Wenger should learn from Allegri’s mistakes last night in the Champions League Final

Real Madrid have won the Champions league becoming the first team to successfully defend the trophy in its current format. But, it wasn’t all smooth sailing- at least in the first half it wasn’t, with momentary indecisiveness on the part of Allegri in not reacting quickly enough to Isco’s positional change costing the Old Ladies dearly.

In the second half, with the scores tied, Real Madrid moved Isco centrally with the Spaniard’s dribbling ability causing all sort of problems for Khedira and Juventus. One would have expected a tactically astute coach like Allegri to react quickly, perhaps taking off the ineffective Higuian and bringing a combative midfielder like Marchisso to wrestle the midfield dominance from Real. But Allegri dithered, making his first change at which time Real Midfield had already turned their midfield dominance into goals. Allegri dawdled and Juventus paid the price.

Even as we are stuck with Le Professeur for at least two more years, as ardent supporters that we are, we must hope Mr Wenger take notes on the events that transpired in Cardiff and make changes as and when necessary next season, and like Zidane make tactical alterations depending on the flow of games.

If Wenger realised that this is where Allegri went wrong, the perhaps we can have a better season than the last, maybe even win the title.

Watch and learn, Le Professeur, or, is that too much to ask?

Precious Et Al


  1. Arsenal FC says:

    Wenger probably wasn’t even watching the match to learn and take note,he probably was outside Mbappe’s house pestering him and Mbappe was like”Get lost you dirty old git and let me watch ECL final in peace otherwise i will call the cops you weirdo”.

  2. Mike says:

    Wenger needs teave Mbappe alone! Way too much money for an unproven player who has not played in the premier league. If you are going to spend money go for Turan and Mahrez after locking in Sanchez and Ozil.

  3. John Ibrahim says:

    85m higuain and he isnt performing in a big final

  4. Raoh says:

    First of all I feel this is a bad analogy. Juventus at the beginning was set up superbly. Real Madrid simply ran them to the ground with there tireless midfield display. Kroos and Modric are probably the best partnership in world football on talent alone add the rest and you it’s hard to match.
    Isco took over with his magical display safe to say we have no shot at getting him…we should try James instead.
    True he could’ve adjusted but when there is that collection of talent on the other side what much can you do…with the depth they have (bringing Bale in the 70 mins)…I mean they already look favourite to win it again next year…

    1. funkyrith says:

      There are multiple facets to the game than the only one mentioned. Juventus usually start balanced from left to right, but they played unbalanced towards left at start to counter CR. CR moved to right, their team moved to right. Dani Alves and Marcelo nullified each other. Carvajal and Sandro cancelled each other too, that means Isco in 3-man attack was a bad idea. 2nd half not only Isco changed, Casemiro nullified Dybala, Kroos-Modric are they best anyway and were up against average midfield(Khedira is a work horse, but not at same level. Pianjic ran out of steam., Marcelo/Carvajal found their strides, and then talk about the replacements. Bale-Morata-Asensio and compare that to Marchisso-Lemina? You know they had no chance, and forgot to say, Ramos antics contributed adding salt to the wound.

  5. vickguns says:

    @Anand, im afraid your wish won’t see the broad they light. so man wake up.

    Arsene is the coach of ur favourite club – Arsenal, and for what it takes, you are a gunner. and gunners remain gunners no matter what. so stay behind the club and hope things work out next season. we might not be favourite to win any title next season..but I’m sure gonna compete and hopefully proof critics wrong.

    and as for wenger, he probably should start putting out some tactics so that people would learn from him. I mean look @ conte, his tactics has been adopted by other coach in d premier league.

  6. sunny says:

    Lets support Wenger for Another 2 years and then probably because of his age he ill retire. Arsenal needs to start finding potential Successor sooner than latter. I am not very hopeful for wenger winning the PL again. Let see how the transfer window goes. The worst thing is loose both Sanchez and Ozil and end with mediocre replacement similar to Pdolski and Giroud for Ven Persie, Alternatively got a slim chance of convincing the due to stay and add 2 world class player like Mababe / Emirek Ayambanek and Mahrez.

    Let see.

  7. Omonaija says:

    I think Anand is getting frustrated like many other gonners like me ,but let’s do it humanly.
    As for AW.,he sees nobody’s idea as being better except his ,s the only thing he learn is when disaster set in.

  8. Janssen says:

    I think Wenger is unlikely to change in any way next season and he has never been the type of manager who has the ability to adjust tactics mid-game (could not even switch tactic mid-season). Better get used to that and leave him alone. Personally, I see no point berating the man for another 2 years for every mistake he makes.

    My personal goal or hope is to get back into the top 4 next season. I think this will be terribly difficult (particularly if we have an unhappy Sanchez or no Sanchez) but not impossible. We can get back into the top 4 with better results against the “small” teams hopefully not requiring tactical changes mid-game.

    But I am going to try not to whine about Wenger’s many faults because there is no point.

  9. Yossarian says:

    “Watch and learn, Le Professeur, or, is that too much to ask?”

    Yes, it is too much to ask. The last 20 years should have taught you that!

  10. Jerrynoba says:

    Hindsight is always right. Most of these pundits and analysts are blessed with so much hindsight but very little foresight. The fact of that match was that Madrid have the better squard and their big players turned up on the night. No matter the adjustments Juve made or did not make, the outcome was always going to be the same for that particular night.
    Finally, I thought this (Allegri) is the same master tactician that was meant to replace Wenger. Wow!

  11. Solomon Rukua says:

    AW already stated loud and, clearly that AFC is going to play the way they do best! You, like I, who have watched AFC matches in the last seven years should understand what that means for the coming season[2017/18]. The Wenga way with the Wenga results. No delution! Or you wish to teach an old dog new tricks! You will only achieve confusion.

  12. mark says:

    Oh, is this the same Allegri people have been banging on about managing Arsenal??

    Oh dear. 😉

    1. Yossarian says:

      Yup. The one that won the League and made the Champion’s League Final this season. I’d take that.

  13. kelisjech says:

    I would still pick Wenger over Allegri anytime. #Support Wenger for two years#

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