Wenger sets out Arsenal’s targets for this season to appease any protesters – Win everything!

Arsene Wenger may have led Arsenal to their third FA Cup win in four years last May, but that did not stop a growing protest from the fans calling for him to be replaced. But Wenger rode the storm and has signed a new contract, but it would seem that nothing less than a Premier league title will silence the Wenger Out Boys. God help Arsene if he should lose just one game!

Arsenal did actually win 10 of their last 11 games in the last campaign but there were still “no new contract” banners at just about every one of them, so Le Prof knows that he if he is to keep the fans on side for even a short while, the Gunners will have to get off to a flying start to the season, and he is adamant that he wants to win everything!

Wenger said: ‘The Premier League today is highly competitive, there are six or seven teams who can win trophies and every single trophy is very difficult to win,’

‘We want to fight for the Premier League, we want to fight again for the FA Cup and we play in the Europa League and we want to win that. We have to prepare well to do that.

‘We finished last season well, we won 10 of the last 11 games and we want to continue that and start in a very strong way.

‘I am not on a personal trip. I have the luck to make a very long career in my job and I am completely committed to doing well for Arsenal.’

He is certainly making an effort to prepare well. He has got his team together early, including his two new signings, and they have already played 3 times in pre-season. In contrast tomorrow will be Chelsea’s first preparatory game of the new season, which must surely give us the advantage. Chelsea’s last game ended in a 2-1 defeat to Arsenal in the FA Cup Final, so another win will keep our boys in confident mood before heading back to London for the Emirates Cup.

All Wenger can do is get everything in place for a confident start, and if he can go the whole season unbeaten maybe there won’t be any more protests!

Sam P

Updated: July 21, 2017 — 6:47 pm


  1. For once Arsene sounds like someone who wants something!…Go get ’em all Arsene.

    1. I’m actually look forward to this season with Lehmann as part of the coaching staff. This is going to be awesome 🙂

  2. If we manage 2 or 3 of the following:- charity shield, a 3rd or 4th league place, europa cup and the fa cup – will we put a spin on it and call it a double or treble? I really hope not. We need to focus the EPL if we want to be taken serious and europa would be a worthy measure of success with which to return to the champion league fold for season 2018/19.

    1. ppl thinking players like mahrez or rafinha are good enough for arsenal we need to aim a lot higher if we don’t want to get swollowed by bigger teams it’s time wenger makes a choice on wether we are gonna do what spurs did and build a younger team with lemar goretzka or kieta and try to out run n out pace teams or spend big big money on world class players which I know he won’t coz mahrez is not world class and we ain’t got CL football anyway! It’s make or break for arsenal bcoz we could of sacked wenger and got a new manager who could of cleaned out the squad and made his own team with all these players contracts coming to an end it was defo the right time! So wenger has to get it right! Me personally would like to get the best young players around and offer them first team football and in 2/3 years we could have the amazing team I like the look of joe willock, nelson, bramall and bielik and want wenger to give them game time I think there ready and iwobi is looking like our best player with alexis out the team!

  3. Its The epl or nothing. If Alexis leaves for psg then our problems triple.

    1. Your right – after the disapointment of last season the league title is the only way to restore pride – coz all whats taking place now – like sanchez and others threats to leave – is damaging to the club. Its really a no brainer arsenal fc has to restore pride by making the best statement there is in domestic football.

  4. Honestly, we need more signings to win the Premier League. Kolsanic and Lacazette are an excellent start but we need Lemar and a very good CM.

    United, Chelsea are doing a good job improving their teams. It’s very possible Aubemeyang, Aurier, Van Dijk, Perisic, Matic, even Alexis may go to other Top PL teams.

    We need to keep up and build the best team possible within our budget.

    Personally, I think Lemar and Goretzka would do it, if Alexis stays. If he doesn’t we need another big signing to compensate

    We are very close to Glory

    1. Amen to that. Bring Mahrez (I rate him to be better than lemar and he is in his prime time, I don’t want a player that will perform in 3 seasons, we need one to perform now), bring william carvalho to DM, and eventually bring th saints central defender van dijk.. if we keep sanchez we don’t need lemar.. we are 70 to 100 mil away from an amazing team. Sell theo and giroud and goes from 100 to 40/50
      We lost the epl because wenger thought coquelin was enough.. I rate coquelin very highly be just him is not enough.. forget about 10 wins in the last 11.. for the last 15 years we lost the epl in the transfer window. And if wenger doesn’t buy a quality DM like carvalho we will lose it again.
      Joel campbell went to carvalho’s team last year on loan with arsenal paying the wages.. when we had multiple epl clubs interested in him.. that has to mean that carvalho is finally a done deal for us to be closed by end of august.. mark my words ?

  5. Mirror is reporting psg are offering 70M for Sanchez and will pay his 400k per week wages. I say take the deal Wenger…and buy Lemar.

    1. Completely agree with you there. I just did some calculations here.

      Alexis 70
      Wilshere 20
      Walcott 25
      Cambers 20
      Szczesny 10
      Gibbs 10
      Debuchy 0
      Wellington Silva 1.5
      Hinds 2
      Ospina 5
      Jenkinson 5
      perez 15
      Total from sells 183.5

      We could even sell more with Akpom, Toral and Campbell = 6-8 mil more

      Lacazette 52
      Lemar 50
      Mahrez 35
      Kolasinac 0

      Total spend 137

      Arsenal more than balance the books. Unhappy Alexis gone, revolutionised attack, upgraded left side, fringe players gone. Promote the following youth players: Nelson, JRA & Maitland Niles.

      Good transfer window IMO

      1. Your £46.5m cal. balance from sell and purchase for salary adjustment is a bit too much and dont forget Lacazette signing is from earlier transfer fund of about £100m allocated. So Arsenal shd hv about £95m balance; and shd further sign another CB such as Dijk or Koulibaly or Manolas to strengthen the defence as old Koscielny 31 always has back injury problems…; and possibly sign M.Dembele £30m too. So we hv Laca, Kolas, Lemar, Mahrez/Goretzka, Dijk or Koulibaly or Manolas and M.Dembele in Arsenal upgrading.

      2. I think we should hold on to both Chambers and Theo until we can replace them with upgrades. Also they help with the home grown contingent of the team.

  6. Hahahaha the article just makes me laugh. Wenger needs to pick epl or europa there is no way we can win both of them. The way he is talking i fear we walk trophy less.

  7. Believing Wenger to win a major trophy like EPL or Europa is like believing a camel will pass through needle eyes. “Won 10 out of 11” matches at d end of last season. And so what? That is not news, it’s d arsenal way. Falling like packs of cards when it matter most and picking up momentum when nothing is at stake. Psychology is d major issue d team has, if u like buy d whole FIFA pro 11, without a good mentality, you are back in d same spot. Dis team lack mentality, they can’t handle pressure, no proper leader. Ouuuuv! Can’t wait for that arsenal season without Arsenwenger

  8. Anyone can make a statement but you need to back it up, Even with Sanchez we are not strong enough to win the league or even challenge, We need more top players, At the moment we have spent around 40 mil on transfers, Where is the so called warchest. Get the players in to challenge for the title, Not top four.

  9. @Arsenal_Girl
    Lol ??? I’ve seen you always spell “Kolasinac” as “Kolsanic” ?? whenever you comment haha.
    Just by the way . Gunnners!!

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