Wenger still has the desire and will leave Arsenal when he wants….

There are a growing number of Arsenal fans that cannot wait for Arsene Wenger to leave and think he has gone well past his sell-by date, but for those Gunners insiders who know him well and have done for years and years, think that the Frenchman still has the desire to win trophies with Arsenal and will be trying twice as hard next season.

One of those is the Gunners legend Martin Keown, who has been talking in the Daily Mail about whether Arsenal have already lined up a replacement for Wenger leaves or not.

Martin is absolutely certain that that the club haven’t even considered the question, and they won’t until Le Prof tells them to! “Arsene Wenger decides when he leaves Arsenal.” Keown said. “The topic of Wenger comes up all the time and I think we should allow the great man to decide when he goes. He’s got one year left on his contract. You can be certain that he’ll be all out to make sure that in his last year he’s going to be successful – and I wouldn’t bet against him signing a new deal. If Wenger does sign a new contract, then succession planning has to begin. Steve Bould is either nurtured into the role, or they identify who would be the next person to take over.

“What I think Arsenal will do is only look for a replacement when Wenger wants to go. They won’t tap him on the shoulder and say ‘We’re bringing in Simeone’. Wenger is 66 and doesn’t seem like an old 66. Most players don’t get much beyond the age of 30 but there isn’t a set age for a manager to be past their best. Just look at what you’re seeing. I don’t see any less desire in Wenger – if anything I see more desire than when he first arrived when you see him on the touchline.”

When asked if the Gunners may take on Diego Simeone when Wenger goes, Keown admitted that he was impressed with the Atletico boss. “Simeone is quite an animated figure and has done an incredible job at Atletico Madrid – it takes something special to be crowned champions in a league with Barcelona and Real Madrid. If Wenger steps aside I’m sure he’s someone they would look at, but the directors have a unique situation of a manager who will decide when he goes – and we must not forget that.”

So there we have another warning to Arsenal fans that want Wenger to go. Don’t get your hopes up. Wenger, Wenger, he leaves when he wants!

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  1. Wenger will leave when fans grow a pair and stop paying money, however, mediocracy it a happy place for some

    1. We call it mediocrity. In any case, for every fan renouncing ticket there will be at least 10 ready to take his place. Arsenal entertains, that’s the truth. For various reasons, agreed and not always the good reasons always but they do.
      As for merchandise most of it is sold online since the brand took of so I don’t see a huge impact there. Think about MU and Liverpool. Those combined sell more merchandise than the whole EPL put together and let’s be fair, they are not top of the league.
      Board will not sack Wenger unless there will be exceptional circumstances. Like bottom of the table. They will not sack him because they have no clue what to do next. And they are cowards, obviously. Buckle up and hedge accordingly.

  2. They are all dodos, honestly. I hope Wenger wakes up every morning, looks himself in the mirror and cry, ‘about time’! He’s taken us for a ride on that gravy train of his and we do not want another 12 years of that! The sooner, the better.

    1. @cheeterspotter
      For you, that about sums up all your hatred for him…knew it. I’m sure you’re not the only one who hates him for that very same reason.

  3. “Wenger still has the desire”


    “and will Leave Arsenal when he wants”


    1. @SooOpa AeoN,
      The question we should ask is ‘Desire for What?’

      A ‘desire’ for 4th place is still a ‘desire’.
      So I don’t doubt that Wenger still has a ‘desire’…Just that most of we fans don’t share the same mediocre ‘desire’ with him. LOL.

  4. Now arsenal fan do you all thing ozil is better than coutinho. we could never win a game live that with ozil in the team.he don’t provide that kind of energy.the mistake Wenger make was to build a team around ozil.on a team ozil should be your weakest link.

    1. Then why ddnt he buy quality to complement Ozil? Do you think having Giroud, Sanogo, Walcott, Arteta, Walcott, Ox around Ozil is complementing him?

  5. Hahaha ? We just have to accept that mr wenger is part of the furniture at the Emirates, he will remain there until he becomes physically tatty and worn out … ? Oh!!!


    The AKBs get Tired of him and his antics in the future and Want him out by force!


      1. Future? ? That’s a scary looooong time to wait Man ?
        Nah, they will just keep blaming Kroenke,
        Because he picks the team and decides on the tactics etc!
        Whilst everyone else above Wenger has said that the money is there to spend, while Wenger says he doesn’t like spending money and how he treats the club as if it belongs to him blah blah blah… And how he has made the club to what it is today!… as if it didn’t excise, before he came along…. Yep!.. His Ego is bigger than the club, since Arsenal last won the league (Invincibles) Wenger has become deluded in his own world of greatness!

        Time for some new furniture @ The Emirates!

        1. “Whilst everyone else above Wenger has said that the money is there to spend, ”

          We know the board will say what we want to hear and then leave Wenger to pick up the mess afterwards, only fools who can not think for themselves would question otherwise.

          Do you still believe the BS they fed you about us not being controlled by a majority share holder and their pact will stop it from happening?

          Please show me where Wenger has said he doesn’t like to spend money, he doesn’t like to WASTE money, there is a difference.

