Wenger tells Arsenal fans to expect a very busy “last two weeks” of transfer window

Some Arsenal fans may think that Arsenal have not been very productive in this transfer window so far, but we have got two top top quality players arrived in Alexandre Lacazette and Sead Kolasinc already, which Arsene Wenger thinks is key to getting them settled in before the season starts.

“It is an advantage to get them in early because you go into the new season and you have an idea of what the players are about, with whom they can integrate the team and do well – overall I think it is a huge advantage.

“Unfortunately we are not the only ones to decide the pace of the transfer market.”

Arsenal have also been quietly selling off some youngsters to reduce the wage bill, but we also have quite a few first team squad members that are now surplus to requirements and will probably be sold. Wenger certainly loves his last-minute poker moves and will be holding out for the best price for any incoming and outgoing players. He thinks that as usual bluffs will be called and many moves will go right down to deadline day.

“If you look around, not a lot has happened since the start of the opening of the transfers but certainly a lot will happen in the final part, especially in the last two weeks and even more in the last week.”

So don’t worry Gooners we can expect more action towards the end of the transfer window, and the only big worry I have is that it could be disruptive, and we are facing Liverpool at Anfield in the weekend before deadline day….

Sam P.


  1. I think wenger has a chance to turn things around this year if alexis leaves and build a young team by getting lemar and naby kieta to join iwobi, Bellerin and holding plus the other youngsters coming through coz we will never buy the top of the top players the way the market is going! how much will these young players be worth in a few years

  2. Well for starters I don’t think we are done Kolasinac and Lacazette isn’t going to be enough specially if you think about retaining Sanchez.
    First of all I hope we strengthen our RW with Lemar and if we can’t get him Mahrez should be #2 on the list. I really don’t know why some gooners are complaining about him being a target don’t be fooled by his last season. His whole team was average.
    Also if we can add to the midfield with both Wilshere and Santi not being sure of playing part in the seasons. And Coquelin and Elneny not being at that level. Goretzka, Carvalho or Renato Sanchez could be viable targets. With others possible outgoings (Gibbs, Debuchy, Jenkinson, Wilshere, Walcott)
    That could also be one way of showing Sanchez that we mean business. As when you listen to the quotes he said everything any footballer of his level should want and think about. He never once said that can’t be with Arsenal. With Özil stating that he wants to stay, Wenger providing minutes and still negotiating with the Ox.
    The ideal for both Sanchez and Arsenal is a 1 year extension with a release clause allowing him to leave on his terms for a club that plays UCL if we don’t qualify (be it a EPL club). If we do than he might stay and renew for longer. Also that one year could come with the 250k-300k that he wants and make him happy for an additional year. For Arsenal it allows them to still make there project attractive, not have that distraction throughout the season until at least next summer but also have there best player for the season to achieve every target possible.

    1. I keep seeing ppl say lemar for the RW but hes a left footed LM and the only way he can play at arsenal is LM if alexis stays (which he won’t) so lemar would be a direct replacement for alexis when he goes but I know wenger wants alexis and lemar so like a said lemar would play LM in a four Man midfield with 3 at the back and coquelin is great player and better at defending than xhaka and Ramsey ever will be but I still think we are short in midfield and would like wenger to sign a top CM like naby kieta maybe even van djik for CB! Looks like jurgan klopp knows exactly what he’s doing he’s been after both from day one

      1. Lemar could play on the RW as a left footed player. Maherz does that for Leicester. But your right he’ll probably be much better as a LM. Also I think Wenger rate him due to his age but also versatility: He can cover and play at different positions. Mainly the #10, the deelying playmaker role, the LM & the RW.

      2. Alexis is right footed and plays on the left as he likes to cut in and use his stronger foot.

  3. It’s all the same old story with us I’m afraid. Ok we ain’t got champions league next season but I believe Sanchez would stay if we made a couple high profile signings. Do you think he would wanna leave if we had Lamar mbepe and van Djik in our squad. It’s why we lost van persie Henry e.t.c because of lack of ambition. We need to make a statement more then ever right now. Or we all now it’s a top 4 battle next season. Danny boy

  4. 4-3 loss to Liverpool on the opening day of last season was very damaging. We played Chambers and Holding in the back who had no business of being there in the first place. With Mert injured, Kosc resting, and trying to get Mustafi on the last day of transfer window was not smart. We paid the price – No CL this year. Bottom line – do your business, and do it as early as possible.

