Wenger taking HUGE risks with Arsenal team?

Why is Wenger running Arsenal players on empty? by DN

Here is the situation Arsenal fans. Metaphorically speaking of course. You have got a long and important journey to make and you were going to go in your car. But on the Wednesday before the weekend of your visit you are involved in a car crash leaving your axle looking a bit bent, your bumper hanging off and perhaps other damage but you don’t know because you don’t take it to the garage.

What would you do? Take it to the garage and get the damage properly assessed? Borrow or hire another car that you know is alright? Book a ticket on the train? If you are Arsene Wenger then you would get in your car and hope that it holds up somehow. And just to give the trip an extra little bit of excitement you would cover the petrol gauge and just hope there was enough gas to get him where he wants, and needs, to go.

I must admit I was stunned to see how few changes Wenger made to the Arsenal team today, especially after he admitted the other day that the players energy levels fell away in the second half against Monaco. So why did he think it would be a good idea to give the same players a third game in a week? We have a large and strong squad now but you would not know it.

Wenger got away with it today, although some would say he was proved right, but I think that it was a risk that there was no real need to take. What do you think Gooners?


  1. Jobs done.giroud scored and ozill 2 assist, Gabriel started and that was the major change we needed and Wenger did that,im not sure if santi makes a good captain. Overall the team selection was OK today

    1. Eh… amigos, I’ve been told tomorrow is my birthday. Thanks to Wenger and the team for not making me carry over a sad feeling into my b-day.

      #LongLiveArsenal #LongLiveTheFans #FOYS

      1. I was not as lucky as you are. Thurs was my birthday and Arsene and his cohorts made sure I had a moody day on 26th.

          1. I never knew we had Universal pal here, I would have come ask you to seek favour on my behalf…. #wink

  2. Collymore is trolling us on TalkSport.. We all know Arsenal are a joke on Europe but to say that no Top manager would want to come to us is stupid and completely trolling.

    Managers or players don’t look at your so called European pedigree, it’s all about how much money you will be paying them and the transfer funds you are willing to make available to them..

    City and Chelski were a joke before their Billionaire sugar daddies bought them, but they attracted the likes of Yaya, Silva, Aguero etc… Mourinho, Drogba, Shevchenko etc all joined Chelski.. Look at the players that joined Monaco and Psg.


    1. problem is its so easy to troll collymore back. its just not fun when u have so much ammuntion – like u do with stanley.

      il let him off

  3. I think today he got the starting 11 spot on. He dropped the correct underperformers.
    He however didn’t drop Özil and Giroud and they got on the score sheet (or the assist sheet). If it would’ve been me, I would’ve dropped both of them (and so would’ve 99% of the experts here). That’s why we are not managers.

    Meanwhile he did drop Mertesacker and apart from a shaky start, Gabriel was solid. Damn he’s quick and what tackle on Lukaku AND Barkley (did you see how frustrated Barkley got because Gabriel was quicker?). He also dropped Welbeck and although OX was quite invisible today, he didn’t put a foot defensively.

    1. Quick and aggressive: Gabriel Paulista. At least Koscielny was not saddled with the gigantic responsibility of “playing for two”.

      Poor Lugabru, he thought he was gonna have a Rhino banquet.

      1. why o why…o why …o why achooooo ..o why o why did we wait this long to buy a cb?

        we sold vermaelen, an replaced him in jan?
        we still need another cb, a dm , a cf, a phd, a mvp, a dvd

        we need acronyms people

    2. I think for the Ox after the Monaco game, was a good idea for his morale to play him and show that the manager believes in his ability. To be fair to Wenger he relies on trust to get the best from his players. Unfortunately the trust in players like Mertisacker and Scez has drawn Wenger to the point of dropping them…any fairly.

      Disappointingly I don’t like the collective criticism of Özil. Another few assist today along with the rest since coming back. I don’t know what people expect from him. He plays his game in a manner that is uncomplicated and some misinterpret that for a lack of caring. I recall Owen having a dig at a shot by Özil that was blocked. It’s like they all want to get on the bandwagon. As Arsenal Fans we shouldn’t let outsiders divid us. Let them be critical of him, we will support him.

      As for Giroud, he had an off day that was costly but it wasn’t from a lack of trying, while Mertisacker has continually exposed his team mates with more decision making, Giroud just had a day to forget. Some have them days.

      If I do at work, I don’t get pulled off the next project, because I am capable to do what’s needed, just next time I am more focused.

      Maybe that is just it generally, the lads need focus.

