Wenger talks up Arsenal’s title chances “there is no weak position in the team”

There are very few Arsenal fans that would deny that Arsene Wenger is the Gunners greatest-ever manager, who won many many trophies by buying unknown players and making them into superstars playing ‘The Arsenal Way‘.

But sadly as time went on and the big money owners came in to challenge him, and his methods were replicated by other teams to raise their levels as well, his influence waned and Arsenal gradually got overtaken by younger more innovative managers.

Hopefully for Arsenal, we have now taken on one of those young bloods in Mikel Arteta, who looks like he is combining the methods of the early Arsene Wenger with the modern management of his latest mentor, Pep Guardiola, to create a young dynamic squad to try and take Arsenal back to the top table of football’s elite clubs.

It must be said that, after his departure from the Emirates four years ago, Le Prof rarely talks about Arsenal, and certainly has not returned to the Stadium that he helped build, but now he has finally decided to break his silence, when asked if he thinks that Mikel Arteta could actually win the League this season.

This is what he was quoted as saying in the Sun: “I would say they are moving in the right direction. I honestly think … they are young, promising players and they have bought well this year.

“There is no completely dominating team this season and Arsenal has a chance with the potential that is there.

“We used to be in the top four and why not again? You cannot even rule out the fact that they can fight for the title and hopefully they can do it.”

Well it certainly seems that Wenger is impressed with Arteta’s changes and the team he has built. If Le Prof thinks we have a chance to be Champions this season, who are we to argue?

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  1. “There are no weak positions in the team.” Well Arsene Wenger didn’t want defensive midfielders after Gilberto Silva left and Arsenal has suffered accordingly. Diaby was injury prone, Famini left and Coughlan was sold, even though they weren’tnear Gilberto Silva’s standard. Arsenal’s midfield quality and balance are still weaknesses.

    1. There is actually no weak position if we could keep our first eleven players fit for the better part of the season.
      What we need is quality replacement for key positions.

      1. His record against the top teams is very,very poor.He doesnt have defence drills according to Clichy.
        His team of ballet dancerz ars easily stifled hence the big lossez tothe top teams.
        8-2 mauling.
        He shd have sacked there and then.He is no doubt a great coach but these kind of losses ard unacceptable at Arsenal.
        Thanks for the memory
        MA is more pragmatic as a coach

      2. JOHN, your first sentence is of course never going to hapen and all realists know that.

        That being the case we are going to have to play lesser player more and more often. We have not the great depth of MAN CITY,and TBH, I SEE NO OTHER TEAM WITH THEIR DEPTH EITHER,so I believe thy will soon power clear of the pack, ourselves included.
        However, THIS season I see NO other team to be obviously superior to our squad, even with such as Elneny needing to be picked at times.

        Your second sentence is of course profoundly true, which is WHY your first sentence will not happen.

  2. Man City/ Liverpool are still more clinical in scoring and more dominant in ball possession, so we could only win EPL if they slip. Maybe we can challenge Liverpool for the second place, but Man City have better “B” team as compared to ours

  3. I think the DM position is a glaring weakness, but Wenger didn’t think it was as important, so never replaced Silva.

    Arteta so far hasn’t brought in a true DM, but instead has tried to work around the issue. Meaning slotting in players without the skillset and trying offset the defensive responsibilities by sharing the load with other positional players.

    He is the expert not me, so let’s see if it works and how high we can climb without a real DM.

  4. We need to accept our mistake of taking too long to decide when buying a player,it makes other clubs to always win the player Easley. And make us safer. Even in January we might not even buy a DM.

  5. Jude Bellingham to Arsenal, drop Xhaka and keep Smith Rowe happy. I’m not surprised by the rumours that ESR is not a happy camper at the moment. Basically Xhaka has been given his role. Providing he were fit the younger player would be thriving amongst Jesus and Martinellii. He would certainly be making better use of those half chances and provide greater mobility. This is my future wish list and has little to do with reality but the world is made by dreamers and it is a very silly season.

    1. ESR, needs to overcome his fragility and stay fit and available for selection. You can’tcomplain about non selection, if you are injured.

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