Wenger should leave Arsenal but don’t blame him for bad refereeing

I’ve just watched the Koscielny sending off again from the Munich game. Its barely a penalty but in no way a sending off. Its contentious to even suggest is was bookable. But within that action the Wenger Out brigade accepted the decision and watched capitulation of the tie and as a consequence any hope of Arsenal progressing.

I think there’s few who are now hoping Wenger will stay and, it strikes me, were they any doubts in his mind about his future, they were answered last night and he is merely running down the clock until deciding to announce his resignation or not sign an extension.

There’s an unfair irony though to the penalty decision. Those wanting Wenger out have not reacted to the terrible penalty decision by the officials but accepted it because it will help remove Wenger. Think about it though….What if we have a new manager next season and a similar decision is given against us. That would be equally unfair as it was last night. From that perspective it was a gross injustice on Wenger and his team and we should at the very least sympathise with him and how badly treated our team were last night.

I, like many, believe the change will be a positive thing providing the in coming managing establishes budgets and a game plan that the board accept. What we will no doubt see is them struggle to find a candidate that will be high profile as well as tolerate their obsession with ensuring they remain comfortably reward on their investment. As a consequence we may see a lesser figure than Wenger in charge until changes above our manager occur.

In closing spare a thought for Wenger, a man who has truly loved Arsenal and given us some amazing memories. Last night he, and his players, were truly cheated by the Greek officials and the score of 1-5 flattered Bayern. The Koscielny sending off was a game changer, which doesn’t imply we would have won had he stayed on, but it shifted the balance in Bayern’s favour. We shouldn’t have got that when the press do their utmost to destroy Wenger’s reputation. He’s been a brilliant servant to our club and with the exception of Man Utd, there’s a not a single team who wouldn’t swap their history with last 20 years of stability and success we’ve had.

Neil Watson


  1. Fatboy Gooney says:

    By any chance, are you one of Wenger’s many adopted sons? ?
    Just asking ?? Otherwise, you need to take those Rosie tinted glasses off mate. ?

  2. arsenalfan1 says:

    Spare a thought for Arsene?….I do!

    I wonder why he is paid more than Conte at Chelsea?

    I wonder why, if he loves Arsenal so much, he insists on taking grossly inflated wages each year when he has always insisted that the club will not pay the going rate for world class players?

    Wouldn’t you imagine that managing the club he loves for a million a year would keep him happy…?

    At today’s press conference he is reported as saying, that while he is aware of it, the “fans opinion” of how he is managing the club “is not that important”. Really!!! What arrogance!!!

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      How are you going to try and compare the wages of a guy working for a club for over 20 years, to that of a guy working at a club for less than a year.
      Name a company where low level employees make more than management. Then ask yourself, do you love the company you work for so much that you’re willing to work for less…Thought so.
      And “arrogance” is the thought that you feel AW’s supposed to give a flyin hot 1 about your opinion…

      1. bran99 says:

        “Name a company where low level employees make more than management”, Messi and Ronaldo and so many other players are paid higher wages than their respective managers. Or you think when the players sign new salary improved contracts and their managers do the same so that they’ll always be paid more than the players?

        1. NY_Gunner says:

          How many years have those players produced at the top level, thus generating high revenue for their clubs. Get real dude…

  3. ThirdManJW says:

    The sending off wasn’t a game changer, because the tie was already over after the disgraceful first-leg. Of course I’ll spare a thought for our next manager if the same happens again, because it will most likely be crucial, as I cannot imagine we’ll concede five in the first leg again.

    The fact we conceded ANOTHER five goals to Bayern, just highlighted yet again how bad Wenger is tactically. Even though the tie was over, I could understand us pushing for a second at 1-1, because the win would have given the whole club a bit of a lift, and confidence going into the rest of the season. But when they made it 1-2, we should have just accepted defeat, sat deep, stay compact, and not concede anymore. It was damage limitation at that point. But Wenger being as clueless as he his, just sat on the bench (because he has no in game management skills), and allowed his team to play a high line, and open attacking football, with one CB! Made me laugh when some pundits, and fans alike said the players had let Wenger down, when it was clearly the other way around. Wenger could have protected them from humiliation, but he decided just sit on the bench, and do nothing…again!

    I won’t spare I thought for a man pocketing over £8 million a year for being really bad at his job, and costing the club over a decade of success, whilst the fans are forced to pay the highest ticket prices in the world. My thoughts are for all the fans that genuinely care about Arsenal FC, and especially towards those that attend the games, pumping so much of their hard earned money into keeping the club going for over a hundred years, and helping to pay for the Emirates stadium. After putting so much money into the club, it’s painful to find out that we were sold a lie!

