Should Wenger STOP talking up Arsenal title challenge?

I get the fact that Arsene Wenger wants the players to believe that the chances of a serious Arsenal title challenge have not gone, despite the post Christmas slump that saw Arsenal slip from top spot to 11 points behind the surprise package Leicester City.

But despite the fact that footballers are not generally known for their intelligence I am pretty sure that they can count and so can work out the fact that there are enough points left to play for. It does not need a rocket scientist, though, to work out that Arsenal just need to keep winning all of our games and that is why I would like the boss to stop all this title talk.

The problem as I see it is that the Gunners play so much better without the pressure of expectation, highlighted clearly by the performance and result against Watford yesterday, compared to the lame way we were knocked out of the FA cup by them. The players were clearly enjoying their football yesterday and look at the results.

Next week’s match away to West Ham is a massive one and could be pivotal in the course of this strange season but if the players start to think too much about winning the title, the chances of Arsenal playing at our best could be greatly reduced. For now at least the boss should just let them go out and play without talking up the title.

That will inevitably come from the football media if we keep winning and close the gap on Tottenham and Leicester but let’s cross that bridge if and when we come to it shall we? For the time being do you think it best for Arsenal to play as if nothing was riding on the game?

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  1. OT: Sorry I’m not with this Leciester fairytale of them escaping relegation a year ago now looking set to win the BPL. Yes we have blamed Wenger for not spending, yes we want Kroenke out, yes we bottled chance after chance but are telling me in week 32 we’re the only ones to beat Leciester at the King Power. Not taking away their credits but I said this before, there are 18 other teams that have been letting them completely walk away with the league and that’s what pi***s me off. 5 of their last 6 games were 1-0 victories and you’re telling me those teams who’ve had a few BPL seasons under their belt couldn’t score a single goal against them. That’s the real shame of the season, the other 18 teams that keeps giving them gifts after gifts. Very slim chance of us winning and yes we have ourselves to blame but at least we beat the home and away. I just hope we don’t say at the end that Wenger is the reason they lift that trophy and I’m neither Wenger in nor Wenger out. Just a die hard Arsenal fan…

    1. Well i think he should for once he is being a bit optimistic and passionate talking abt the title, hope he actually shows that same desire whn its time to buy A Worldclass Striker and Defender
      (Not another ozil lyk worldclass but a Sanchez lyk worldclass ; skill & passion)

      1. being optimistic is all & good.

        but when your own owner has come out and said that winning is not really the goal, when the manager has failed his own part of the job by not buying in the summer, when u reward failure by playing your favorites instead of campbell and co: why then would wenger be surprised that the players have just done the natural thing and observed their chances are low?

        why punish sanchez,ozil for speaking the obvious?
        it was up to you mr wenger: you could have made a statement of ambition & intent by buying WC striker & DM. instead you chose to live in your fantasy world where OG and walcott come good. so then why so surprised that the players arent that optimistic?

    2. So you are saying that the other teams let Leciester win on purpose or are you saying that the BPL standards have gone down?
      Also remember that we beat a 10 man Leciester and that too in the very last minute…..
      Frankly what is your point?

      1. @gulla0
        And you should remember, that the 1st time we beat them convincingly 5-2 they had 11 men…
        The 2nd match they did not score from open play, but had to rely on a dodgy penalty given.

        1. i believe leicester have gotten some good luck and we not so much. but that cannot explain it. they are simply a hardworking team that shows up each weekend. our players not so much: walcott. then we have a second type of failure: those that show up each weekend but due to mental demons and what not fail anyway: giroud.

          wenger stupidly believed in these players and didnt buy in summer and they let him down big time. ramsey/ox/walcott/giroud : all failed to find that extra gear this year and have effectively reached the limit of their careers. arsenal’s future will come from other players.

      2. My point is for all the Wenger bashers, don’t say it’s his fault they win it. They say Arsenal are predictable and have no plan “B” yet Leciester does the same thing “EVERY” game. Pundits know this, other fans know this. So how does the 18 other managers and players not know this? You would think after a game or two this would be obvious to opposition teams but no. Same tactics, 1-0 then again 1-0, then again 1-0 and the story continues while playing 25% less games that the other teams in Europe with less injuries from far less games to worry about. So while I keep blabbing on, NO I don’t share the same sentiments as others about Leciester. If the maintain this next season when they start traveling out of England then I’ll give them credit, but until then no. I would be damned if I cheer another team on other than Arsenal.

