Wenger reveals the future of three Arsenal stars?

There have been a fair few Arsenal transfer rumours in recent weeks concerning the future Arsenal careers of three of the current playing squad, so Arsene Wenger was asked by the press pack to clarify what the situation is with Nacho Monreal, Mathieu Flamini and Joel Campbell.

The manager was quite expansive about the French midfielder, as reported on the Arsenal website, after reports this week suggested that Flamini had been told he could leave as he was surplus to requirements and would not be likely to play much. And perhaps the theory that he either wants a pay-off or to see out the final year of his contract could be true judging by Wenger´s words.

He said, “I expect him to be here in September. I spoke to him. At the moment he is not involved but he has no intention of leaving. He will be involved at some stage. He works very hard and his intention is to stay.”

While it looks like we may be stuck with Flamini like it or not, the situation is different with out first choice left back Nacho Monreal. There was some concern that he could be heading back to Spain and La Liga until recent reports claiming that we had agreed a new three year contract extension, but Wenger has now revived those earlier concerns.

He revealed, “No. I’m happy with his performances but at the moment we are not in negotiations for a new contract.”

I suppose the Monreal situation is not desperate yet as he has a couple of years left on his current deal and as long as he is not pushing for a move away we are okay. One player who does seem pretty keen on leaving is the young Costa Rican striker Joel Campbell. He has been linked with a number of clubs this summer and it seems clear that we will not try to stop him signing for one of them, but Wenger has denied the rumours that an agreement with Serie A club Palermo, or anyone else for that matter, is in place.

Wenger declared, “We haven’t got anything concrete from anybody.”

So as far as we know and until anything changes, it looks like these three are still part of the Arsenal squad.

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  1. Looks like Flamini has been told to go away. Wenger said the opposite that’s one of the weakest defenxes of a player I’ve seen him give. Wenger rarely admits anything is happening transfer-wise. Normally he’s steadfast in defence of our players saying they aren’t going anywhere and that they have a future at the club. Podolski anyone?

    Perhaps Flamini was told to leave and refused. Who knows, but whether he stays or not I don’t think he’ll be a part of our season.

    1. Just how does a player like fLamini come to have a future at Arsenal?……. Nugent and Cambiasso can’t even have a future at Leicester !………. What manner of wengeritic delusion is this?

    2. Wenger please give Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini, Mertesaker and Giroud new 5 year contract 200 k pw each.

  2. If Flamini and Campbell stayed and Monreal left I would not be a happy camper

    Monreal was better than Gibbs last season. If he leaves we MUST get a top LB. We only have two dedicated LB at the moment as opposed to three for RB.

    Campbell was quite unimpressive last season
    Flamini is simply passed it. Not the player he was when he left us several years ago.

      1. When u stop feeling very hurt after ur team loses, then u just know there’s a fundamental problem somewhere. I really hope it doesn’t come to that becuz that’s the “mentality of a loser fan”, and I’m very far from that.

        How can one sit back with the knowledge that there’s 65% chances ur team will lose?

        1. So let me get this right Arsenal have lost just ONE game since xmas last year and that equates to a 65% chance of losing!!!
          Study maths harder at school.

    1. Fukkkkk Wenger…the hell with Wenger. We are totally shiiiiiiit and Wenger is so relaxed! This lack of transfer activity is driving me nuts.

      1. Ya don’t say.
        Well they say that a sure sign of madness is repeating the same thing over and over and over again expecting something new from it.

        1. Funny how the definition is close (not sayin it’s the same) to the definition of perseverance hahaa

    2. Perhaps Arsenal have someone coming through the youth teams they seem to be throwing up quite a few gems at present, cant remember the names but I’ve seen two youngsters that are future DMs.

  3. okay!…… Lets look at it this way…… The premier League’s started, Bundesliga’s started, French League’s started, spanish League’s started….. How would it feel like selling ur players who are raring to go into a new season?…… We had a month b4 the league started to complete transfers…..instead we held our cards so close to our chest for so long and boxed ourselves into a corner in an attempt to save the best deal for last ……..what’s the probability of not losing out on targets?…… ZERO….. It will be like the winter window when wenger’s hatred for shopping is well known!…… Let’s see who takes the blame in the end…… Wenger, the Arsenal fans or AKON!…..

    1. Wenger is to blame for the lack of transfer activity. Wenger to be hanged. Wenger why don’t you leave us alone.why don’t you just leave and let a younger and better manager take over?

  4. Another Man U win.
    My PL champion choice start with a nice 6 points…

    They will be strong this year, mark my words despite the no. Of new signings that have come in to the team.

    1. who cares if united won today. the players they bought cant last till december. mark my word they will fight for fourth with liverpool. we should bother mor about chelsea and city especially city. city seem to be good form. they are the only team am sure will be in the top 2. if we sign a big name striker them am sure we will be seriously chalenging

      1. You seem to be sure. Good for you coz I’m not.

        And Man U will be up top or nearer than we come end of the season. They have steel in midfield and with that alone you can go along way. They will be heart to break down/beat and will Nick the odd goal too.

