Wenger speaks out on Ozil: “you have to find a way to get him involved”

Ozil is wasting away- According to ex Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger!

Our former manager has been quite vocal with a few things recently, his love for the club, his praise for Mikel Arteta and the job he has done so far and also as everyone seems to be doing, he has had his say on the ongoing Mesut Ozil saga and battle with the club.

Having been frozen out of the club, Ozil according to Arsene Wenger “is wasting his Arsenal career.” Which of course a lot of fans and ex-players seem to be saying as well.

Wenger was the one who signed Ozil for a then club record fee of £42m on deadline day in 2013 and speaking to the BBC in a Q and A session he has said:

“I feel it is a waste for him. Firstly because he’s in the years where a player of his talent can produce the most. And it’s a waste for the club as well because he’s a super talent, a creative talent that in the final third can create that killer pass. The way football is going at the moment it’s quick counter-pressing, quick transitions and everybody plays the same. It’s kicked out players like Ozil. Although let’s not forget who this guy is. A world champion who has played at Real Madrid. He’s been the record player of assists, so you have to find a way to get him involved again.”

True words as always from Monsieur Wenger, but will Arteta listen to the wise words of his former manager and include Ozil in some shape or form this season or will he continue to keep him frozen out of the club that Ozil himself has grown to love, respect and show continuous loyalty to regardless of the wage packet that he is on.

It would be a shame for him to continue to be frozen out without being given a chance but for a player of Ozil’s quality, if this is to be his final months at the club then surely he deserves to be given a chance to bow out on a high right. Gooners?


Shenel Osman


  1. One thing is for sure had the great one still be here, we wouldn’t have the Mesut situation in the first place.

    Everyone at the club has failed to deal with this situation in a manner befitting the club of our size and status.

    1. And that is the reason Wenger had made us a laughing matter before being sacked.
      Stayed too long.
      Became a dinosaur of a manager that refused to adapt to the evolving world of football.
      Became stale, stagnant, lost for ideas etc..

      Kept covering for his poor underperforming players all the time.

      1. Wrong. We became a laughing stock as we ill treated Wenger and the toxic fans were/are just that.

        What Wenger needed was money to but top players. With Ozil signed up he was looking to add others… we should have let him.

        Sad. Wait until Ozil shows on on a free with Maurinho to feed their world class forwards.

    2. Simple question.Do you want Arteta to be sacked? The shameless “greatest manager”to hide his stupidity played him got sacked. Unai succembd to fan pressure played him got sacked. Freddie my hero played him got replaced.
      I do not wish the same to Arteta.
      And for 6 months or so you want the team dynamics to be changed? Foolish!
      Mikel ain’t complaining, AFC ain’t complaining, Ozil ain’t complaining so why do a bunch of nobodies keep crying out here?

      1. I really don’t understand your reply. What is this wanting Mikel getting sacked coming from?

        In your opinion has the club dealt with this situation in a satisfactory manner?

        I easily change my views if someone convince me my thinking is wrong. So if you can explain in a civil way what is the point you are trying to make I am all yours.

        And my comment meant that the great one was not one to play dirty in resolving unpleasant situations.

      2. hahahaha Playing Ozil does not mean you are next to be sacked….. Hate makes you dumb it sseems. Try again

        no whining just support, Bye!

  2. No, he’s not wasting away.. I don’t want to attack Wenger or Ozil, but the earlier we drop this topic the better it gets for us as fans supporting our club.
    All of these play Ozil play Ozil are sentimental crap.
    The man is a declined footballer already, there’s no point trying to force him to be the Ozil we knew.
    Plus this Ozil discussion is tiring and is becoming depressing already.. Geeez!!
    Must you recycle articles about Ozil?

      1. You see asslicking like these is why I don’t fancy making comments on some articles.
        I better than Wenger? No I don’t?
        Wenger knows it all? No he doesn’t.
        Am I supposed to just roll over and buy whatever he says because he’s name is Wenger? No I don’t and I won’t.
        I respect that man a lot, he’s served us and he’s gone. So your gaslighting should be aimed somewhere else bro.
        Also regarding your last statement.
        With all due respect, that’s very foolish.
        I’ll say whatever I want to say about Wenger and there ain’t Jack you gon do to me.
        What consequences? Who gone make bear anything? You? Arsenal? Ozil fanboys? Pathetic

        1. ADMIN COMMENT Please remind to ban you if you insult a fellow Arsenal fan like that again. You are warned….

          1. Don’t be stupid Emmaobi… Keep the same energy and ask him what he meant by I’ll face the consequences?
            Go warn your foolish threatening folks

            1. Eddie, you clearly have no idea about football. Insulting people means you cannot think outside of what the owners are doing. Stop serving the owners by attacking Ozil, Wenger, etc. We need to support Arteta by giving him control over when to play Ozil… it should be clear that Arteta would play him given the chance, and to make it clear that he is following orders, Arteta removed Ozil from playing anything. We need to follow Arteta’s lead and ask why the owners hate Ozil.

