Wenger takes Arsenal to the next level… of humiliation!

Take an article from this time every of the past 5 years and the point will be just as valid! by Konstantin Mitov

There really isn’t much to say, that hasn’t already been said is there? Arsenal got hammered, humiliated, devastated, destroyed! Pick a random demolition word and put it here it’ll be valid. I said something after the Hull game. We’re not good. It will come out against a better side and it did.

The main problem with this football club is the lack of responsibility! Everybody just accepts this defeat. The board accepted an 8-2 defeat at United. This would be the end of every manager in any top team. We need change. We bleed for change. Earlier this week I posted an article and I said if we play Ozil, Iwobi and Walcott we’d be dead and I was slaughtered for that. Turns out 2 of the 3 players did play and did absolutely nothing.

The look on the players faces say everything you need to know. We were one each at half time and you think well maybe we will take notice of the fact that we are being bullied hard and do something? Nope. Our attitude didn’t change and we got hammered. Koscielny got injured and Gabriel… I mean this is not a player for Arsenal football club. I would’ve put Mertesacker on really.

Obviously Bayern have by far the better players but our squad selection was shocking really. The Ox was playing good in the middle and we moved him to the flank? What for? To put on Xhaka and Coquelin who were useless. Mustafi was giving Bellerin instructions instead of marking and got done by a cheesy flick.

I just wanted people who care and give a fight. Sanchez was fighting a lonely battle. We dropped dead and we had a chance. Gibbs was given the armband. I agree with Roy Keane here. He might be brutal, but he was spot on – if I see Gibbs as captain, nothing good is coming up. He wasn’t even a regular starter 5 games ago. I can put example after example why Arsene should go but it doesn’t really matter.

If he had such a performance at Real Madrid, he would be sacked. No top club would keep up with him if he goes on like that. We are a joke and it’s not funny anymore. Other teams are mocking us and they have every week a new reason to do it. In the past 10 years we are used to being destroyed by top clubs, but you know what I remember Chelsea beating us every time, but we tried playing football.

We at least tried. Now I see players who don’t wanna play. You have 0 motivation to play Bayern Munich. This has happened against Barcelona 3 times, Bayern 3 times, Monaco and Milan. Thats the past 8 years! You think we’d learn a lesson, but no. Gary Neville said on Arsenal Fantv “be careful what you wish for”. I don’t think it can get any worse.

I’d take anyone. Allegri, Tuchel, Simeone, hell I’d take Eddie Howe straight away. If you give me Benitez and Henry as the only option to replace Wenger I’d bite your hand off. I don’t think I or any of us deserve this humiliation. This is what Arsenal have become, a joke. Don’t label me negative, I’m realistic and some people who are as blind as Arsene might not agree, but the results don’t lie!

Do you honestly think he’d stay after this? The look on his face was the one of a broken man, but yet he didn’t take the blame. I will not be surprised if he stays though. He talked about taking us to the next level. This truly is the next level of humiliation! We’ll be destroyed at Spurs and Liverpool and we still have both Manchester clubs at home. The end of Arsene is near. It’s as close as it ever has been. The empty seats will be back at the Emirates and so will be the banners.

I’d take a 10-0 defeat as long as Arsene goes with it.



  1. Uzi Ozil says:

    Almost every season in the last 12 years, we get hammered badly in one, two Or three games in a season.

    Then we also bottle our chances a lot. That’s not champions character/attitide.

    I used to feel for Wenger but not anymore.

    1. Arsenal007 says:

      Every year horse a couple of years now, we get hammered.
      Last year alone, 2 goals that were nominated for goal of the season were scored against Arsenal.
      I think it’s time for Wenger to go. Thanks for the good memories though.

  2. N4NICOLAS says:

    When you drive an Old car for a long time after a while it will either break down or stop working. thats what is happening in Arsenal, Fans have to decide between the Love of Arsene Wenger or Arsenal Football Club. Do you Love Arsene and want him to remain or do you Love the Club and want it to succeed if the latter is what you want then you know what and who needs to leave for it to happen

    1. MrBrisse says:

      I like Arsene, and for what he have done in the past. Is he a good manager? Yes he is.

