Wenger snubbed PSG advances for love of Arsenal

Arsene Wenger was approached on a number of occasions to take over at Paris Saint-Germain, but his love for Arsenal is what stopped him.

The Gunners travel to the French capital to take on PSG later on today, in their opening Champions League group stage match of the season.

Amidst all the talk of the match-up, it has emerged that Arsenal’s manager Arsene Wenger has been the subject of interest from their opponents on a number of occasions, and despite his love for his home country and the city of Paris, his love for his current club proved too strong to leave behind.

On the emerging reports of his snub of PSG, the 66 year-old said:”Because I love where I am.

“I know well the owners (of PSG), but I feel always I remained loyal to Arsenal Football Club because I think it’s a club that has the qualities I love. And, that’s why.

“I like to come to Paris. It’s a city I love, it’s my country, a country I love. PSG are a good test for us. They’re a team who are, in France, the team above everyone else.

“In France they always produce good football teams and players, so it’s exciting to come to this city and compare to where we are this season compared to everyone else.”

Wenger was also asked about his sides chances for the upcoming match, with their rivals coming into the match with unconventional form.

He added: “I think PSG were missing a number of players (in recent games).

“They had certain players who joined up a bit later, like us. Similar problems to the ones we face, but we’ll see.

“I think they missed a number of players at the back. They were at the same hotel as us in Los Angeles and Thiago Silva got injured there. He’s an important player for them.

“But they’re clearly superior in the domestic league, so I expect a slightly different PSG in the Champions League.”

Wenger’s commitment to our club is unquestionable, but his time may have come to leave at the end of the season, and I would not be surprised to see PSG finally land their wanted arrival.

Will Wenger end up in Paris next season? Or do we still think he will remain in his current role?

Pat J

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  1. dragunov762mm says:

    Get rid the old stories, focus at the match. We’ll need to win this group to avoid big clubs (or Monaco, LOL!) in the round of 16. This 17th years ECL involvement in a row is so weird because we’ve a very little to be proud of it.

  2. trophygunner says:

    Wenger’s love has hurt more than helped us! He can take his love elsewhere. We want a coach with attitude, with a winning mentality. I think it’s all a matter of job security. No other top club will take 10years trophylessness from a manager!

    1. jonm says:

      There were a couple of FA cups

  3. Quophi says:

    OT: I think too many articles it’s hard to get a decent thread of comments… I get the fact that the site has to stay active but wow … It’s just too much. I can count about 10 articles with PSG in the headlines.

    1. Admin says:

      Guess who we are playing tonight!

  4. ger burke says:

    should that not read wengers love of losing and finishing behind some team or other season in and season out . in my foot did he ever consider joining PSG. sure he would have had to win something if he was manager there. what a cushy life this old git has .

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