              Ozil with our current defense behind him should be allowed to play his game of create and attack. The goals will come.

              ——–Auba—————- [Auba fed y Ozil, Saka and Pepe]
              –Saka—–Ozil—-Pepe– [let Pepe dribble, AMN overlap]
              —–Partey—-Ceballos– [Party defends mainly]

        2. “The way football is going at the moment it’s quick counter-pressing, quick transitions and everybody plays the same. It’s kicked out players like Ozil…”

          – Arsene Wenger

          Need we say anything more? If my understanding serves me right, I think Wenger simply justified and affirmed MA with this statement, with a little appeal that MA find a role for him.

          @Eddie that statement said it all

          1. Arteta is not disagreeing with Wenger, but with the owners.

            We need to support Wenger, Arteta and Ozil against the owners.

    1. How is he not wasting away or have you forgotten he is on 350k per week I would love to see the prime ozil again.

    2. We can all have different opinions about Ozil, 30+ games you never know when injuries will hit us, our only creative players are William, Pepe, Ceba and Saka. Partey Xhaka and Elneny will help but their role will be a more defensive one.
      I think is better to have him as back up just in case, give him some game time so he can be game ready because We can’t exect someone who has been freezed out to play as a World class the minute they step on the field.

      NO whining just Supporting, Bye!

      Thank you,

    1. Arsene Wenger has virtually said that the whole Arsenal team needs to be structured around Mezut Ozil. This is not possible in the modern game, as Wenger alluded to in press and counter press, quick transition etc.

      1. Ozzie Hmm! Not sure that he said THAT. Not even “virtually”. Your final sentence, being spot on , gives the lie to OZIL being able to be effective in the game today as the last 4 -5 years has shown us, so graphically.
        On Ozil, I do not of course remotely agree with AW, in common with most other Gooners.

        1. Nice Jon.
          “The way football is going at the moment it’s quick counter-pressing, quick transitions and everybody plays the same. It’s kicked out players like Ozil…”

          – Arsene Wenger

          Need we say anything more? If my understanding serves me right, I think Wenger simply justified and affirmed MA with this statement, with a little appeal that MA find a role for him.

  3. “The way football is going at the moment it’s quick counter-pressing, quick transitions and everybody plays the same. It’s kicked out players like Ozil.”

    My sentiments exactly Monsieur Wenger. Everybody tries to play the same because this modern way of playing has consistently outplayed the old system he used to play. It somewhat contributed to his own downfall as a manager too. The failure to evolve with modern football cost us and rendered him somewhat obsolete.

    Teams that win the ball back in their own half, build and create find it hard to compete with teams that are adept at counter-pressing and quick transitions.

    Ozil brings something to team with passing and creativity, but he also takes away something from the team in terms of pressing and winning the ball back.

    Football is played both with and without the ball. Unfortunately for Ozil, the key to success nowadays lies more on the part without the ball.

    Time and time again, successful teams have shown us that if you are good at winning the ball in the opponent’s half, you are immediately more dangerous when you have the ball than trying to build and create. This creates a requirement for the modern attacking player to be able to press and win the ball back, on top of being able to play

    1. Winston, What a wonderful and shrewdly observed post! If only the Ozil fan club could so easily see that plain truth.

    2. Winston,

      With a proper back line and a world class DMF now we can use Ozil well. Not all the players have to press and not all the teams have to play from the back. Playing formulaic games meant we also most scored an own goal and lost the ball in our half so many times.

      Right now Ozil is better than anyone on the team from a creative perspective. That by itself would force teams to be weary in over committing to the attack. Ozil is the best supplier to speedy Pepe, for example, and this player would thrive with Ozil playing #10. That means more open space for Auba.

      The one problem is not having a Giroud type player to command the air, and that is why the French team prefers him over Laca. Ozil is a 3D passer, and until we have another great aerial hit-man, Ozil is wasted.