  4. If he then starts the same set of player on Wednesday, I’ll know what to say.

    I think Walcott, Rosicky, Montreal, Chambers should start midweek

    1. I know Sanchez must be pretty jaded. But someday, I’d really luv to have a front three of Sanchez, Theo and Ox (in that particular order).

      1. for qpr, start welbeck . we’ll need giroud for manu.
        walcott&ox on wings; rest sanchez for MU.
        caz at cam; rest ozil.
        wilshere at b2b. flam for coq [wish i had an alternative, but we dont have backup for coq at the moment]
        back4: gibbs, koz, per, chambers (or maybe bellerin if hes not too tired)
        RESTING: giroud, sanchez, ozil, coq, gabriel.

      1. or just wait for them to fall over an quietly walk past.

        what a waste of aguero and silva…they should move to london ..ahem

  5. I hope Flamini would have sufficiently recovered to start the QPR game. And even if he does, he should be paired with Chambers to jointly cover their Gunners defense line. But if Flamini did not recover to start the QPR game, the boss could in his place play the pairing of Chambers and Oxchambo as 2 CDMs for the QPR game. The boss should not underrate relegation battlers – QPR and starts only 1 CDM for the Wed game at Lotus Road. I wish Coquelin a speede recovery from the nose injury he picked in the Everton game today. Sorry.

  6. Ozil for me doesnt deserve a permanent spot in starting 11. With Ramsey coming back, it will be interesting to watch team selections in the near future. We got the three points though and that’s what matters! Let’s get another 3 on Wednesday and wait for the FA encounter.

    Off topic: Coutinho is scoring screamers! Man city here we come!!!!

  7. It was a welcomed win, although it was not as easy as the scoreline suggested. But it was a very need and important 3 points considering the result of our nearest rivals for the coveted top four position.
    You can never fault a selection that gets three points,but we still do not look zippy and quick in our passing,we needed more energy in midfield and quicker movement/passing to unsettle any defense

  8. Righ on Gooner4G, I thgt he was hitting the weights, this guy looks unbothered the most aggressive I have seen him was on crazy derbies when he was sent off against Barca, oooh but wait he can get some assist in. I don’t know why our Morzat doesn’t start. Aah well we won 4 points away from Mancity

  9. I would have had Monreal and Rosicky instead of Gibbs and Ozil, but otherwise, I was happy with the team selection.

    Great win, but I felt Everton went pretty easy on us. I thought it would be a much tougher battle. I loved Gabriel’s performance and mobility, and Ospina was fantastic! I really hope Gabriel gets a run of games now, so he has a chance of cementing a place in the starting line-up. Because I’m sure Wenger is already itching to get Mert back on the pitch.

    I don’t know if anyone agrees, but Sanchez has been a little off boil lately. His work rate is still fantastic, but he doesn’t seem to be doing a lot in possession. I still wouldn’t drop him though.

  10. Bring Mert back oooh please, I think Sanchez should be rested so that he can come back with a bang, fully support the reinstating Tomas back though, even though I liked Gibbs performance today Monreal is in a different level though, crossing and defending

  11. I have been defending Mertsacker all season. Last season Mert and Kosc were the best CB pairing in the League. I’ve been defending Mertsacker hoping he would improve but I’ve finally joined the “BFG out” gang after Wednesday night.

    Gabriel did really well. He will improve with time.

    I doubt Wenger will get rid of Mertsacker but if he does I hope we can get another top defender.

    1. totally….another top defender totally make sense…Mert can be the 4th choice and we can loan Chambers out…

  12. Monaco CB are not that fast. I’m watching them play at home vs PSG right now. PSG already with two great chances.

    We will need to take our chances.

  13. I was pleased that Ospina had a good game. I think his performance against Monaco was not as bad as it looked particularly the first goal, he was moving to his left when the ball was deflected, checked his dive and looked stranded. If he had continued his dive to his left it would have looked better

  14. I respect Francis Coq.’s willing to carry on. I hope we take the issue of concussions seriously.

    And of course luck would have it that the ball smashes into his nose. Good game Gunner Francis!

  15. I completely agree Ozil 2 assists today, his stats are excellent. The media are always on his back. Ozils style is languid, but what he does with the ball, is way above most players. He is pure class, Wenger selection today spot on, Giroud had one off day Monaco like most players, his scoring record is excellent. Ospina played well, Gabriel great game. Ox and le Coq really committed and work their socks off. We were cautious, but it worked, Everton hard in midfield and no easy game, there better than their league position suggests.

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