        1. There was once a Nigerian striker called Rashidi Yekini, he is the 2nd all time goal scorer in the history of the African Nations cup, he also played in the Portigal league and was highest goal scorer in all his time in that league…dude had a hell of a shot on him, free kicks or penalties he does not do any fancy tricks, he places the ball down, face the direction he is going to hit and then go for it, with power, precision and conviction…the opposing players and keepers will know what he ws foing to do but still could not help the goals going in….my point been you can prepare all you like for the inevitable, it will happen if you are up against a team with iron will, strong character and the determination to win, and that is why Leicester has been able to grind out wins…they used to sit back and soak in the pressure before hitting teams on the break and by January team sussed them out and tried to adopt a pattern to negate that but they found other ways to win, mainly by playing and defending out of their skins and standing up to whatever is thrown at them….our lack of plan B is only a small part of our problem at Arsenal, the major flaw is our mentality….too fragile,too nice, too showy and totally lacking in character

          1. Imagine earning £8m a yr & finishing behind
            Leicester . I would honestly feel embarrassed.
            Do the right thing. Resign

            1. wenger’s used to riding out the embarassments: 8:2, 6:0, 5:0 : many losses and he has learned excuses for all of them. like a frog boiling in a pot w/o noticing it, he’s ridden the train down, not noticing each season we play a bit less beautifully. yes, he had financial achievements and his stinginess helped us during the downturn: but now it seems he is stuck in those days and is not the man for the job to bring us to a higher level. he’s done admirably. all people have their time. wenger’s had his and shouldnt be too greedy.

  2. Arsenal lost the league title 6 games ago. It is not up to the other 18 teams to win the league for Arsenal it’s the players and thon excuse of a manager we have. We, Arsenal, have been playing the same sort of football for the past 18 years and guess what? It hasn’t worked for the last 10. It’s not the fault of the other 18 teams that our antiquated game plans are not working I think we know what stobourn body is behind it.

    1. I’m not blaming the other teams as I said we too have bottled game after game. Southampton put 4 passed us and help us at 0-0 at home but they can’t score against Leciester. The Saints aren’t the only team that did this but they sure as hell show up when the face the Arsenal.

      1. Every teams shows up when they meet Arsenal simply because they know we are there for the taking, there is no conspiracy anywhere…a team having a bad run will come up against us and suddenly look like Barca and Madrid combined, a striker that has not scored in ages comes up against is and suddenly he plays like Messi n Ronaldo combined, a keeper leaking goals for fun will come up against us and he becomes Banks and Cech combined….and this happens time after time after time…any man and his dog knows we have no fight in us, get into our face and make life a tiny bit difficult and we wilt….big teams win a lot of games before a ball is kicked in anger, because teams come in beaten already and we use to be like that but in the last 12 years we have lost that aura, and every team now have a strong believe they stand a good chance with us

        1. @damochy
          Teams turn up against us because, they know what we’re capable of if given too much space. Our problem has been, we’ve underestimated lower table teams, thinking that we could and would blow them away. When these teams take it to us, our players get frustrated…

  3. Wenger IS TOTALLY to blame for us not winning the PL
    His judgement is flawed

    Instead of getting a top DM and striker He believed Coquelin Arteta Flamini , Walcott Giroud were sufficient to win the PL. He gambled and lost. He has forgotten how to win the PL.

    As long as Wenger is manager we will NEVER win the PL.