      But, no worries, Ozil will turn up at the Spurs to feed two powerful headers of the ball, and an in box sniper from Korea. Maurinho is quiet.. and will take Ozil for 200/wk next season.

      Then our fans will cry, as they can lift the cup next year. If Ozil is paid his money, and released now…

  4. For the sake of freedom of speech….why should you not broach the Ozil affair? It is in the prime of it’s newsworthiness and very relevant to club and squad. In some line ups at Arsenal, some home games Ozil, when we are 4-3-3, could gain us points. 1 point…..one point could be the difference between Europa League and Champions Leagure. Does anybody remember the thug Xhaka giving a penalty away against Brighton, which cost us a place in the Champions League? Xhaka is the way to go if we are going to lose points. And I am in no way an Ozil fanboy. He is paid insane money, but he is more likely to gain us a point or two than lose us a point or two. Unlike Xhaka who did and will lose us points. Remember………Xhaka will lose us points.

    1. No point picking on Xhaka. He has his weaknesses, no doubt. But different players will cost us points or matches. Auba missed a last minute pen against Tottenham. He also missed a glaring goal scoring opportunity against Olympiacos in the Europa league last season. Leno, Luiz, Mustafi, etc have all cost us points. Even the great VVD cost Liverpool goals many times but they still find a way to win. Willian gave Liverpool their second goal by not tracking back Robertson. Football is a team sport. Time to move forward as a team. No one player is too perfect or too horrible.

      1. They were normal events……Xhaka’s was Thuggish and cost us a place in the Champions League. Watch it again. Anyone can make amistake. Thugs cost you.


    2. Does anybody remember when a goalie flops a cross leading to a goal, a defender gives away a penalty, a striker misses a sitter, etc?

      Remember…all players will lose us points sometime

  5. @Eddie, this isn’t a recycled Ozil article at all.

    Here’s my few pennies worth on this subject

    I honestly do not think the reason he is dropped from the squad has anything to do with how he trains or his performances.
    It’s down to the board wanting to save money. Now I’ve read a few things recently ( may not be true ) that the majority of the reported £350kpw is built up with bonuses in appearances, goals, assists etc which leads me to believe that his BASIC salary ( pw ) is more likely to be around 100-120k pw and the fact that Arsenal had to pay him £8m for loyalty bonuses.
    We all know we have many , many overpaid players at the club right now and they have tried to move on some of these players, but have struggled due to that and also injuries haven’t helped.
    People call Ozil greedy and all the rest, which I really do not agree with. If anyone was given a huge contract at work, you would want to make sure you see it out as that is your entitlement.
    It is also important to realise the year Ozil had regarding his personal life last year, a lot happened with him and that is enough to shake up even the most mentally strong people.
    Now I’m not a Ozil fan boy or anything, I have the maturity to take a step back and look at things in a different light, from another angle and I really do think the club are doing him wrong. I would have liked to see him play in the 10 role with Partey behind him, just to see how it would work and to satisfy my curiosity and to see if i was right and saying that to get the best out of Ozil you need a solid, tactically disciplined DM behind him.
    It’s a shame because I highly doubt I or any of us will see that now

    1. Ozil is, surely, not the same player he was years ago. Also, the hard press system used in modern football doesn’t particularly suit his qualities. But I’m of the firm opinion that Ozil could still be useful in certain matches or certain circumstances. He cannot suddenly be that useless that he can’t even feature in certain cup matches (especially when one considers the players we use for those matches). Someone pointed out a player we had on the bench for the Chelsea FA Cup final match. Jeez, if that inexperienced rookie can make the bench for such important match, then……

      1. How do we know that?
        When MA took over Ozil played, he played 10 times better in those 2-3 months than he had in the season and half of UE.
        He pressed, he covered just as much if not more ground than 90% of the players on the pitch, that in itself is a drastic improvement.
        One cant help but wonder if this is just out of MA’s hands

        1. Val
          Lot’s of supporters are following the ‘Kroenke Agenda’. The ‘Evil’ Ozil, is far from evil. Kroenke is a ‘shite’. Ozil at least uses Kroenkes money for good causes….Kroenke uses his money to try to open a HUNTING channel. Why do people make the wrong people Black Sheep/Scapegoats. You should all know better.

          1. Sean,

            I can agree with you here. The same owners would not allow Wenger the money to win it all, while Russian and Middle Eastern Oil money was corrupting the EPL.