          As for the since 2003-4 season part, you forgot that Dein wanted to invest in the club and was forced out by Hill-Wood and Co, Dein was called crazy for wanting to invest in the team…

          We had that great season, Dein and Wenger both knew they had to build upon it and that they would need to invest in the squad. Why do you think Dein was forced out after getting Usmanov interested? That happened in April 2007, Dein didn’t just wake up and give up…

          See the time frame?
          See what really happened?

          Silent Stan is an issue and your stupidity at defending him will lead other idiots astray, people who like to point the blame at the 1st thing they see and take the p|ss out of anyone who may suggest otherwise… That is the kind of foolishness that holds humanity back, did Galileo act like you? Imagine if he had, he would of ridiculed anyone who suggested the world was round instead of making that discovery.

          You got no idea about being a supporter, so fickle…

    1. Hahaha… What for? ….
      The Wenger’s trophy is an invisible one! ?
      Sorry!… We don’t do cupboards …. Next! ?

    2. Hahaha………fatboy…….. Okay how bout a wooden crutches or walking stick/staff

      u never know how Long Wenger’s gonna reign….he may need walking support L()L

      1. I thought you wanted them for our injury prone players? ?
        Anyways, Wenger is a walking stick ? he will never need one ?

  7. He has desire to pick up his paypacket and to be a yes man to a board and owner that don’t give a hoot about the club.

    The propaganda rolls on trying to convince us all of his worth and validity.

    Seen through it.

    1. You can’t blame him for saying what is required from him, we all know that in this capitalistic world then stuff like this will always be here, Football isn’t a democracy.

      Wenger can either give up his BIG pay and walk out moaning about the board and watch as we turn into Villa or he can take the sh|t flung by the Arsenal fans and do the best he can.

      If his best is good enough? For Silent Stan it is and he is the one who gives Wenger his targets…

      Us fans do not get a say in how the club should be run unless we can unite and take action together… which yeah, like that will happen. It is too easy to split the fans by just pointing at which-ever guy is perceived to be the fault, after Wenger it will be what-ever manager Silent Stan put in place.

      Unless the owner wants to win things then we can’t expect our manager to have that as his main goal.

      I don’t care if it is Wenger or Simone, CL qualification will the the target and if we can make a profit on selling players then that will be done by Gazidis… after all, Silent Stan doesn’t want to win the league does he.

      1. I don’t have this fear of Wenger leaving and us turning into Villa l, I really don’t. In fact I see it as a positive move.

        Yes Stan and Co. Will still be in place, but Ranieri is proving that more can be done with less by Creating and effective team and system of play.

        I agree we should unite. Ideally to put pressure on the board and for Wenger removals as well as Stans.

        What a ridiculous thing to say by the club owner, that only goes to show the Arsenal fans mean nothing to him, as does football and as does arsenal.

        We cannot have this man at our club for too much longer or he will suck it dry.

        But realistically we are helpless..Unless people start speaking up the lethargy and stagnation will continue for years to come and all that Wenger ‘helped’ build in the beginning will be undone.

  8. First of all I am getting f**king sick of people calling him “le prof”.
    Secondly Keown doesn’t pay the extortionate prices that ordinary people pay to see Wenger screw it up every year.
    Thirdly its not about “desire” its about ability. The ability to manage and learn from failure – Wenger is utterly incapable of this which is why the same f**king mistakes are made every year.
    And lastly I thought that the concept of AKB’s died with our chances of winning something worthwhile.

    1. @U
      They call him that because, thats what he is a”Professor”…Can’t imagine what the call U…

      1. He has a masters degree in economics (not football) and that level of qualification does not make him a professor FYI.

        1. Well, you can moan and whine until your face turns red. He will still remain as Le Prof. Sorry if I ruined your breakfast but that’s a fact.

          1. Not to me he wont.

            And I don’t whine, I tell it how I think it is.

            You cannot spoil anything: you are not wenger!

  9. Wenger has the desire to relegate Arsenal.
    He will sign one good player forced to sell by their club and will win fa cup next season. Board will offer him 3 year contract.

    1. Even FA cup won’t be reachable just like this season, next season is more hard due to the Klopp, Mou, Conte, Pep arrival, they will fight for every trophy in their way, and as usual we’ll crumble under that pressure

  10. Get rid of these flops Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky, Theo, Ox, Gibbs, Ramsey, Wilshere, Giroud, Mertesaker, and Debuchy.

  11. We have the biggest jokes British talent
    Ox dancing and selfie loser
    Walcott can’t score, no brain and flop
    Wilshere injury prone
    Ramsey one season wonder can’t pass or defend
    Gibbs no talent hack
    Welbeck first season flop. 2nd season injury prone

  12. Wenger is flop. He won’t win us the league even if he signs messi, Ronaldo and pogba because of his lack of tactics and strategy.

    1. Never a flop, and honestly is pretty late in the game right now to be called as such. His legacy is there, for all to behold.

      1. Even Flamini was once a very good midfielder, but look at him now, a big FLOP, so is Wenger, yes he had his years when he was one of the best, but now he is the biggest FLOP

  13. I think we all know the answer to this one?


  14. My Oh My… Wenger’s latest comments regarding transfers, will even upset his most die hard fan ?
    And he also stated that it’s not a problem if we finish behind the spuds this season, as we are not behind them yet! (meaning in the long run) Wenger will be happy with 3rd spot.

    1. He is always very happy with the 4th place, his famous trophy, now you are talking about 3rd? that’s like a champions league to him

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