      1. Aiming for the biggest trophies, aren’t you? Why do you think you can challenge Madrid, Barcelona, PSG, Bayern even if Simeone would be in charge? Or any other coach? My dream is for Wenger to leave so that we learn the truth onde day about all this “available cash” stories. People say Welbeck was bought by Gazidis above Wenger’s head (we know that’s a joke but let’s say it is true) but what stopped him to buy Zlatan with the “200 million cash available” ? If there was anyone who gave us hopes for winning a trophy in the last 20 years then it was Wenger. OK, he’s getting very stiff these days, tactically. Agree and not agree but I am getting sick of these FIFA managers throwing electronic money evereywhere around Europe. We should go for Aubameyang! Now, put a 60 million bid! The man said he does not want Arsenal, he does not fancy EPL. Ah, darn. Must be Wenger. Quick, put one for Benzema. That’s even a bigger joke. Why would ANYONE leave Madrid when they have a secure spot? You think Arsenal is the biggest and greatest and when reality hits you in the face you blame Wenger because he is the only one you know at the club. Half the squad did not put half a bone in the game this season, the British players were absolute cr@p. Half injured playing! Because the team plays the game of football and not hoofing the ball like Norwich or Sunderland. And they got away with murder. Arsenal was never a big club, we are still building that greatness. We were great in EPL and one wonder season in UCL where honestly were unlucky. It takes a lot of time to build a big club like United or Liverpool not saying Barca or Madrid. Look at City. They have a long way to go but they are there, they are just grateful for the resources poured in the club. They know it. Silently they building it. Their fans not moaning because they know from where they came and enjoy the new times at the club. Wenger made a huge mistake by winning great and beautiful. And people thought, yeah! We are the greatest club in the world. Seriously? Name once in Arsenal history when we were so great. Name once when people around the world talked or even knew about Arsenal? You can’t. Of course, because it never happened.

    1. Kroenke has said he is not involved with arsenal to win championships. Changing the manager will not change the direction of the club set by the majority shareholder.

    2. @arsenal_girl
      I see you’ve adopted all of the ludicrous accusations, speculations and utter tripe of the dispossessed …Welcome to

  4. That has been the problem all season long, talking a big game saying “were gonna win the league”, “were gonna be champs” etc… but looking like chumps come the end of most 90mins played. Its down to alot of factors most notibly Wengers tactics, that were found out as soon as Mourinhos 1st stint in charge of Chelsea. Overpaid Average players in the squad taking up large chunks of money for contributing nothing to any of our aspirations this season is another. Add the Board dont care about winning its about profits, we are Arsenal Finance Club these days not Arsenal Football Club, also confirmed by Wengers actions in the summer, this whole season and comments from the horses mouth himself (ConManStan) that its not about winning trophies… then what the hell are fans about or for when it comes to football clubs? In their eyes all we are is money symbols, jesus half the die hard fans cant go as its the dearest stadium in the world to go to!

    There is alot of problems that im telling you will not be addressed. This is how it will go…

    Euros are upon us and as we know Arsene will be giving his 10p’s worth commentating somewhere in France and not concentrating on what Arsenal need for next season and doesnt mind as he has all the backing he needs from the ever present Arsenal Board (Stan n Co) even though Arsenal won nothing this year and humiliated in the UCL last 16… Again! But before his departure for France he makes sures and Cons the Fans as he prepares them with smart words implying the big signings are coming (so as fans buy season tickets and Merch) but we wait & wait all summer long just for him to say he couldnt find anyone with better quality than Per, Flamini, Ox & Giroud but we can win the league and challenge in Europe again… same ol same ol. Season starts one r two wins then a new contract is handed to him and you know the rest…!!

    Change is needed imo

    1. change is needed? not when you are stan and your goal is top4 finish. wenger has been an incredibly reliable and faithful servant and has hit the goal kroenke has set for him for the last 10 years: top4 finish.

      this year we’ll finish top4 again so logically we should not buy in summer.

      1. Well if you’re not interested in winning the ‘championship’ then why gamble on buying in players for big money when you have a manager who can get you CL football with what you got?

        What does Silent Stan mean by ‘championship’? I initially thought he meant the EPL but later come to think of it as being the champions in ANYTHING.. compete and get in the top X% in everything.

        More games if we are in more for longer…

        More games means more gate receipts.
        More gate receipts means more profits!
        More games means more games to be shown on TV.
        More TV time means more advertisement…
        More advertisement means more profit!

        Profit + profit = Very happy Silent Stan.

        Where if he invested it would look like;

        Profit + profit – investment = Grumpy Silent Stan.

  5. Jesus we need to put this “it’s Wengers fault we didn’t win because he didn’t buy an outfield player last summer” talk to an end. Yes he should have bought reinforcements but if you would calm down for a minute you would realized we could have still won it with the players we have now. Am I the only one that remembers Stan Kroenke’s recent statement? Straight from the horses mouth. What I do blame Wenger for though is not finding the right formula a lot earlier following Carzola and Coquelin’s absence. Elneny aside who has been brilliant and who should absolutely keep his spot unless his performances severely drop or injured. Players like Iwobi, Gabriel, Campbell and so on were already with us. It’s players like Walcott, Ramsey, Flamini, Giroud who get paid handsomely that have truly let us down.

