Wenger surprised with Welbeck’s pace in Arsenal hat-trick performance

Arsene Wenger watched his new boy Danny Welbeck destroy Galatasary with some brilliant finishing for Arsenal, but he seemed surprised that the England international could run and finish so well!

He was asked after the game if he had learnt anything about Welbeck that he didn’t know before and he replied: “That he’s a good finisher. I believe that, technically, he’s very sound. That was a surprise that he’s technically clean and that he’s a good passer of the ball. I didn’t know he was so quick. Honestly, I knew he was quick but he can be electric when he starts – he has great pace.”

“He was on the end of good movements tonight and we had good pace in our game. Our transition play and our finishing was good, and Danny was at the end of good collective movements. Of course it’s good to see that he’s slowly gaining confidence and finishing well. It’s nice to see the potential is there and he’s starting to get there – hopefully that hat-trick will help him gain confidence.”

“It always helps to know that you have a good chance to play in the next game. What’s good for me is that his link play is good as well. His teamwork and his work rate is at the level of the team. His attitude is very positive – he’s a team player, not just a finisher. He has learned that on the flank and he wants to help the team.”

Well if Wenger doesn’t think he has finished improving then us Arsenal fans can look forward to many years of watching Welbeck start knocking in hat-tricks on a regular basis. He always looked dangerous when he got the ball and I was particularly impressed with his second goal when he skipped away from Felipe Melo and slotted the ball home cooly.

So come on Danny, let’s see another performance like that against Chelsea this weekend!

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  1. “Wenger confirmed that Jack Wilshere, who came on as a late sub last night, would be fit to play 90 minutes against Chelsea this weekend.”

    What the hell……Wenger preference of wilshere (and playing him central position to make him look good) and in turn destroying the whole structure of team. Ozil, the best No. 10 has been relegated to wings, cazrola and Rosicky are non starters and proper winger like podolski, Ox and campbell never plays. Wilshere has very poor stat for a player playing in central role (key passes, assists, tackle etc). In fact, he looses ball too often in final third and hence break down the arsenal attack.

    1. Totally agree with you mate, I also try to find statistics that can support some of Wenger’s choices but I can hardly find one that provides solid argument. I also think that Wenger rarely looks into stuff like statistics and only judges based on what he sees with his eyes (very romantic concept, but very archaic). That’s what keeps him preferring Wilshere (and Arteta, Flamini, Giroud), because they’re showing heart and work for the club rather than grant good statistics (=performances!).

      1. You REALLY believe that.
        What he SEES on the training ground, and, on the field of play during the games IS what makes his decisions. Of course it is.
        But, you ARE saying that STATS show a players true contribution to a team, and that the Manager should pick the starting X1 based on them.
        OK, Mikel Arteta is ALWAYS in the top 3 statistically in the EPL midfield STATS, fact. That’s on pass completions, tackles, interceptions etc. The majority of fans on here, do NOT believe he is good enough to start for Arsenal.
        Please, explain that.
        His passing % is great some will say, but, he always passes 5 yards sideways. Maybe, but, THAT is what the STATS do NOT say.
        Now I like Arteta, I do believe we need a stronger DM, but, going on stats, he is a top top midfielder.
        I think it best to let Wenger and the coaches decide who to play, and stop looking at the stats tables.

        1. The stats shows that arteta has a 16yard pass average (squawka)so I don’t agree with the 5yards sideway pass.
          He also has a96% pass accuracy wich is superb

          1. Arteta’s rubbish,the stats don’t make him look good,especially not on tackles an interceptions and stopping players from going passed him,in these crucial areas he’s stas are very weak,he plays because Wenger has a soft spot for him jus like Giroud

        2. I’m not a part of the Arteta hater brigade, but I do feel we should have a better option than Flamini. Of course stats don’t prove everything, but I was pointing at the decision to let Mesut Ozil play out wide to pave a way for Wilshere playing in the centre.

          Since I’m not an Arteta hater, I won’t speak for the fans that do like to pick on him, but I don’t believe Wenger keeps selecting him for stats, but for the fact that he (still) is our captain.

        3. Arteta is not entirely playing as defensive midfielder guarding the back four but more of a holding midfielder. Kinda like a Xavi for us. The problem is a Xabi type player need s a Busquet type player or in other words a deep lying DM. SInce there is none he has to do two jobs which makes him not performing well because we are asking a little more than he’s capable off.

