Wenger should buy some players – and forget Brexit!

Wenger should keep his French nose out by Geoff

Arsene Wenger urges us to stay in Europe, really? Is controlling our wonderful Arsenal football club not enough for this irritating man?

I am sick of hearing about what he has done for Arsenal and football in this country, who in the hell was he before he came here, did you know him? I didn’t.

Maybe the question should be, what has Arsenal done for him? I would love to see his bank statements before Arsenal and now, then we would see who has done what for whom.

Anyway, I now understand that Arsene Wenger has joined with another 160 European personalities to put their name to a love letter urging us to stay in Europe.

Arsene, mind your own business, it’s our referendum, not yours. How dare you?

Is it any surprise that every country that is urging us to stay is a net taker? Including France, and they milk the EU more than anyone. In fact the only country aside from us that is a contributor is Germany, the country that seems to be represented on this letter by Per Mertesacker. Deutschland may contribute but they also make a shed load by controlling the Euro, which we thankfully are not a part of.

When we joined the EU, it was all about trade and ease of travel, now it’s a nasty bureaucracy with more red tape than the FA Cup when Liverpool used to win it.

Anyway, what galls me so much is that Arsene Wenger, who can’t run a football club that wins trophies, has the temerity to be telling us how we should vote, does this mans ego have NO BOUNDS?

A member of the EU NOT urging Britain to stay really is the equivalent of a Turkey voting for Christmas.

Europe will collapse without Great Britain, but they are so arrogant they have only told us how we’ll all suffer without them, they are dishonest, corrupt and greedy.

Sound familiar?

Arsene Wenger would be better served signing a few World-class players whilst he still can, there are plenty available, and leave the referendum to us, it’s our country and our future. Not his.

That’s it.

Geoff Wood

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    1. Hardly a thing to comment concerning this article……..

      I wonder, how does brexit affect Arsenal football?

    2. 1. Article got one thing right – this issue should be decided by British citizens.

      2. Article got one thing wrong – this issue does not belong on this site.

  1. Is this “just arsenal”? Or just listening to some man and his political opinions? I don’t come on to a arsenal website to hear people moaning about politics. I come hear to talk footie, and shoot the s**t. This referendum will be shoved in my face from both in and out camps for the next few weeks. Bit of sanctuary from that here please.

  2. Wow…Wenger really pi$$ed you off.
    Take a chill pill…gotta watch that blood pressure. 🙂

  3. @Geoff Wood
    Remind me again of what Great Britain produces. Germany has the strongest economy of all the EU nations. All the others(GB, France, Belgium, Spain etc) are living off of the spoils from their colonies, especially those in Africa…
    Get it right next time …

    1. I actually think we could learn from Germany, they have a lot more social housing and private rent isn’t such an issue because the social housing keeps the prices down.

      That one thing could make a massive difference to everyone who is trying to get on the housing ladder, help young families… drive down how much we need to fund working people to live with top ups.

      Some of the money we put into the EU goes into scientific research as well, as a collective we can fund larger projects and some of the projects needs a lot of funding…

      LHC has attracted many great minds, not to mention fusion research which could produce great wealth in the future.

      All this research could end up being a waste of money BUT it could be what is needed for us to move forward into a new age.

  4. It’s funny how comments involving banter and calling wenger deluded are forbidden on here, yet some comments that tilt towards Racism are free as a bird and now we have an Article that swings into that category! ?

    ” Keep your french nose, out of it” … “This is our country”
    ? I wonder who Geoff votes for ?….. BNP?

  5. Its hard to comment on this article. Anyways what are your opinions on getting a winger to partner sanchez? Do we need it or Iwobi, Campbell, Wellington Silva, Gnabry and Chamberlain/Walcott (I expect one of them to leave) are enough for first team and as back up? Coz Wenger said 3 players is ideal and after Xhaka we need a striker and a Centre back more than anything else

  6. Strange to see a political article on here, but hey, I enjoyed it!

    Personally, I’m all for an exit from the EU. Because it’s ridiculous that we have no control on how our own country is run, the insane amount of money we pump into the EU, and we need to sort out the NHS (which will only get worse without border control).

    Better say something Arsenal related or my comment might not be approved…let me think…I’ve got it!

    Wenger out! Ramsey out! I miss Henry!

  7. Since you seemingly think that Wenger should focus on his job instead of having an opinion about politics in the country he lives and works in (regarding an issue which would definitely affect his work situation) I’m guessing your work is to write about politics on blogs where it doesn’t belong – or would that be an incorrect assumption?

  8. How many years do you have to be in England to have an opinion?
    Come on what has the writer achieved for England so to have a voice of condemnation for MR wenger freedom of opinion

  9. Damn! Geoff are you going to tell the same thing to the millions of immigrants living in the UK who may share the same views as Wenger regarding ”your country” and its position in the E.U? Because since it’s so easy for you to tell an immigrant like Wenger who’s worked in ”your country” for over 20 years to keep his French nose out of it, it is only fair to assume you’d be telling an Indian immigrant to keep his or her Indian nose out of your country right?

    The result of referendum doesn’t only affect British people in case you didn’t know…

  10. I don’t trust politicians, so if most of them are saying stay in Europe, I’m voting out. Simple.

  11. What an angry little racists. He is of course entitled to have his racist views, but why is he being allowed to air them on this site? WELL AND TRULY OUT OF ORDER!

  12. At the moment there are no restrictions on players from the EU coming to britain. If we leave the eu who knows what the restrictions will be.

    Given that joel campbell could play in greece and spain but at the time was not allowed to play in the UK, then it seems to me that uk takes a much tougher stance with work permits for players from non eu countries than other countries in the EU. If we leave the EU, It is likely that getting work permits for players from the eu will become harder, possibly a lot harder.

    Given that arsene wenger has lived and worked in britian for 20 years and that this issue could directly affect arsenal, I think AW has every right to express his opinion.

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