        I think we should worry more about crystal palace then teams like city/Chelsea myself.

        1. “you seem to be sure good for you cause I’m not” what are you dense ? Says the guy who is drooling and nutting over a united team who has looked SO shitty they have had 0 attacking threat their first 2 games besides mata their players look lost in the final 3rd.

          Glad you’ve admitted your a united fan though, but just make sure you don’t start supporting arsenal when you are challenging for the title

          1. Me dense? For suggesting Man U will finish above us that makes me a fan?

            Your IQ is no doubt similar to a 3 year olds shoe size. What Great reasoning abilities you have.

  5. I think their defense is getting better than last season. I got to say that Darmian kid is good. And they have also strengthen their midfield this season, they have got a lot of choice with Herrera and Basti. But their attack looks light.

      1. dude do you watch at all or do you just talk? there attack has looked SOOO bad its not even funny.

        1. Didn’t watch today.

          They are winning and there attack will get better. Rooney will get into his stride as solo CF and will bag plenty goals. He has done so before in this position.

          Fernandez knows where the goal is too.

          1. Cheers NY Gunner, I did purposely spell my name yingyang if you are wondering by any chance and I too pointed out to someone a while back that the saying goes Yin to my Yang. When I joined JA I said Ill write the very first thing that comes to my head and that was it.

            Thought Id mention that in case I call someone an idiot down the line and they say me the idiot sure Im not the one who cant spell Yin & Yang.

      1. @Andrew AFC
        Yeah, they got a big problem in trying to turn around this result come Mon.
        All good here Bro. Hope the same goes for you and yours…

  6. I thought Monreal only had a year left ..well this was said to be his last. Thats what the balbao reports were stating and a reason why it could have rung true. Anyway Id expect Monreal to sign even if his contract ran out first, after hearing his words I believe this the case.

  7. Wow! What’s up with Barca?
    Losing 4-0 in SuperCup

    Their past few results (some albeit friendlies) haven’t been very impressive
    Lost 3-1 United
    drew 2-2 Chelski
    Lost to Firontina 2-1
    Beat Roma 3-0
    Beat Sevilla 5-4 extra time
    Lost 4-0 today

    If we had a Top CF/Striker and another DM, we could have our best shot in years of beating them or even winning CL.

    Come on Wenger. Do the right thing. Get either Krychowiak, Busquets, Carvalho and either Benzema, Lewandowski, Reus, Greizmann

    There is still plenty of time to NOT screw this season up

    1. It just goes to show what a transfer ban can do. I think if a club breaches FFP they should be fined and stopped from buying players for two years.

    2. The difference between Barca and Arsenal is. Barca come back and win trophies whereas Arsenal comeback and finish 4th.

  8. Has anyone thought it might not be Wenger who we need to blame but the f-cking board. In my mind the board are just greedy and don’t give a s-it about the fans.

    1. Then why did Lord Harris came out and said we have 200 m to spend ? Its becoz Wenger is reluctant to spend and make us title contendors. His philosophy is favouritism, no ambition,
      no tactics, nohesion, blame others when lose. His attitude is terrible . Last week when media
      asked him that we should buy becoz we are not strong enough. He said u wanted us to buy,
      we buy but we lost. We have to come back and prove critics wrong and spending isnt always the solution. He also mentions accident and blames west ham were more ready than Arsenal becoz they played more in pre season.

    1. I believe Wenger will buy if the right signing becomes available. @moneytalks so we’re dumb, Wenger must go and the boards rubbish, any chance you can do us all a favour and become moneysilent?

  9. PS its about time us fans started to buy shares in our great club. So we can have a say in what direction we are going in.

  10. Wenger’s philosophy buy 1 world class players left overs of Barca, Real and Chelsea every season.
    Cohesion repeat Accident repeat Injury repeat Wenger out repeat Mental stregth repeat Blame
    repeat Winning isnt everything repeat If top players are available we will strenth it repeat Giroud will score 40 goals next season repeat we have the best squad repeat 4th place repeat.

  11. I have not always been the biggest Wenger fan in the world but the team let us down against West Ham not Wenger. We should have walked that game.

    1. Our tactics was awful. we played no one on the left hand side when West ham were playing with CB Tomkins at rb. We have lampost Giroud upfront who cant do anything against good CB,
      no pace and no movement upfront and no finishing. We just tried to pass, pass and not create anything. West ham played too narrow ending all good passes and hit us on the break. We have team full of 6 midgets so we conceded from set piece which doesnt surprise me. When other teams lose people blame managers but when Arsenal lose we blame Arsenal players and not wenger.

  12. So they made a Premier League All-time injury XI and 3 Arsenal players are in the team:

    Tomas Rosicky
    Abou Diaby
    Theo Walcott

  13. The players that need to leave Arsenal Merteskaker, Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky and Giroud.
    Just sign a top CB, CDM and ST and promote Akpom and Walcott as backup.

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