Wenger – Swansea worked hard and Arsenal were lucky

Considering their position in the table, Paul Clement’s Swansea side looked confident and stylish at the start of yesterday’s game against Arsenal, and for the first half an hour they looked like they could take something from the game, until Olivier Giroud got his customary goal a game to give the Gunners a half-time lead.

Arsene Wenger acknowledged that things didn’t really go Swansea’s way with Alex Iwobi’s two shots being deflected past Fabianski in our opponents goal, and it was a refreshing change from hearing him say that Arsenal were unlucky. He honestly told Arsenal.com after the match: “We had some problems to get going but I put that down to the fact that Swansea played very well in the first half. They were well-organised, they put unbelievable work in and certainly the second half we took over and they couldn’t follow the pace that we put into the game any more. We were relentless until the end and much sharper in the transitions and more accurate and quicker in our passing. That made a big difference.

“But overall, for them, I must say we were a bit fortunate with two goals and in their position of course it’s mentally difficult. But they should take some encouragement from their performance today because they have shown in the first half that they have quality, and when you are down there, of course it’s a vicious circle because you lack confidence. When you lack confidence you need a win and when you lose a game it’s even more difficult. I still feel they have enough quality to get out of it.”

On yesterday’s first half showing I would have to agree with Arsene, but the Swans’ second half collapse means they have now conceded 49 goals in just 21 League games. Perhaps Paul Clement should be looking at getting a couple of defenders in before the end of the month?

But it was a much needed win for Arsenal after Tottenham’s earlier runaway win, and we have moved up to 3rd place ahead of today’s games. We did what we had to do, and we now have another full weeks rest before next weeks home game against Burnley.

Onwards and Upwards!


  1. Godswill says:

    Yes won whether they were unlucky or not.
    3 OG goals. A double by the one not on Arsenal payroll but assisted by Iwobi.
    But I ask, was Iwobi not aiming at goal? Credit. Attack puts pressure that can result in any firm if goal.

  2. Samuel Akinsola Adebosin says:

    After they’ve suffered 2 consecutives PL away defeats in to Everton and Man City which led to us dropping down from been 2nd to 5th in the table following our away draw at Bournemouth, and with this away win against Swansea City yesterday, Arsenal are now 3rd in the table pending the outcomes of today’s games involving our 2 title rivals of Liverpool and Man City. And who knows, Arsenal may still remain 3rd after the results of the games between Man Utd vs Liverpool and Everton vs Man City are known.

  3. Jansen says:

    Yesterday was an important result. Perhaps it will give us some confidence. We need to get back to be able to start games well.

    In the end, I believe our season rests mostly on how we will fare in the remaining games against the other top 6 teams. Against those teams, you need to start well and perform for 90 minutes. Win those games and who knows where we will end up, draw those games or worse and you put a lot of pressure on yourself having to win all other games.

    Our next real test will be against Chelsea. With a little luck, they will miss Costa, a crucial player for them. Of course, we have to beat Burnley first to make sure the Chelsea game matters.

  4. AndersS says:

    Yes, we had luck on our side with a couple of goals, but overall it was a well deserved victory.
    However, if you compare our way of winning to how Tottenham and Chelsea annihilated their opponents by not giving away one single chance of a goal, it seems we are a class under.
    We can’t do the same to even the absolute bottom team.

  5. marty53 says:

    Once again we start a game badly, although came into the game better in second half. Wenger says that Swansea were well organised and put a lot of work in as if he’s surprised they do that. Why can’t we be well organised and put a lot of work in to start games off better.

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