            I do not agree with you on Xhaka, who is aggressive, and can get it wrong, but that is the nature of things. Calling Xhaka a thug is not on.

            Overall, the fans need to support Arteta, so he can play Ozil.

      2. Maxis: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Sure Ozil is not good at pressing and defending and so is our defense who should do that for a living. Personally I love Ozil’s game but will side with the club. JUST TELL ME THE DAMN TRUTH.

        1. Guys our team can’t play high press bcuz our midfielders doesn’t have football sense they can’t pick a pass PA and pepe play only football when they get the ball and CD Luiz is slowest guy on the pitch but we r worried about ozil plssss……….

  6. I agree this is not a recycled Ozil article. I find it hard and difficult to believe the hate that some fans pour out against Ozil. Has he turned out to be such a useless player overnight that he cannot even make the bench for Cup matches. Idont think so. There is something deeper reason for Ozil not making the match day squad. I surely dont believe it is pure footballing reasons and I have always maintained on this forum that Ozil is out more for non footballing issues than technically footballing reasons. For such a gifted and talented player, surely there will be some place in the team at some point of time, the Manager can adjust his formation and tactics and atleast try out for one last time to get the best of Ozil. If it is not being done, than I feel MA is under pressure not to play him, or else how does one explain the fact that Ozil played almost all matches under MA pre lock down. How did Ozil become so useless post lock down without even kicking a ball on match days. Was he so bad in training, I sincerely doubt. Let us think logically and not hate a person just because we dont like some of his ideas, philosophy, attitude and actions. Sometimes more than Ozil wasting AFC’s money, I feel that Ozil is being cheated and AFC is at the wrong. Otherwise how can one explain the fact that he is not selected in match day squads for purely non footballing reasons. It is his loyalty to Arsenal that has made him not to go elsewhere and his philosophy that if he is not at the wrong end than why should he buckle to pressure. It is not his fault that he is paid whatever the amount he gets per week, it is upto the Club to play him or atleast try playing him and prove that he is a misfit. Give the man a chance, so many players have got chance after chance even when they keep on playing badly, than why this injustice towards Ozil. Is it because he represents a thought process that some people with their suits on in the board room do not like, or is it because the Club will have to pay him more if he performs well. In either case it is dishonesty and unfair on the part of AFC and does not suit a Club of this stature and standing. Hope he gets one last chance, not on emotional grounds or his past performances, but on logical and truthful grounds. Let AFC prove he is bad enough not to be included in match day squads after playing him for 1-2 matches. If AFC has the guts, play Ozil just in front of Partey and see how he performs. Otherwise Ozil will be proved right tjat je os beomg cheated. For the sake of AFC’s success, Ozil can surely be played to unlock defences, provide assists to strikers against teams like Birnley, Brighton and others who sit deep and defend. Let his selection be logical and be based on his footballing talent.

    1. how does one explain the fact that Ozil played almost all matches under MA pre lock down.

      What you turn blind ears to is that…
      Ozil played all Arteta’s matches before lockdown with 4-3-3 formation. And Arteta has never use the same formation after the lockdown .

      In Arteta’s 4-3-3 formation, Xhaka(DM) Ceballos(CM) and Ozil(AM) is Ok

      But after the lockdown, Arteta’s 3-4-3 formation can only have Xhaka and Ceballos in Midfield, who will Ozil bench and where will he play?

      You can criticise the formation but it doesn’t change the fact that the formation is working for him.

      Conte change from 4-3-3 to 3-4-3 also.
      So till the formation is countered, you can only criticise but he will continue using it.
      I don’t like the formation but I will always support him as long as he get result.

      If Arteta change back to 4-3-3 formation cos of Partey, then we might see Ozil but don’t even expect him to start cos Ceballos will play as AM until he proof not worthy

      1. I feel that Ozil is being cheated and AFC is at the wrong.

        How is Ozil been cheated?
        Was his salary not paid?

        In your place of work as people use to say, if you’re giving salary above your ability, will you reject it, your answer is No?

        But I believe you won’t blame anyone if you’re ask to leave and you refuse just to rub it on their faces.(You can only blame yourself for that if you’re not happy and still insist to stay. The money alone should make you happy)
        Ozil is been paid, so how is he cheated? By not playing him?
        Arsenal has emotion too, they think they are been cheated with Ozil performance when they realise he wasn’t performing to the level of De bruyne, Salah, Mane, Hazard, Sterling even Pogba and all this players earn less than him.
        So let assume both Ozil and Arsenal are cheating each other.

