Wenger surprised after Flamini floors Tottenham

There are very few Arsenal fans that would have predicted that Matthieu Flamini would be the star of the show in last night’s North London derby at White Hart Lane, but the Frenchman surprised us all by being the hero of the hour. His spectacular match-winning strike was a joy to watch and even Arsene Wenger was surprised at his performance.

Le Prof said after the game: “You do not expect Mathieu Flamini to score two goals. He was certainly frustrated for a long time and he went for it. He scored two good goals, especially the second one. I think on the second one he made an early decision to go for it and just focused and finished with a great goal.

“First of all I wanted to rotate the team a little bit and he [Flamini] had worked very hard recently. I saw in training he was focused and had come back to a good level and I also thought I wanted to strengthen a bit the midfield with Arteta who had not played in a long time. I wanted a second player to strengthen a bit defensively and that meant Flamini and Arteta together gave some defensive guarantees.

“He is a fighter and he is a winner as well. I told him at the start of the season it might be difficult for him to be a starter but he decided to stay and he did fight.

“I fought to keep him but he is at an age where you always consider what it is important at that age, which is to keep focused and stay in the team. If they do not manage to do that it is better you let them go, but he wanted to stay.”

As someone commented, Flamini has now already made his big impact on Arsenal’s season, and is now our top scorer as well as the Man-of-the-Match. Maybe Arsene has now found the backup to Francis Coquelin that we were all calling for in the transfer window?

Onwards and Upwards!

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    1. Is there anything we more we could ask for from a squad player? Flamini showed focus, determination and desire out there, something that’s been lacking from our first team. He’s not going to break into the starting 11 but hopefully some of that hunger to win rubs off on the rest of the team.

  1. Flamini is not good enough…

    now that he has scored 2 goals…hes value gone up…

    we can sell him for a higher price now….

    1. I agree with quite a few of the things you say sometimes, but when it come to Flamini I really have to disagree with you. The Flame has drive, passion, drive commitment and determination, and when everyone else’s head is down he has the balls to go forward and win a game. He does make some red card mistakes, usually when he comes on as a sub in a match which we are being hammered, but he is the toughness that we lack. Sometimes football is about a grind and that is what Flamini will do. Arteta should go Flamini should stay. He is the only water carrier we have who has a chance of covering and supporting Coq. I just hope he learns to stay on his feet more often when he tackles.

  2. Flamini has always been a fighter. Artera looks like the luxury. Mayb becuz he feels he is the captain. But the flamini I know will not jst want to sit on the bench for coq. He jusmps, he runs, he Slides, he tackles. N funny now he scores. Watch him closely with out the ball he is ready to chase u forever he never strolls on the pitch. Look in his action. No arsenal player has made such finishing like that. Jst as arsene said b4 the ball came he has made up his mind. That second goal requires focus n determination not even skills cuz if it were skills ozil and cazola wud have been doing 100 of it.let them learn to run into the box like flameeeee! I love the power of options he knows he is the third DM. He wants a position by all cost. I also see that in Campbell but soon he will click too I biliv.

  3. Flamini is still not good enough as a DM even after scoring 2 goals in the league cup which is not The EPL or Champions League!

  4. Flame off!!!… Don’t we all love surprises.. I wouldn’t be selfish to ask for surprises in every game for the rest of the season!

  5. I still appreciate flamini’s effort at the end of the day despite all! He stepped up, and got the job done with 2 very good goals for the arsenal cause! Coyg!

  6. we all are talking about how good flamini was yesterday, we left the main issue which is how worse arteta was! le coq is injured now and our deluded manager will play arteta with cazorla and we’ll get battered again! flamini for me should be our back up for coq not sluggish Spaniard that can’t even make a tackle, since we didn’t buy replacement flamini should be back up…….and any of you fans that ever tell me again that Giroud is a top striker …..I’ll curse you

    1. You must have seen a different game. Arteta was not really troubled yesterday. Mertesacker was much more anonymous than everyone on the field. Even Giroud had flashes but I totally forgot Mertesacker plays. Chambers looked solid even with his own goal. Debuchy is the reason Jenko was not sold. Wonder why Wenger not sold Campbell. Probably he waits for a good price. Ox is beast and Ramsey runs. Pretty much sums it up. We were never to lose that game. It was that kind of game when you knew we can’t lose. Funny how Arsenal reserves ended Spuds run in the Mickey Mouse Cup (Maureen’s fave).

  7. Respect to Flamini even for once. The older fans can remember his first time at Arsenal and the anger he generated when he left such that I did not want him again. But for yesterday? My respect. Remember we played sp… What he showed was not skill but braveness, hunger, determination and will to prove us wrong positively. My RESPECT. Flame. I want more of such from others. After all, we want to be winning.

  8. I really hope that this is the start of the second coming of Flamini. I remember that before he left Arsenal the first time, he was playing some of the best football that we’ve seen from an Arsenal midfielder, but suddenly he decided to move elsewhere, where he didn’t quite produce the same performance like when he was at Arsenal. Now that he has come back, and at the beginning he was really the big deal, but he seems to dip later and just like Le Coq, hopefully this performance will propel him to a really excel and be consistent like the Flamini we knew before he left us the first time. Up and up you go Flam!

  9. Flaminin just gave us what we lack from d midfielders, goal! Can he keep it up, who ll be le coq replacement btw Ateta n Flaminin now? Personally, I like flaminin high spirit. Ox is becoming our best attacking choice now. Pls where is scoring boot of Giroud n Sanchez.

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