    1. Jamerican, you are spot on. Due to the poor performance of chelsea, manu and manc the squad we have should have been good enough to win the PL this season. Kroenke objective is clear and its not to win championships.

      Many of the players have let us down, A few ex arsenal players have said so and Ozil was reported as saying this. I am not sure about wenger, he has to take a lot of the blame.

      I wonder if the message from the top is,
      1. aim for third place but fourth place is OK in PL
      2. Get to last 16 in CL
      3. Occasional cup would be a bonus.
      Has this attitude permeated through the whole club, it appears that when top 4 or last 16 is under threat the team pulls out all the stops and performs. Given the chance to get clear ahead at the top of the PL and we get dire performances, and this has happened consistently this season.

      1. jonm: makes total sense. the players know that the season’s goal is top4 finish. they’re probably unexcited by it bec they know we have a squad that could challenge for #1. they show up somewhat: win some, lose some. and if we’re top of the league in dec/jan, it’s by accident. outwardly, wenger keeps spewing the drivel that “of course, we want to win, but …”. its all too comfortable for the players, wenger , stan.

        not for the fans so much.

        i do like that stan got caught stating his goal though. it removed uncertainty and things make a lot more sense now: why we always finish in top4, why we dont buy to make the final step from 4 to 1 etc.

      2. I do believe that the message from Silent Stan is as you said (maybe add in the fact we got to make a profit as number 1?).

        Something else to add to your thought, we stopped winning trophies after 2005, in the very same year Dein had been attacked (not physically) by Jose and also the Cole tapping up issue between Dein and Jose… Oh and not forgetting accusations from Jose that Deins influence to the FA was favoring Arsenal in the fixtures.

        Dein knew we needed investment and that is why Dein got Usmanov interested, he wanted to keep winning but the rest of the board disagreed about how we would have a sole majority share holder.

        The board became split, no longer working coherently towards the title like we had been previously, 1 man wanted that but the rest became a lot more interested in profit and the value of their shares… and how to raise them a bit more before selling for a lot of money. Hence the pact that came about to not sell to a single share holder and broken as soon as Silent Stan offered enough.

        Just before this is when Roman inquired about buying Arsenal but was put off by our stadium plans, not sure if this affected some board members…

  6. totally agree with ARSENAL GIRLS comments , nothing like a fresh bit of honesty on this page eh!.surely now , after todays win against southampton , leicester will win the premier league , and they deserve to , and good luck to them . but i bet there are some people on here who believe wenger will create a miracle by coming from behind to pip leicester on the line . sadly however , not going to happen with our squad of excuses . but theres always next season , surely we can believe in next season!!!.

  7. Talk up the chance as much as he can.

    Yes we have some mentally weak players and that is why Wenger (in my opinion) should pile on the pressure, once the foxes win the EPL then the pressure will go. Maybe some of the players will start next season with a stronger mind for it…

    I’m sick of SOME our PLAYERS failing us by not stepping up when they should, they kinda want to hide in someones shadow and then relax to play beautiful football with no expectation. Ramsey is a typical example of this, look how he has let us and Wenger down with his mentality, not being mature enough to get back to defend with at least equal passion he puts into getting forward and the goals that has then followed from this. Vieira would of killed himself to get back and defend, he was strong mentally, he was a winner. Ramsey hid in the shadow of his teammates instead of taking responsibility and getting back to make a difference.

    I know this might sound like a contradiction now but we also need to realize that Leicester had a very strong ‘bubble’ to protect their players from the media and public, who expected them to do this well and who would blame them if they lost the EPL at this late stage?

    Our backroom staff need to improve our ‘bubble’ so it will not burst as often, our players need to bounce back when it does better than they have but they need better support and guidance.

  8. The Foxes are showing d character of being a champion,despite defeating (Arsenal) them home n away didn’t count against them y because they always learnt lesson through d defeat…. The Gambled Arsene did this Season, is what Arsenal are being rewarding…As far as Wenger remains as Arsenal coach, Problems still Continue being that his Vision towards d Club is what have b achieved so far e g being in top 4, b above Spurs,qualify for UCL round 16 n make more Profit e t c……I pity those who still Pity Wenger to remains as d coach…………

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