Wenger talks up Aaron Ramsey’s importance to Arsenal ahead of contract talks

There is no secret that Aaron Ramsey is now approaching the last year of his contract with Arsenal, and although there have been rumours that the Welshman is demanding a massive wage increase to persuade him to stay there has been no concrete evidence of progress in the negotiations.

As with Jack Wilshere a short while ago, Arsene Wenger is now praising Ramsey’s importance to his side perhaps in the hope that he will want to stay with the Gunners. “Players like Aaron give us the balance because he goes into the box,” the Arsenal manager said. “When you have many creative players who are good on the ball, they all want to come to the ball and distribute the game but they don’t want to go in the box. When we have a creative side, [Aaron] gives us that balance.

“My dream is to play that kind of football and when it works of course our game is based on quick combinations and quick, sharp movement. When it works you’re very happy, but at the end of the day in our game you have to be efficient.

This season Ramsey really has struck top form, scoring 9 goals in only 22 starts and their is no doubt that there will be many big clubs willing to offer him massive wages if he refuses to extend with Arsenal, and the Gunners could also cash in on any sale if the Welshman is put on the market, but time is running out for Arsenal to tie him down for the next few years.

But I wonder if Arsenal would keep him for his final year if he refuses to sign on the dotted line and keep trying to get him to extend next season…..



  1. gotanidea says:

    I don’t think Ramsey would sign, because it seems there are other clubs willing to pay him more

    Ozil and Sanchez successfully forced Arsenal to give them obscene offers, but I think Arsenal would not let the same thing happens to Ramsey’s case

    Both Ramsey and Wilshere can leave for bigger money and Arsenal can use their spaces for younger central midfielders, such as Thomas Lemar. A win-win situation

    1. Innit says:

      I agree and would love to see Lemar play here
      But Lemar is a forward/winger/attacking midfielder ie Alexis, Ozil, Mkhitaryan
      He doesn’t play Ramsey and Wilshere’s usual positions.
      We need a Top DM and Box2Box player especially if Wilshere and Ramsey leave

    2. RSH says:

      Lemar has been bad this season. If Monaco still want absurd amounts of money Arsenal should not waste their time. He’s not worth close to 90mill and we have several areas to improve in outside of midfield. CM is also not his best position. Playing him there would be playing him out of position. something AW get’s slated for regularly.

      1. RSH says:

        *maybe bad season is an exaggeration, but not as good as last season at all.

  2. Gelz says:

    I like Ramsey and he has been one of our better performers this season, but if he hasn’t signed a new contract by the end of this season we have to sell him, who ever is in charge next season. We’ve had to many contract sagas of late and if a player isn’t ready to committ himself to Arsenal then they have to go.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      I think they left Ramsey over others because they know he is happy at Arsenal. But I detected a possible snipe when Ramsey said something about others being a priority over his, am not sure if he was saying he understood it (Alexis Ozil) or if he put it out there because he wanted some assurances. He said it in such a casual sort of, hmm, kinda way that it was hard to read.

  3. rkw says:

    no problem … plenty of better talent in this position … would be happy to have him as a squad player but if he wants to go to a newly promoted cardiff or everton or burnley for more game time i would understand … whats au revoir rambo in welsh?

  4. Break-on-through says:

    I believe Ramsey will sign because he loves this club and he comes across as a guy with a loyalty streak. He’s a really nice lad off the field but he’s dogged on it and he’s a real trier. Wenger is right about that running into the box line, when we were at our worst this season it was when everyone wanted to pass but no-one was making the runs. It was evident esp when Ramsey was sidelined but when Mkhit was there it eased up. Auba too makes good runs but you need midfielders doing this. No doubt Ramsey has his admirers but I think we’ll match any offer from elsewhere because it’s allot cheaper than replacing him unless we get a huge offer for him. Last season though, the offers don’t usually be as big as they might have reached otherwise. It’s the other two positions next to Ramsey that I’d be looking at, or overall quality and depth depending on how you want to see it. I like the idea of that Saul Niguez fellow replacing Wilshere’s spot on the first team.

    1. jon fox says:

      It won’t be Wengers decision as he will not be here in a very few weeks. The new man, who will be a PROPER manager, will make the decision whether to keep Ramsey or not. Being a real professional and in touch with reality – imaging the joy of a manager in touch with reality again, I had almost forgotten what it is like – he will take into account Ramseys talent but also his long injury absences when making his choice. I still find it quaintly comical that I seem to be virtually alone on here in my certainty of Wengers sacking at end of THIS season, not next. Perhaps some on here have caught from Wenger the inability to see what is going to happen next.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        If it happens I hope it’s not Tuchel. I don’t know how he’s gotten his admirers, PSG can get practically anyone they want but I suspect it’s Pep who they really want or Conte Allegri might be a shout. If they are after Tuchel I reckon it’s because they believe he’s our no1 choice. There is still some very good managers on the market, our board needs to say right we still think Arsene is very good but do we believe there are better managers out there, and the answer should be yes. That’s even before they take the fans constant frustration into consideration. I believe there is a good chance of him getting replaced, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him here next season.

      2. RSH says:

        I just think the board is so incompetent that they would totally let AW go on at the club. They rewarded him with a new contract last season afterall, and he was terrible then too. Can’t underestimate the jokes that run this thing.

  5. AndersS says:

    Maybe it isn’t mainly the money that is keeping Wilshere and Ramsey from agreeing to new contracts?
    If they have personal ambitions to develop more as players, they can look at the transformation of the Ox under a new manager and be tempted to go for something unless wenger is finally kicked out.
    Or maybe they want to win important trophies like the PL or even Champions League? Honestly, what do the chance of that happening at Arsenal over the next few important years in their careers look like? Less and less likely, I would say.

    1. jon fox says:

      Of COURSE it is ambition to win important titles that makes any decent player with ambition want to leave Arasenal. Ambition has been a dirty word ever since Dein was catastrophically forced out. That is why they have kept the most UNAMBITIOUS MANAGER we have had in my 60 years watching Arsenal. At least , until next month when he will be sacked.

  6. Trudeau says:

    I think Wilshire is as good as gone but will be gutted if Ramsey goes. His combination of work rate and skill wouldn’t be easy to replace. I don’t get this argument that he will see how much the Ox has developed after leaving — he looks pretty much the same player to me, flashes of brilliance but still gives the ball away cheaply. Let him show some form on a consistent basis before raving about him.

    1. Ozziegunner says:

      Trudeau, agreed time will tell with Oxlade Chamberlain, but at least he now has a specific position.
      With regard to Ramsey, provided he receives a fair competive offer cf what is paid to midfielders of his ilk, Arsenal’s attitude should be accept or be transfer listed.

  7. Dare Johnson says:

    Ramsey performance had improved this season, its high time we reap our patience from Rambo,he was under rated in the team but he is doing great job with his energy,running box to box,making an interception and tackles, he made less mistake as can be compared with two to four years back,let arsenal tie him down with new and improve wages asap,I prefer him to overrated Paul pogba in our midfield.

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