Wenger surprising me on Arsenal’s transfers for a change

Wenger surprisingly open on Arsenal’s transfer business.‏ by KM

Well, well, a very good day to all of you good ladies and gentlemen out there. I was catching up these days on what the media has been saying lately about Arsenal and the transfer window, but what made the biggest surprise to me was how open Arsene was about the deal for Basel midfielder Elneny.

Usually with Arsene, he’s always busy in the market, despite sometimes making as little as one signing in a whole summer window, but him being openly vocal on specific names is a new one. Is this the start of a change?

Another thing the media suggest is that we might do more than one transfer and that would be another surprise for me, since Wenger usually hates the January window and often signs no more than one player, no sooner than the last day of the window, but maybe he smells blood and the fact that this year could very well be the best chance in years to come to win the title with Pep Guardiola arriving to the league.

Fact is we are short in midfield, but I’m not sure what Elneny will bring to the side if he joins? I would’ve preferred Wanyama, because he has PL experience, but no surprise that we refuse to pay over the odds. On this one though I agree that more than 20 million is too much, just look at Liverpool and their ridiculous money on average player transfers.

Speaking of Liverpool they are right around the corner and they do have some injuries of their own, but they do tend to appear for the bigger games, thrashing City and Chelsea away in memorable fashion.

Regardless though, they come after Sunderland, who would be encouraged by the fight they gave us in our league meeting. We will likely rotate a few names, but still I expect a strong squad since we need to defend our cup!

Till next time, enjoy.


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  1. Wenger definitely smells blood. all we need is a striker and the league is ours, no lie! COYG… and us defending OUR FA CUP is just a formality

    1. Formality ? You know we’ll be the only team in English history to have won it 3 times in a row right ?

  2. Maybe Wenger should have sticked to his original plans, and go for nolito than wasting time on aubameyang!

  3. Maybe it’s his own blood that he smells in the air and is why he is changing his ways a little to be slightly more transparent on transfer activity (unlike yesteryears)?

  4. I feel less excited,obviously than you are. The last January signing which took him the whole of the window was Gabriel and despite showing a lot of qualities and generating large fan backing Wenger has hardly given him a shout. Already he is saying that negotiations are “complicated”. Same old I’m afraid.

  5. We should not need any
    transfers in January.
    Arsenal has a 34 man squad
    but the problem is only
    12 are top quality.
    There are 12 part timers including
    the 6 English Core and 10 loanees.
    If we win the EPL I would only award medals to the top 12.

    1. Stop lying to yourself, anyone with half a brain can tell we need at least one player this January.

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