite enough ambition to wait for City , when offered “sell your soul” wages by Moaninho, BUT still way too much to languish in a team sliding into long term mid table unambition and obscurity and play long term with the likes of Xhaka, Iwobi, Bellerin, and Welbeck etc. We fans ALL know this truth and the vast majority can’t wait to be rid of him and give our beloved club at least a chance to get in a proper manager; one who is in touch with lifes and footballs realities. BUT , SCANDALOUSLY, OWNED BY THAT DISGUSTING EXCUSE FOR A HUMAN BEING, ABSENT STAN “boy, do I love huge ranches” KROENKE,our once honest and caring club is run by moral bankrupts and low class, personal enriching, “shit on loyal fans” snakes. That we, Arsenal Football Club , should have come to this . THIS! THANKS FOR NOTHING WENGER, KROENKE AND THE OTHER VIPERS. AND MAY YOU ROT IN HELL! THE WHOLE STINKING LOT OF YOU!!!!!!!

  2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    According to Wenger it is everyone else’s fault

    According to everyone else it is Wenger’s fault

  3. muffdiver says:

    wenger and the club
    for not reinforcing correctly every window in years and letting contracts of our best players run down
    2 years left you signing extension ? no?
    who wants him? 65 mill an hes yours

    instead we get 29 yr old armenian who has had one great season in germany and an agent with all the appeal of a party at kevin spaceys house

    europa league club – shame prices dont reflect that

  4. Gelz says:

    There is no thinking and no planning, so what does he expect, I have been disturbed by his transfer windows for the last 12 years.

  5. IhateArseneWenger says:

    Most disturbing thing in this transfer window is the fact that Wenger is still in charge.

  6. Xxnofx says:

    Looks like another window where the board as made money .Did no1 think it would have been a good idea to have signed someone this week before our next game seeing how bad we are playing ,which makes me believe that there is no1 coming in at all . More waffle to string us along he should become a politician when he fineally leaves the club

  7. Ray says:

    The mind boggles..

    Did Wenger get beamed up for 2 years or simply fail to a dress the issues?

    Only the top brass at Arsenal are accountable!

  8. muffdiver says:

    alot of people are saying aubameyang is done
    not just the jokers now

  9. Phil says:

    The only thing that is disturbed is Wengers Mind.Hindsight is a wonderful thing but seriously the man is a complete nut job.We all saw this coming before the season started so if WE all saw it then so did everyone who runs the club from the idiot himself up to the Board and Owner.I am spitting at Sanchez for going but can he really be blamed.Yeah sure it’s about money or he would be at Citeh.He has ended up T Manure on Chinese wages so I suppose him and his agent have exploited the position we let them have to their advantage.The blame is purely on Wengerand upwards) so what on earth is he bleating about?

    1. jon fox says:

      Well said Phil.

      1. Phil says:

        Thanks Jon-I got angry reading your very well scripted words while stood in an overcrowded train on my way home.I was expecting at least one signing to be agreed today but what do we get?Yet more nonsense from that geriatric delusional fool.I am now very very concerned for anyone who is in the same pub as Sue while she is throwing her darts.As if we haven’t got enough to stress ourselves over.

  10. Sue says:

    Why doesn’t he just hold his hands up & admit all of this is down to him & the board!!! Jesus christ yet another crap transfer window (for incomings) losing game after game… out of the fa cup… finishing below the spuds… Europa league…. selling Sanchez to united!!!!! Jesus Christ the list goes on…. and to think of we’ll have another 4 months of this…..Iwobi playing every week… sh*t defence & gk…Oh my I’m depressed! Off to drown my sorrows at darts

    1. Phil says:

      Sue for gods sake point the arrows at the dartboard if you have one too many

    2. jon fox says:

      Sue, Probably little consolation but virtually all Gooners feel the same as you do.

  11. summerbreez says:

    I hope we can get abu well I see they are looking for 70 for him it could happen by Monday and if not I don’t think we should waste time but than who ?? abu is a prolific goal machine he would be an upgrade to aliexis so here I am hoping

  12. Kenny Rolfe says:

    Admin: Could you please give an update on the thumbs.

  13. barryglik says:

    Arsene genuinely love his players.
    So seeing so many go in such a
    short time is clearly affecting him.
    After an incredible 20 year journey
    at the club the end is in sight for him.
    It is hard to let go and face retirement even at 68.
    But he has been far too loyal too long and
    kept players who were past their best.
    Kroenke kept Arsene on because Arsene
    increased the club share value every season.
    Arsene should still step down now with great honour
    because right now he is not so subtly being shown the door
    and being forced out is not the way this great manager should go.

  14. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    The bit he probably finds disturbing is that he has to spend money

  15. Innit says:

    I find it disturbing that a manager can remain manager of Arsenal for 13 years with no PL or CL trophy. Ancelloti won the double with Chelsea and got fired. DiMatteo won CL with Chelsea and got fired (both were terrible decisions) but Wenger has won 3 FA Cups in 13 years. That’s it and still manager. That’s disturbing innit

  16. David Rusa says:

    What has Wenger remained on despite lack of trophies? The answer is not difficult to find. It’s because he has been more than just a football manager. He presided at the building of an ultra modern stadium while also keeping Arsenal competitive. He has given the Club a stable financial status. All this noise about buying players is because of the Club’s financial status. We were able to buy Ozil, Sanchez, Xhaka, Lacazette and now we are vying for Aubameyang because of our financial clout. Let us not forget that we don’t have a billionaire godfather like Chelsea, and Man City. All the resources we have are generated by the Club. Any Club which fails to respect it’s financial position is doomed. The likes of Blackburn Rovers, Leeds and Birmingham collapsed because of lack of financial discipline. Arsenal is among the wealthiest clubs because of good financial management. We have been out of Champions League but we are still thriving because of this fact. To some people who don’t appreciate this, I can only say learn to respect financial management, spend reasonably and avoid extravagance. Wenger has his faults but this one factor has stood out as a great tribute. Of course Wenger is now coming to the end of his long journey. Let us hope that those who take on the mantle will preserve his financial legacy.

    1. David Rusa says:

      Correction: Why has Wenger remained—-not what.

  17. Leeman says:

    Sue, can you not use the Lord’s name in vain in this article.
    I will respect each one’s opinion, but I will not stand for disrespecting the Lord’s name.

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