Wenger set for talks over new striker target’s transfer to Arsenal

With most of the recent Arsenal transfer rumours focusing on which strikers might be in the running for a summer move to north London, following the confirmation this week that it would definitely not be the Leicester City and England star Jamie Vardy, the football media might soon have to find something else to talk about.

That is if the rumour reported by The Mirror about Alexander Lacazette is true of course. The report claims that Arsene Wenger is set for a meeting with the representatives of the Olympique Lyonnaias and France international forward and the fact that Didier Deschamps has not included the prolific 25-year old in his Euro 2016 squad means that Arsenal do not have that to interfere with our plans.

What we do have though, according to the paper, is competition from La Liga club Atletico Madrid and Premier League rivals West Ham. I also wonder whether Lacazette being left out of the France squad should concern us, especially with our own Olivier Giroud being ahead of him.

Lacazette is a different type of player to Giroud though and with the also big and powerful Gignac being Deschamps’ other choice it could just be a tactical thing. His figures for Lyon are certainly good, with 21 goals from 33 league games last season following on from 27 the season before when he was also voted as the best player in Ligue 1.

Would you be happy to see this French forward come to Arsenal?


  1. Twig says:

    Why isn’t Lacazette at the Euros?

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Because he is not as good as Giroud ???

      1. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine says:

        There could be a thousand and one reasons. And being “not good as Giroud” might not even be one of them.

        Even if that was the case.. that Deschamps doesn’t consider him to be talented enough or “good enough”, it is still not the final verdict on the player. He could in actuality turn out to be a monster striker for France in coming years. Remember he is still 25 years of age and more than being a failure, he’s had a proven track record of being more of a success most part of his career when he’s had ample opportunity to perform.

        Far stranger things have happened!

      2. dragunov762mm says:

        Well, not exactly like that fatty. Both totally different type of players. More precise if we compare Lac’s style and abilities with Griezmann or Martial, than we know why Deschamp leave him. Do we still want him at Arsenal? I’ll say big NO. Aim higher. Lukaku or Janssen look more promising. If AW dig deep enough we even have opportunities to land Higuain or Lewandoski.

  2. LagosGunner says:

    Totally off topic, but i would gladly share with you all that Alexis Sanchez and CHILE just defeated Argentina to win the COPA America yet again.

    Now Sanchez can bring that winning mentality to boast our forward next season

    Ooops before i forget…Messi also missed a penalty 😀

    1. RedLondon says:

      I hope this game finally convinces fans why we shouldn’t go for Higuain. Honestly I wouldn’t mind bringing someone like Draxler and moulding him into a CF because he’s top class on the wings as well.

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        That player’s movement and bandy legs kinda reminds me of a young RVP lol ? and his abit injury prone like him too. ? his valuation will probably double by the time the Euro’s finish, so you can cross him off that wish list.

      2. dragunov762mm says:

        Well, Argentina is a such unbalance team. Too many top class up front. Messi, Aguerro, Higuain, Lavezzi, not to mention Tevez. Higuain actually sat as 2nd option.
        Not only Higuain who displayed dismal performances this summer. Lewandoski, Muller, Ibrahimovic, Kane, Cavani, all are even worst. Not their class which are decreasing, but fatigues are running ’em down.
        My opinion, Higuain still a top top target.

    2. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine says:

      Congratulations to our super duracell MVP Alexis Sanchez. He is truly a hero for club and country. Now I hope that he gets enough rest and recharge for his batteries in preparation for next season, ‘cos it’s gonna be a tug of war in the EPL. A fight for relevance and survival.

      “Now Sanchez can bring that winning mentality to boast our forward next season”.

      I am not banking so much on that.. considering he won the same Copa America before the opening of last season as well. We know how that turned out.

      More than all else, I hope he remains injury free for the most part of next season. ‘Cos when he is fit, he is pumped. And when his pumped, he is a one-man army.

      1. Fatboy Gooney says:

        Pumped? ?

  3. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine says:

    I am liking these Lacazette stories, though I believe that more than anything else, it is just another media hoax -considering the fact that no “credible source” has been reporting on our supposed interest in the player so far.

    However, it should make sense for us to be interested in players like Lacazette and Lukaku. Forget the high prices being quoted by their clubs. These guys are the most affordable and realistic A-list superstar strikers we can get from anywhere across Europe. Lest we forget these two following facts.

    1. Of all A-list superstar strikers (Lewandowski, Aubameyang, Benzema, Higuain, Lukaku, Lacazette, Jansen, Vardy, Icardi) in Europe at the moment, Lacazette -like Lukaku- is most likely to force a move this summer, considering that he has stated clearly he plans to move to a bigger club most preferably in the EPL (not Westham). If and when he does this, Lyon’s asking price wouldn’t hold any longer.

    2. He is young, experienced, obviously talented and proven to be a success most of his career. His versatility means that he is exactly the type of player that can play with or instead of Giroud.

    I’m not sure how Lacazette will perform in the EPL. No one can be 100% sure about any player in fact. However, if Wenger launches an official bid for him, I will be supremely confident about two things.

    1. More than other “targets”, he most likely will come to us, no matter what.
    2. Our chances of winning the EPL next season will increase tremendously.

    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      He still has 3 years left on his contract and for that reason Lyon want a minimum of £45 million for Lacazette.. that’s pounds! ?

      Janssen is still available for €20 million, the spuds offer of €14 million got rejected, So basically we could buy a Jansenn and a Milik for less than a Lacazette lol ?

      1. synthiagoCazorla..HUMVN,Machine says:

        Yeah, Fatty.
        I too will prefer that we do a double on Jansenn (intelligent movement in and around the box, quick and a short back-lift on shots) and Milik (more proven player than the former).

        lesser cost, lesser risk, theoretically.

        But, I would never hope that we chose only just one of any of those two over Lacazette.

        As for his price. Lest we forget that the going EPL rate for strikers the caliber (experience, presence and records) of Lacazette, Lukaku et al starts at 40M pounds. That is just the way it is nowadays.

        Lacazette is desperate to move to a bigger club (to Arsenal I suspect). And if he starts to force a move, we will get him for cheaper.

        PS: So Milik is an Arsenal fan and “dreams of playing for Arsenal” eh? Just saw that on Wikipedia. #Interesting.

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Offer Chelsea £20 million plus Walcott and the Ox for Hazard and if that fails … Offer the same deal to City for KDB. ?
    And if that ? fails…. See if we can get Lukaku for Walcott + 25 million. ??

    Only God knows what wenger will do next, especially after he went up to the Croatian club doctor and Congratulated him on winning the Europa league! ?? and he also asked him if he will be managing PSG next season ???
    We are doomed with Mr Arsene Magoo next season lol ?

    1. dragunov762mm says:

      Late for daily medicine again fatty? Anyway, TW14 plus 25M pounds for Lukaku seems a good deal to me.
      TW14 presence, my opinion, is blocking many transfer options. Mikhtaryan, Draxler, and all great wingers won’t be here if he’s still in the dug out.

  5. rools says:

    I fail to see how Vardy was seriously considered. 18-19 out of his 24 goals came from runs started at least 10-15 meters away from the box, one of them from a header. It clearly doesn’t suit our game. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was a smoke screen. Let’s see.

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