Wenger should move upstairs to the Arsenal Board – not England

There have been a few rumours flying around about how the Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is being lined up as the favourite to take the England manager job on a permanent basis. Gareth Southgate was previously in the running for the position, but has stated that he has no interest in leading the Three Lions forward. This has boosted the FA to keep a close eye on Wenger’s situation at Arsenal.

When asked recently about the possibility of taking the job, Wenger told the media: “I have a contract until 2017 with Arsenal and I have always respected my contacts, but I do not yet know what I will do afterwards.”

It seems like a pretty standard comment to me to be honest, rather than Wenger exactly hinting at his future, like the media suggests. Wenger can be very coy when it comes to speaking to the media and this is another prime example. However what he has said is completely true and if Arsenal don’t offer Wenger another deal after his contract ends at the conclusion of next season, then perhaps the England job would be of interest to him.

I’m sure Wenger would love to manage an international side before his retirement from management and although it seems that the France job may be beyond him, perhaps England could satisfy his desires.

I have always maintained that I would prefer for Wenger to make his way upstairs at Arsenal, after he leaves his position as manager. This is because I think he still has a lot to offer the Gunners from the higher positions upstairs and has a such an influence on the club that it wouldn’t hurt to keep him in Arsenal’s presence, just not down on the pitch.



  1. in 2004…we had Vieira, henry,bermkamp,pores,Gilberto,Lehman….. by then Wenger was not deemed to be a problem.in my native country the sight and sound of these names only leaves one with tears….what went wrong??????????

    1. The man who got those players was David Dein, Wenger identified them but it was Dein who dealt with transfers.

      After Dein Wenger done transfers on his own for something like 9 months before Gazidis arrived, during that time Wenger still broke our own transfer record to get Arshavin, if you check the dates then you will see we had stadium debt but Wenger still spent.

      Things changed when Gazidis took charge of transfers.

      David Dean beat Real Madrid to get Pires… Gazidis let Cazorla slip through our fingers 12 months before we finally got him because we refused to increase bid by a couple million.

      Never happened when Dein was at Arsenal, Wenger is no transfer god and Arsenal need someone who can boss transfer negotiations.

  2. It’s no secret that Wenger has been offered a two year extention, We heard that news in advance from shareholder Piers Morgan.

    With the England job now on offer, it sounds as if Wenger is using that as an Ace up his sleeve and holding out for a better deal from Arsenal fc, it’s either that or he is seriously considering taking that job when his Arsenal contract expires at the end of next season.

    Personally, I hope that he goes and i also think that the England managerial job would suit wenger, as he wouldn’t have to worry about the transfer windows anymore! ? he may miss the penny pinching side of things but hey.. who care? ? ?

  3. If no “quality” striker is brought in by closing of window then I hope Wenger goes. Goes to England job, tv pundit, just go in general. Last summer transfer business was shambolic, negligent, and dereliction of duty.

    If this window turns out the same without a quality striker then he really should leave. I’m hoping he’s playing the waiting game and snaps up a striker in the last week at a cheaper price. If not 4th place is going to be a dogfight.

    Man city, man utd, Chelsea, spuds, Arsenal; who gets left out? No excuses; the euros and especially copa America have shown plenty of talent better than ox, Walcott, and Giroud.

  4. I hope Wenger would be moved up to the board.

    We will need more than just Wenger being appointed to the board to turn us around though, we would either need Gazidis to grow a pair and boss transfer negotiations and not get scared at raising a bid by a couple million… Or for Gazidis to GTFO of Arsenal and let someone who can boss transfer negotiations to do the job instead.

    Look at how UTD got transfers done for Jose so quickly, it wasn’t jose going into the negotiations and haggling… UTD have the background staff to get transfers done and we have seen that for years. Same with Real Madrid, you think Jose done haggling for RM when he was there?

    We need some transfer guys who will go face to face with the guys from Real or Bayern and not get cold feet.

  5. I am ready to receive the outcome of Arsenal without wenger. Don’t tell me it will hurt, his presence did the same.

  6. Wenger has nothing to offer this club IMO. Sending him upstairs would not do any good for any new manager who will struggle in the beginning.

    Would we really want Wenger upstairs still involved in transfers etc?

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