        The only thing I can agree on is Ozil not making the bench when the like of Joe Willock can(but let say, Joe is there for the experience since Ozil won’t be here next year).

        If you want to support Ozil, then do and stop tarnishing my clubs image by saying he was cheated.
        He receive wages and bonuses for showing up in training, so my club is doing the needful.

        1. ——-–Auba——————- [Auba fed y Ozil, Saka and Pepe]
          –-Saka-—–Ozil—-Pepe–—[let Pepe dribble, AMN overlap]
          —-–Partey—–Ceballos–– [Party defends mainly]

          If there are good to great players at the back, it is better to play Ozil than try to play from the back. Use the back line to win the ball and play a mixture of playing from the back and passing to the mid-field.

          I do not think people are Ozil fans. They are fans of great football. We love seeing great goals and winning by attacking than sitting in the middle and back passing, passing, passing… until we fall asleep.

    2. gunnerforlife
      Well said.
      I’m not a fan of Ozil, but I am the biggest fan of the truth. If nobody at the club can tell the truth, including Arteta, then something is wrong with the ethics of our club.

      1. Yes HH

        Ozil came to Arsenal in his prime years, so what I expect from him is been a better player than when he was at Madrid but was he?

        You people say Ozil only flourish with good tacklers/markers behind him like in Madrid but did Wenger do that for him?

        Ozil was only lucky cos Cazorla was in the team.
        Cazorla got injured and our team was exposed, even Coquelin felt it.
        Or have you forgotten Top 4 left us immediately Cazorla got injured?

        What did Wenger do to rectify that and bring the best out of Ozil? Nothing.

        If we’re talking about players who made us look dangerous, it was Cazorla cos in his first season we know we had a worldie who got 12 assist but instead of getting a good striker to up the assist, Wenger got another midfielder.
        Imagine if Wenger bought Suarez instead of Ozil.

        1. We were lucky cazorla was at the club but also he had Giroud as the ST so that made his numbers slow down a bit and not only Mesut’s but Alexis, Cazorla’s and Ramsey’s

          1. But have you check the stat yo know which player converted more of Ozil’s pass?
            So Giroud is not his problem.
            Get over it

            1. Well he played as the ST didn’t he? obviously he passed the ball to Giroud who missed big chances, in his two first seasons he missed 39 big chances. 39!!! imagine who many points would that be…. So yeah I had a problem with Giroud,

      1. Ozil and Sanchez were a force. Remember?

        The season both produce a good season together without Cazorla, we ended up in Europa League.

        1. Bobs
          We came 8th last season. With Santi, Sanchesz and Mesut we were not a bad team . At the moment we are boring, very boring.

          1. The last time I checked, we’ve been boring since Cazorla got injured.
            Playing sweet football in patches and our winning is because of Sanchez then and Aubameyang now.

            1. So why blame Ozil?

              The issue is not having money to buy really great players. Forcing Wenger to be so careful with money that it wasted Ozil.

              Now we do not have a great aerial threat nor a great in box threat. Auba is poor compared the man who scored against us today.

  7. Wenger stop complaining about football changing. That’s how life goes.
    And this is why you had become stagnant and a dinosaur of a manager.
    Everyone was urging you to adapt/ evolve in order to get with the time but like a very egotistical know it all you resisted until you dropped us out of the CL places (Top 4) in the league.

    This still remains your problem. Complaining about change instead of embracing it.

    I adored wenger but when I look back I can see why in his final years he infuriated me so muh with his stubbornness and unwillingness to embrace change.

    Look at the mess he left us in. Gonna take us years to get back.

    1. Lol…your last paragraph though. The only reason why you can talk about “the mess he left us” is because of the glory he brought us in the first place. The man declined (or refused to adapt) in his later years but he’s still a legend of this club history.

    2. Look at the mess he left us?
      Yes look at the mess of trophies, stadium, Arsenal legends , aura and unbeaten season that should fill every Arsenal fan with pride. How soon do we forget?
      When the “egotistical know it all Wegner” speaks, everybody that knows anything about football listens.

      1. And the great Wenger has said it all:

        “The way football is going at the moment it’s quick counter-pressing, quick transitions and everybody plays the same. It’s kicked out players like Ozil…”

        – Arsene Wenger

        Just take a little look at Ceballos, esp off the ball.