    1. Budd says:

      That sending of wasn’t a game changer? I understand your anti Wenger position. Myself included I want change, but to be so blind is borderline st upid. That was a game changing event only due to the fact that it was over for even thinking you can score again, let alone qualifying. Tie was lost in Munich and this particular event just added some fodder for the anti Wenger brigade. As a matter of fact, until the red card the boys did turn up. We all knew we are not going to make it and the whole game was about restoring some pride, like a morale win if you want. Alright, is water under the bridge now. In positive news, sir Chips (still laugh at the name) offered a glimpse into the future (not the one where he is not among us anymore) but regarding Wenger. It is possible that the club is looking for a replacement and it is about bloody time they did.

      1. ThirdManJW says:

        It wasn’t a game changer, unless you honestly believe we were going to score at least another three in about 40 minutes, without reply? That’s some belief given how shocking we’ve been in the big games this season, and in recent years, especially in Europe. I am surprised anyone could even have that belief if they watch Arsenal regularly.

        Arsenal had a very good first half, but almost never play well for 90 minutes, so progressing to the next round was never going to happen, even without a sending off. It was 11 vs 11 in the first leg, and we still conceded five. We may have won the game without the sending off, but even that I doubt.

        I am not anti Wenger, I am pro Arsenal!

        1. Budd says:

          And this is exactly what I was saying: we were on top of the game and yes, we would have scored again without a doubt. Going through? No, I don’t believe that. We are not Barcelona. And spare me the memes you are pro Arsenal, ultimately every Arsenal fan is pro Arsenal. What do you believe they are? Pro Newcastle?

    2. NY_Gunner says:

      @3rd manjw
      “Accept defeat. Sit back, stay compact”Talk about gutless. Glad you’re not tha manager…

  4. bran99 says:

    An AKB with a motive. You say Wenger have us great memories, yes you are right but memories are memories and they define the past, what is he giving us now? Heart attacks, shame, mocking, and so forth

    You talk about referees in the game, but it ain’t the only substance in this circus.. things started way before and have accumulated for so long.. you can’t deceive us with your love for the old man, we want him out

    1. NY_Gunner says:

      I see you like to use those memories when trying to bolster your bullsh*t. Just another sheep, following the lunatic fringe.

    2. I totally agree with you bran99…every top team has pretty much put 5 – 8 goals past us in the past couple of years and even more on aggregate. I am so embarrassed at times I can’t even talk football with my friends given all the ammunition they have with regards to raping us. Man Wenger has dragged us into the mud he needs to go.

  5. vinie2000 says:

    All this toxic atmosphere between fans, media and now players is being growing for the last 3 years. Yes, some decisions went against us few times but the tie was done in munich so there are still many who come out to defend Wenger no matter what like the one who wrote this article. Listen, those who have witnessed the decline of our beloved team want change and we are not affraid to spend 2-3 years trophiless under new coach in order to be a foce to be reckon again. Many big teams have changed coaches around europe and Bayern is an example with smaller spend budges. I’m betting if we get a new coach those 60-70% Pro wenger will make the new managers life impossible if we do not get the coveted fourth place wenger trophy. Believe me , the hienas will wait to maul us (Wenger Out ) and bring the In Arsene We trust crap. We want new coach and at least 3-4 new faces ( top players ) and be patient but steady progress. We have waited 13 years with no EPL titles then we know will not take us another 5 to achieve our goal.

    1. bran99 says:

      true, some few more years without the title won’t kill us, we are already stronger by spending 13 years witnessing people around us celebrating with joy having won the title, even the new boy in town (LC) put us to shame by winning it using the same strategy (no money) that the Wenger lovers use to explain why we failed to win it even a single time

  6. Trudeau says:

    Thanks for the article. It’s nice to see a writer that can call for Wenger to go without some of the negative hyperbole – calling Wenger, as one recent writer did, a “putrid cancer” is, for me, beyond the pale.

    This whole thing had become a bit of a Greek Tragedy even before the ref’s performance on Tuesday. Sadly much of it is Wenger’s own doing, who like an ageing punch drunk boxer can’t see when it’s time to throw in the towel. That’s why a good trainer is worth their weight in gold and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like there is anyone around the club that can tell Wenger some home truths – the Board is too comfortable and drunk on the CL revenue Wenger has never failed to deliver. Perhaps another reason to rue Dein’s departure but maybe that’s asking too much – not even Angelo Dundee could get Ali to retire when he should have.

    So it’s left to the fans to put on the black hats and ride Wenger out of town. While a few might enjoy playing the villain, most of us would like nothing more then for Wenger to call it a day on his own and give us an opportunity to say a long thank you.

    Nobody wins in this sordid mess.

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