Wenger screws up Arsenal’s Champions League hopes AGAIN!

I said something about Arsene, but Hey what do I know right? by Konstantin Mitov

Bayern Munich 5-1 Arsenal

I mean it was 1:1 at half time. It seems like ages ago. What’s the excuse? Will Arsene leave? To top it off, the neighbours from downstairs called the police. It’s a perfect night! I hope Arsene leaves.

I mean, we were spineless, we created not that much. We moved Ox on the flank and it didn’t work. We played nothing up front and we got heavily beaten. It was terrible once again. I don’t need to comment anything on the game.

We got a lucky equalizer and we did nothing with it. We should’ve put in a better performance, but Sanchez and Ozil are gone for me. Arsene simply has to leave. I don’t know if there is much more to say.

This is absurd stuff. We were humiliated. We were beaten bad and Arsene has to take the blame. We could’ve at least tried up front. I mean there isn’t much to talk about really. I said Arsene should leave after the Hull game and I stand by my mark. He is finished as are we in the CL!

As I said before the game, I hoped Wenger wouldn’t screw this one up…… surprise!



  1. arsenalfan1 says:

    Sanchez is on his way out and who could blame him. Playing for a dope like Arsene must be soul destroying. And to be a fan…..well……!!!

    1. muffdiver says:

      i wish sanchez the very best.

      was honoured to have him at this club

      1. Arsenal007 says:

        Wenger screws up Arsenal’s Champions League hopes AGAIN!

        Did you expect anything different? (Seven years in a row…round 16)

    2. SoOpa AeoN says:

      Hahahahahahaha…………can’t help but Laugh at arsenal woes
      Something must be wrong with me …… I haven’t watched a single arsenal game since January..

      1. Arsenal007 says:

        @SoOpa AeoN
        You’ve not misses much. The only thing I can say you’ve missed is heartache.

    3. Remember Hafiz? says:

      we can’t take this sh*t for another year. Wenger must and should go at the end of the season!!

  2. Kostafi says:

    I’m not Wenger out but enough is enough… 5-1 defeats to Bayern twice just shows how limited the improvements (if any) have been. I admire what he did for the club and the personal sacrifices he made by committing to the club when a lot of managers would have jumped ship. Nevertheless he was handsomely rewarded as well during those years, so cry me a river. At £8m a year, can Arsenal do better? very much yes for a couple of £m less.

    Yes we didn’t have the financial muscle before but we do now and it should be trusted with someone with (5-10year) plans for the future not one or two years. AW is not a tactician and too emotionally involved to clear out the deadwood within the club. Hell some of the deadwood are getting new contracts!

    If AW loves Arsenal as much as he says he does, he should guide Arsenal as far up the league table as he can and bow out at the final game of the season.

    1. bran99 says:

      true! I remember the promise of moving to the bigger stadium that we would be able to compete against the very best like Madrids and Barcas, but it turned out that it was a plan to make more money and ridicule the fans as much as they can. he should just leave, a number of coaches would dream to manage Arsenal, we won’t have a hard time finding replacement.. and he should take the lazy players that pledged their loyalty to him and only him, we want only those that plays for the badge

  3. ButtFlaps says:

    I was so upetting to MUNICHS! We very bad. Goodbye WENGERS!

  4. leo...fourteen says:

    to think ozil wants the number 10 shirt to do what with it..mention a number ten that goes missing against bigger opposition, a commentator once said that the bigger the match the bigger hazard is..but the same cant be said of ozil at all, ozil is and can never be a player youll rely on he’ll always prove the jury right of his nonchalance and indifference towards the team..what mind game…hummels was saying ozil was a better complete player than snachez…complete my arse..look at little thiago verratti and rabiot taking the bull by the horn in their various teams while we stick to mediocre players like ramsey and co..and the worst was to think that we started the game with two dms…lol…LMAO…it still goes down to the manager himself,his abililty to provide no motivation and rebuking of erring players is y players like ozil, walcot and giroud love him so much…such mediocres. i totally agreed with mourinho when he called wenger a specialist in failure and the attitude that bugs me a lot is the fact that he is akways quick to react and give negative opnions about clubs making expensive transfers when he and his playerz arent even standardised…even ronaldo and messi wud be flops at arsenal cos our main problem is wenger and his shamelesness

  5. bran99 says:

    I just read that Barca’s Enrique took the blame for the loss, it was his tactics mishaps as he prepared the team expecting PSG would play in one way, but they played in a different way. But our boss ran out of excuses during the post match interview, soon he will come up with something, and I’m 100% sure it wouldn’t be about him taking the blame like a man, always pointing a finger at somebody or something

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      i’m 95% sure i would be blamed by wenger for the mishaps going on at Arsenal… Prrr *farts*

      1. bran99 says:

        hehehe, he did one time, all fans were blamed for their st***d loss

  6. irishgunner says:

    The truth is Arsenal only have 3/4 top players compared with teams like Bayern/Madrid/Barca. A lot of players do not deserve to wear the Arsenal jersey (frauds) Arsene bought these players cos he likes certain style of players but that has failed. Arsene is too stubborn to change his ways and I feel sorry for him in a way but he has brought this on himself, I don’t see Arsenal with any tactics or game plan anymore its insane and to think our next prem match is away to Liverpool, his loyalty to players is stupid and the mentality of those players must be coming from him and his nervous way on the sideline does not help, he has lost the dressing room I feel. They are a bunch of school kids last night winching and complaining fuking little prics some of them, they have let us down and the manager down but at the end of the day the buck stops with the manager and he has to be held responsible for this mess.
    The club is run like a business there is no joy for us fans anymore.

  7. Raoh says:

    Many things went wrong:

    1-Why wasn’t Welbeck & Walcott playing from the get go? I mean we were set up to counter attack and what better way to do it than with pure pace!