    1. “Same old arsene…”

      Same old Wenger haters! Even when he makes quality signings the script is dusted off and recited each summer,”same old Wenger” even when it doesn’t apply. In the past he panic bought. Lacazette has been a target for ages. He was signed early enough to take on the tour. Kolasinac is a quality player that was available and signed early, before the window officially opened. The players that we are after aren’t going to be easy to sign since they are coming from quality clubs like Monaco and those teams will want to bring in replacements before selling their best players. Monaco won’t want to sell Lemar so it’s understandable that a deal like that could take till deadline day to get over the line.

      1. “In the past he panic bought.” It’s odd to see a pro-Wenger poster, make such a ignorant comment. Arsenal can’t just chuck about money at any old player, like the other top clubs. We usually scout out a player for years, before deciding to pull the trigger.

        Who are you talking about? Ozil? Because we had to wait for Bale to be sold to buy him, otherwise it would never have happened.

        Källström? Because we had actually already agreed to sign him before he did his back in.

  5. When you Wait for the last week of transfer u get remnants..exactly what happened when Arsene signs Five players in 50hours at the wake of our 8:2 humiliated defeat by United #panicbuys all of them average player’s only Per Met. #4 left the rest has gone. Do your business on time don’t wait when selling teams have no options for replacements they will not want to sell again and u will be desperate.

    1. Different time different squad. We are hardly the team we were when we got destroyed by Man U back then. Have you not been paying attention, Man U couldn’t beat us last season. They fear us now, they park the bus and still lose against us. That season Wenger was left with scraps and panic bought this season both of our signings were quality and our team was stronger at the time of signing them than it was when we signed Benayoun and co.

  6. Would Sanchez still be whining about the necessity of Champions League football if Wenger performed the following business before the end of the window.


    $105M spent


    $103M approx recouped.

    One doesn’t have to be a Rhodes Scholar to decipher that Arsenal could possibly have the greatest transfer window in the clubs history for essentially what they paid for Laca.

      1. You are right. Fans don’t realize that signing too many players in one summer will disrupt the team. I believe we will sign one more quality attacking player if Sanchez stays and either of Giroud or Walcott leaves (rumour). We might sign 2 if 2 of the mentioned players leave.

  7. I hope Wenger right we need at least four more players , the incentive to win the Europa cup is a place in the champions league

  8. Don’t get ur hopes high folks
    is Arsene we ar talking about,
    we hv been there,we hv seen that.
    Chuks Gooner.

  9. If Wenger had made a realistic offer for Lemar before Monaco had sold other players we could have had him by now and he would be settling in here but as usual trying to get him on the cheap means we will probably be scratching around in the last week of the transfer window instead of wholly concentrating on important early matches.

  10. Glad you guys are finally jumping On the naby Keita wagon, yes he’s special and is exactly what we need in mid….would love to get Lemar before the season starts not so worried in def as there are some quality def out there and in our lineup, and we can buy one next season when BFG retires, it’s not a priority in my opinion. In addition Lemar can play on the right as well I don’t see where peole are getting than he can only play LW. I’ll say it again mahrez should not be considered as an option b,c, or d if the Lemar bid fails, the same people who are rating him so highly will be the first to turn on him when he will have another average season mark my words. If you are still not convinced ask Algerian fans or French fans than have seen him play week in week out for years average at best. He will never have another season like the one he had a year ago, Michu in the making.

    1. No one said that he can ONLY play LM it’s just what wenger is buying him for and we’re he would slot in which is LM also bernado silva Monaco RM left and Monaco still play lemar LM on pre season coz that’s were he plays same for France it’s like say lacazette can play out wide but he won’t be for arsenal that’s for sure! And I agree 100% that’s mahrez is not good enough for that arsenal

  11. I do not mind if we make 1 or 2 signings in the end period of the transfer market, sometimes it just takes time to get the quality in, if Monaco want to replace Lemar before selling him then what should we do?

    Ignore Lemar and move onto a less preferred choice?

    As long as we get most of the business done sooner rather than later then it is fine by me.

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