Wenger should forget about Arsenal’s schedule and buy some players!

With Arsenal now fully underway with pre-season training and the first pre-season game against Lens being less than a week away, Gooners are excited to see the players back in action. There will be a whole host of first team players missing from the pre-season squads, due to extended holidays, but there should still be a fair few famous faces ready to grace the pitch.

Some first team players however will not be returning until the very end of pre-season training, whilst the likes of Giroud, Ramsey, Ozil and Koscielny are not expected to join up with the squad until little less than a week before our Premier League campaign kicks off. It’s a concern for many fans, as we already start to think about who will be featuring for Arsenal in the first game of the season. With so many first team players unlikely to be fully fit, it means that squad players will be drafted into the team against what will be a competitive Liverpool side.

Wenger has spoken to the media about his concerns with Arsenal’s tough start to the season and he seems to suggest that Arsenal have been given a difficult start to the campaign. Arsenal face Liverpool at home on the opening day and then travel to Leicester a week later, meaning the Gunners face two strong opponents in the first two games.

Wenger said: ‘[We want the players] to be as sharp as possible. Look at the schedule we have, it is a very difficult schedule and [we must] focus on the players who are here because they are certainly the players who will start the season. Let’s not forget that we play Liverpool and Leicester in the first two games so we have to be ready physically and fitness-wise.’

In my opinion the first two games will be very tough for Arsenal. However there’s no excuses for Wenger. Yes it’s unfortunate that we have a tough start when players will not be at full fitness, but these things happen and I don’t think Wenger seems to be looking at what he can do to rectify the situation. One of the key reasons for why there is concern surrounding the missing first team players, is because after the starting eleven, there is a severe lack in quality to replace them. After Giroud, with Welbeck out, our next natural centre forward is Akpom or Sanogo, this can be solved by buying into the market. In defence, it’s likely going to be a partnership between Mertesacker and Gabriel, this could also be solved by investing in the market. It seems clear to the fans and the media, but why are Arsenal struggling so much in the transfer window?

The players who will be present for pre-season do need to be as fit as they can be for this tough challenge, especially since Liverpool and Leicester will have the majority of their players back. However I’m not going to sympathise with Wenger suggesting that it’s a tough start, when we can all see that our squad needs new additions in order to boost the quality we have available to us, when our first team stars cannot be picked.



    1. Not at the expense of Giroud at least. I think Lacazette (35 mil) and Manolas (25 mil) should be our targets.

  1. The season will be over even before it begins if no quality striker and a central defender is signed….same old same old.

  2. OT:

    Arsenal Loses 3:0 to Boreham wood in the preseason

    Hahaha….okay they were no key players out ere right…. Our academy’s p*** poor & the 1st team?????…. I dn’t really knw what to say!

    What would be the scoreLine against Lens next?

  3. You see, I love arsenal too much, and so I was already making up my mind that there might be no other signings this summer and I was set to begin to enjoy our games from pre-season to the real P.L games, knowing we will be lucky to finish fourth at the end of the season. But suddenly….. press says we are to get Higuain(a big chance to actually win the league),even some say with Mahrez.
    But I will be very happy with even Higuain alone.
    Will Wenger pls just do this. Or will Wenger break my heart again?

  4. We definitely need some signings as well know, and point out, as does every one else on the planet ad-nauseum. The 1st position off most lips is how we need a WC (or at least improvement at the position) CF. It would be nice, we do, but for me the CB position is just as big a need currently.

    While we only gave up 36 last season (tied 2nd best D in PL), a lot of that was thanks to Cech and last minute tackles from Kos. We gave up a lot of chances where Cech would bail us out.

    Mert is declining fast, and never had the pace to begin with. Gab just isn’t there yet, and is similar to Kos in style. For me a strong tactically sound CB is an absolute must. Doesn’t have to be a flyer or anything, just respectable pace. I think this would make a world of difference.

    Like I said, for me CB signing is at least as important as a CF. Then we can worry about the RW.Just an opinion.

  5. With pre-season fast approaching it is a concern that Xhaka is our only signing! The transfer window started great with the Xhaka deal & in an unexpected fashion Wenger tried to double it up with Vardy. I gotta admit I was happy that the Vardy deal didn’t work out but was less happy and impressed to see that there was not a concrete plan B or/and C. We genuinely need at least 2 more players 1 at the top and one right in front of the GK. Top strikers are a rare breed and to top it off the market is inflated. There’s simply no way around it.
    I don’t know if Wenger is afraid to be rejected a 2nd time by a top target or as always reluctant to dig in the club’s pockets when it really matters. Final point it’s not even about what the others are doing (Man U, City, Chelsea), it is simply about us addressing our weaknesses and making the team better giving it a better chance at silverware and retaining are best players.

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