    2-Why was Ox who played is best football in the middle shut out to the wing where he is clearly less comfortable and limited! he would’ve created trouble with his pace, power and dribbling skill in that midfield and Alonso even Thiago would’ve had a bit of trouble.

    3-How is it possible that one guy goes out and we take 3 goals? I know Gabriel hasn’t been near good enough since his arrival and I’ve always been skeptical but that doesn’t explain it all!! Mustafi talking to Bellerin instead of blocking the passing lane is comical.

    4-At 1-1 there is everything to play for and heck had Xhaka strike gone either side I don’t care if it’s Neuer out there it would’ve gone in and we would’ve been up 2-1. Either way at halftime you play with a 4-4-2 overloading the midfield and playing even more on the counter not chasing the game trying to outplay Bayern at there own game and leaving yourself exposed.

    5-Finally as much as I love Coquelin hearth and fight he isn’t good enough to play at that level. Not technical enough, bad positional awareness, vision is decent but not world beater. I mean if your the destroyer of the team but a small player like Hazard muscles past you and Thiago weaved past you like your not there than what purpose do you serve?

    6-Same thing come up all the time lack of leadership, mental focus, fight, discipline…it isn’t a coincidence that the common factor in all of it is Wenger.

    The players let Wenger down and gave up on everything he tried to do but so did he. His tactics & subs were to predictable like Giroud coming off the bench in the dying minutes of game that was already over.

    1. Kostafi says:

      Wenger is not a tactician. His subs as you said are predictable and are usually as a result of injury/chasing the game/securing the win or draw. I see so many other coaches running through plays with subs before they come on. Yes the boys have done it in training but sending them on with a “get out there and do your best!” reeks of under sevens league football management.
      While Coq is below par, taking off your (limited) midfield destroyer when you are being outplayed to throw on another striker makes no sense at all. But AW does it all the time, because his back up plan/plan B is always throw on another forward…

      1. Raoh says:

        Yeah and it sad that you can’ be proactive and react! You have the away goal that you preciously need. Why continue to try to match Bayern expansive football when you can drop with a 4-4-2 stay compact and exploit mistakes finish the game as a draw or in front by a goal to properly prepare the return leg?

    2. bran99 says:

      very true. Coq was good last season, this season we should have had Kante in the middle of the field, things could have been way different by now

    3. Pablo Picaso says:

      Totally agree on Coq, Carzolar made him and our entire midfield look good. Harzard made him look like a fool.

      My damn service providers was showing the R. Madrid and Napoli game so I only watched highlights from our game. One player that stood out for Napoli was 19 YEAR OLD Diawara at the heart of Midfield who was only out done by probably Modrich the whole game. A true class of a player you cant even compare high earning Ozil, Ramsey, Xhaka, Coq, or even Elneny. Bottom line is there plenty of players we can bring in with heart and desire to win things, as soon as we kick out Wenger though.

      1. Raoh says:

        Even the defender Koulibaly who was rumored to maybe join our rank this summer played great. he has height, power and is fast for his size and looks to be skilled when taking the ball out of the midfield.
        Look at Casemiro he is a destroyer but he can do so much more. The positional awareness, the ability to score wonder goals, the vision that he showcase at times and the recycling of possession.
        Those are attributes that we need. We’re missing Cazorla and missed Koscielny after the 49 minutes but that can’t explain the fact that we can’t compete and collapse so much

  8. ger burke says:

    we can debate what went wrong til the cows come home . we all know by now the truth that wenger , as a manager, is totally useless. he was one of the luckiest managers ever prior to this ten year barren run . he inhereted a decent backbone in the team twenty years ago . he got extremely lucky with henry . a fact that he has liven on since then !.when he arrived in england he had wonderful plans indeed, he revolutionised the game here.we were the team that everybody watched back then.but then the vast exodus began , henry , vierra and all the rest of those wonderful players saw the futture and moved on very quickly . and who could blame them either !. they could see what was about to happen , wenger was not moving with the changing times at all .he hid behind the charade of moving to a new stadium for years and years . he claimed that we did not have to money to buy top class players because of the stadium bulid . strangely though his wages were always way up there with the best in the world , funny that .building, and , moving to , a new stadium was no real excuse at all actually . who wanted to build a new stadium , were the fans consulted on the move away from highbury. the emirates excuse was a farce , but yet many fans to this day still believe that is what held us back , no way , it is wenger all the way . truth is , he does not want any player earning more than him , he is a buffoon with a huge ego , an ego bigger than the club, which is always a dangerous thing . no man , player of manager,or any other member of staff, are bigger than our club . but wenger thinks he is bigger, and many of his disgusting fans also think the very same .he is the root of all evil at arsenal , nobody else comes near him . the board have facilitated him and they have put up with him because at the end of the day he is obsessed with making a profit . that should never have anything to do with a manager anywhere. it is not the team managers remit to make money .he thinks he is god at our club , fact is , if you believe in god then you also believe in the devil , right !. and i know which one wenger is , if i believed in that sort of thing, which i dont . all i know is when wenger does eventually go , one way or the other, an awful lot of truths will come to the surface from former players and staff members , who, at the moment , are too afraid to speak their minds. then , and only then will we know what kind of man this clown actually is . prepare to be surprised is what i will say , the truth is out there , and one day it will surface. his legacy , lol, will make very intresting reading . good riddance to him i say . for the first ten years of his regime he was top class, but we cannot live in the past, either in real life , or, in our football lives.for many years now it is not nice being an arsenal fan , and this is totally down to wenger and his mismanagement,he has destroyed my love of the game , but crucially , not my love of arsenal !!!. le proof lies in the pudding , as they say .

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