  2. I read the quote yesterday and I was pretty surprised Wenger said this. Surely he has seen Welbeck running to through balls before in games for Utd and England?
    I’m glad Danny is proving all the sceptic fans (when he signed) wrong and is offering us the value that a big money signing (Falcao) maybe didn’t even bring along. It really shows that we needed some speed upfront, a fresh change after all the static long men leading the line.

    1. i disagree he has had few great games,
      but he still loses the ball alot an goes to ground alot. against chelsea thats suicide, play him in other games

  3. Szczesny needs to settle on the bench and Wenger needs to give a chance to Ospina.
    He is more and more reckless and his “cockiness” will cost us greatly one day…!

    We have to concentrate on Saturday game.
    I don’t know what the excitement is about…??
    This is a game we were supposed to win… Galatasaray is as good as a top of the league championship team…!!

    Welbeck (with pace) and Sanchez (with pace and precision assists) will cost Chelsea problems as long as Ozil plays in his number 10 position (and not on the wing). Wilshere will get trample over by the Chelsea DMs… He cannot start the game…!
    Flamini will have a massive job on Sunday, massive…!!
    I think Koscielny can take care of Costa and keep him quiet.

    1. Knowing Wenger that is exactly the reason why Szcezny will start against Chelsea. I would be very surprised if Wenger is going to actually punish the player for this. Although I have to admit, Szceszny is at the 2nd red in the last 3 games (qualifiers don’t count)

        1. Szcezny is GREAT!
          But Arenal fans must learn to ACCEPT that our favorite goalkeeper will have TWO, yes TWO moments of madness per season.

          I accept that, because on his good night he will keep us in the title chase.

    2. I thought labelling sczezney last night as reckless was poor punditry. The only thing u can say about the incident is he should have kept his eyes on the ball as he came in to gather he close his eyes if they were open he may have reached out for the ball

      They also questioned his concentration level based on that one incident

    3. if we play 4-1-4-1 then the back five have to sit deep and tight throughout the game…. no attacking through full backs….. its our away match so a point would suffice us….. and both santi and ozil cant play in the middle…. it should be ozil and if possible rozza cause he generraly puts a more defensive shift than either santi or jack

      sit tight…. hit on the counter using ozil’s vision and the pace of sanchez-welbz-ox

  4. Wenger must play Ozil and Cazorla through the middle, both of them do not suit he flanks. If anything, Wilshere can come on second half for Ozil or Cazorla, but all three of them need to stay in the middle. We have Chamberlain, Campbell, Sanchez, Podolski and Walcott for the flanks, all those players have excelled there so why Wenger insists on playing our CAMS on the wings is ludicrous and has to stop. Usually, before we acquired Welbeck and Sanchez, Arsenal had no penetration, we would get to a point where the ball who just get passed around the box amd it would take a dazzling run from Ramsey or a long range shot from Cazorla to get goals. Last night was the first time in a long while where Arsenal had an edge up front, we looked sharp and dangerous and this type of style, player selection and formation must be used more often, if not all the time.

    Chelsea have an amazing attack force, but we need to focus on our strengths now – use our strikers pace as much as possible, counter when we can and exploit Chelsea’s defense. I have faith in our back four, but extremely worried about Falmini and our lack of a solid DM. I really don’t think playing defensively on Sunday is wise, because inviting a team like Chelsea to attack relentlessly will only amount to a goal or two sooner or later. On Sunday, the best form of defense is attack – we are going to the bridge to f*cking win, not draw or lose.

  5. Wenger will always accommodate Wilshere… Why? Only he knows (again in his deluded world).
    For Wenger and the fans who like statistics, we play better and won more games (as well as creating more chances) when Wilshere was on the bench.

    It is really simple.
    If Wenger insists on his clueless setups, we will get destroyed on Sunday, make no mistake about that. Mourinho and especially Fabregas would want to make a point.

  6. I think Walcott is faster than Welbeck (we are talking about pure pace), but Welbeck is more powerful.
    Apparently Bellerin is Arsenal fastest player…!

  7. Its NOT right to say that Bellerin is the fastest arsenal player. Bellerin is faster than Walcott in 40 m. sprint but he isn’t faster than him in 100m sprint. Bellerin acceleration is better than Walcott’s but his sprint speed is better! Walcott is faster when its about 40 m and more, but bellerin has a better acceleration. And it´s normal for defenders to have a better acceleration than attackers!

  8. From the team that Played Gala i would just make one change , take out Cazorla and put in Hayden, we need a more defensive player in that position, who is also good on the ball, has god pace and is more physical and keep our pacey three with ozil behind them

  9. whats with all the jack hate? I think hes been great this year and one of our better players, marked improvement on last year.

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