      But if you ask me “is it time for him to leave?” then my answer is YES! Not because he is a bad manager or i hate him, but but because the club needs a new manager with new ideas, and hunger for titles.

  3. hecmanx says:


    1. Fatboy Gooney says:

      Knows LESS, would have been better ??

  4. Tatek Girma says:

    This article is exactly what most Arsenal fans are feeling at the moment. The current situation of the club seems accepting humiliation and lacking motivation to change the situation. “The status qua is more dangerous than launching to the unknown”. Let’s move for a change with a new blood. Personally, I am tired of the same performance status.

  5. proffetic says:

    Overall a good article, but please don’t even joke about bringing back Mertesacker. Gabriel has had some good games for Arsenal but Wenger has destroyed his confidence. I think he should move on for his own good. I would prefer Holding but he has been getting little game time. Now should be the time to give him more. Wenger among many other things has screwed up the whole captain issue. We are accused of having no leaders so let’s at least have our skipper on the pitch. I think that Kos has quietly but effectively grown into the role. I agree about Iwobi, promising but a Wenger favourite. A useful sub right now. As for Wenger, he needs to be rescued, right now he is not capable of making a decision and to allow him to make that call is dereliction of duty by our board. Too many people living in zones of comfort. Wenger should not be left to chose his own destiny.

  6. galen says:

    the worst thing about football is that players are getting away with murder. If u watch the game again, see

    This players had no pride . Everything now goes to the Manager. Basic mistakes like Coquelin not knowing that Ruben will cut in an use his left leg ? Iwobi not tracking back? Ozil walking all nyte long? Coquelin forgetting how to pass a ball? Xhaka just bn useless? mustafi? The less I say the better.
    I just want these players to get criticised for once. It can’t be the manager all the time .

    1. Adienl says:

      Lol. The tactics(if there were any) were suicidal. Who the hell picks ozil and tells the midfielders to keep dropping deep without applying pressure on the ball in the middle of the pitch? Why was Sanchez applying high pressure alone? What was the instructions given to the other players if the plan was to high press? Why was ozil chosen if the decision was to high press, given that he hardly can defend or run better than a schoolboy?
      When you lose 5-1 with a team like arsenal then you question the manager for his decisions. And this is not even an outlier data. This happens every year at least once for many past seasons now.
      Who the hell keeps picking the same players? A manager who is naïve.
      Now I will not the blame players when the manager doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  7. Every year the same articles , AOB’s ranting asking for WENGERS head (me included), but at the end we finished top 4 wow last year we even came second and all is forgot a triumph for the Manager and the AKB’s…….. NOW what makes it different this year is that seems WENGER lost control of some of his players unfortunately seems that from our best player, finally some factions inside the team got fed up with the complacency WENGER shows to his favorites and blatantly leaving in form players rot in the bench and eventually some of them given permanently in loan (Campbell), citing Campbell, every little opportunity he got he showed more desire than most of our regulars never mind he is a good footballer….this finally got noticed and the result is that WENGER for the first time and why I believe this year will make the difference is that he lost the dressing room and that is the end of any Manager, including and I sincerely hope the mighty WENGER……..oh forgot and by the way to be politically correct……Thanks for the good times and I mean it but time to go old chap.

  8. Vlad says:

    I feel like I need to give you, Konstantin, and the rest of the muppets on here a reality check. First of all, stop spitting up garbage articles like this. For once, think with your head. Out of this whole thing you call quality writing you had only one sentence that was actually spot on. “If he had such a performance at Real Madrid, he would be sacked.” THERE! You hit the nail on the head. Now ask yourself this: Why is Wenger still at Arsenal after all these miserable years and defeats? BECAUSE HE HAS DONE EXACTLY WHAT’S ASKED OF HIM, that’s why. Getting Top 4 and CL every year; make money for owner, etc… If the board wasn’t happy with him, he’d be sacked years ago. Who’s to say that when Wenger leaves, the new guy will be tasked with winning trophies? My point is that until the objectives change, things will stay the same with Arsenal, with or without Wenger in charge.

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