        One of the stats brought up one of the times we were playing Pep’s Barca back then was that Messi has commited more fouls in that season than all our starting defenders combine. #HowTheGameHasChanged

      2. lcw, I’ll always respect Arsene Wenger for what he achieved with Arsenal, as I do George Graham, Bertie Mee et al.
        As for the “mess”, I ask you to do one thing. Please compare the squad Arsene Wenger inherited from Bruce Rioch to the one he left for Unai Emery.

        1. Such a great squad ozziegunner, that apart from Bergkamp, the Invincible team were all Wenger’s signing or brought in from the youth side and proceeded to be a top four club.
          GG’s last season saw us finish in 12th position and that was the lowest position until the present day, while finished fifth, hardly the wonderful position you are alluding to I suggest.
          Since UE took over, the club has bought over a dozen new players…or, like AW, a new team to replace the old.

          1. Yes, ken but the “Invincibles” were in season 2003/04, which is seven seasons after Arsene Wenger arrived in season 1996/97. This is a “generation” in terms of a footballer’s career. One wouldn’t expect that the same players would still be around, but the transition was made easier by the quality there to build on and yo “pass the baton” so to speak. Bergkamp’s longitivity speaks volumes for his professionalism, technique, healthy lifestyle and fitness. Dein and Rioch’s purchase of Bergkamp and Viera, combined with the hard headed (if not completely sober) professional footballers were major contributions to Wenger’s ability to apply his footballing philosophy at Arsenal.

            1. Who did Wenger have to sell and why?

              Who left for greater salaries?

              Which teams spent more than Arsenal, and why?

  8. Wenger is a coach I adore and will always argue for him but I won’t be blinded to the truth because of my love for him.
    He made so many mistakes in his managerial career and with comment like this, I think he now realise he should have change his way of playing when he was still here.

    And him saying…
    The way football is going at the moment it’s quick counter-pressing, quick transitions and everybody plays the same. It’s kicked out players like Ozil.

    It shows he knew Ozil has no place in Arteta’s current formation.

    And with him saying…
    So you have to find a way to get him involved again.”

    I think it was his own opinion for Arteta to revert back to 4-3-3 formation cos of Partey.

    He his a great coach and I believe he knows better with him been on the outside and see things clearly.

    1. That been said, Wenger statements still shows, Arteta was right and more like pleading on behalf of Ozil for Arteta to create a formation for him to play.
      Wenger will always look after all Arsenal’s player even after leaving the Emirate.

      One thing I love about this man.
      How I wish my Ex-boss is like Wenger

  9. It is wierd how we fans are erected by “money-talks” brainwashing propoganda from football clubs.
    Nowadays, we treat players like objects or electronic gadgets as in X-box or PS.
    They should never have political opinion, never protest againt the coach or the board, they should never break, they should never have ups and downs and most of all they should generate high interest for selling at higher price than bought.
    I am not saying a player is a kind of eternity machine. At some point (Giggs, Gerrard..) they will decline but with right atmosphere and coaching, they could play as long as Zlatan (almost 40). Özil is 9 years to go

  10. People will hate or Love Ozil but right now, I believe it will not be mistake to add him to the BPL squad, If you are not starting him at least have the option to change a game with him.

    Top 4 is the goal and we will have games when we cannot create a chance so Mesut could be a Sub in this games…

    But I’m no expert like all of the commentators here so I’m ready for the slating.

    Bye Love you but Love Arsenal More,

    SUPPORT not whine

  11. The fact remains that we started winning back cups after we bought Ozil. Yes you can talk about the RVP, Fab, etc but none of them won us titles

  12. As everybody noted above Wenger said the game today is “quick transitions” which is true but this fits very well with Ozil’s ability to find the right pass or run to exploit spaces. Look back at some of his games and you will realize he has the ability to find the pass and also get quickly into the final third in support or into scoring positions. Watch some of the video of games with Sanchez/walcott etc and the professors statement although correct it does not exclude Ozil . It almost plays to his strenghts. Ozil in statck contrast with Ceballos ?Xhaka does not need 2-4 touches to redirect a pass. His body positioning is years ahead of those and the one touch pass is efficient/quick and accurate to find runs into space.
    Whatever the reason is I can assure you it is not playing ability . Arteta’s hands are tied on this one.

    1. Correct!

      Arteta is making Ozil’s exclusion for non-footballing reasons obvious. So obvious, that it should make us fans scream.

      Come on now! Focus on the owners and their absurdity.

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