Wenger tells Arsenal – Get me this STUNNING French star!!

Arsenal fans found out all we needed to know about the France international star Geoffrey Kondogbia this season, as the central midfielder was easily the Man of the Match when his French Ligue 1 club Monaco came to the Emirates for the Champions League first-leg game of the knockout stages.

Although Arsenal were poor and Olivier Giroud missed a hatful of chances, Kondogbia did not deserve to lose and he even scored their first goal of the night, proving that he has many strings to his bow as well along with power, energy, work rate and technical ability.

So it would be much nicer to have him playing for you than against you and Arsene Wenger clearly agrees, according to a Metro report which claims the Prof has personally instructed the Arsenal board to get the young Frenchman to north London in the upcoming summer transfer window.

The Gunners were previously linked with Kondogbia when he was just emerging as a star in La Liga for Sevilla but perhaps the boss was worried about his ability to prove himself at the top level, something he has now done and so it appears that Arsenal will launch a bid of around £18 million for the dynamic 22-year old when this season comes to a close.

Is Kondogbia one of the missing pieces in the Arsenal puzzle?

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  1. Obvious talent, but I’m skeptical of the transfer fee mooted as he went to Monaco for 25 million Euros……since when do you re-sell a 22 year old with such hype for no profit?

    One name to consider would be IMBULA, he’s another 22 year old French DM and he’s been tremendous at Marseille. Would be trademark Wenger to let Kondogbia and Schneiderlin battle it out in the tabloid rags for him to swoop in and grab a kid like Imbula. Any such signing would be welcome.

    Add a starting RW and that’s a tasty squad we’ll have for a title assault next year.

    1. Agreed. We definitely need someone proper on the right to balance out the wings, but old enough so that the ox still has time to make that spot his own. Unfortunately walcott looks like a spent force. Wenger seems to have lost faith in him and he doesnt look promising when he plays either….

    2. I agree about imbula he has good attributes and is not to shabby on the ball he does a good job protecting his defense given bielsa’s suicidal tactics and formation.

      But I’d prefer to bring in Reus as a LW and move Sanchez over to the right. Sanchez on the right would provide us width and crosses into the box.

  2. As far as DM is concerned I want a young talented player to compete, rotate or even play along side Coquelin. Everyone is screaming for Schneiderlin but knowing Wenger it will be someone we least expected and I trust his judgment on that completely. We can buy without the past restraints now and personally I’m looking forward to this summer transfer window. I also want Flamini away from this team as he does nothing for us but collects yellow cards and others that provide nothing for us can go as well…

  3. when M needs to beat W, he does it
    W allowed M to HV d psychological adv same with fegurson.
    Well I believe if we win d fa cup, next community shield will be W chance to HV a psychological adv
    He has to beat M in d charity shield match
    Both teams are on a neutral ground
    Overall arsenal’s run this year Has bn impressive
    If we played like this in D first leg against Monaco, we should be in d semifinal of d CL by now
    That is my regret this season.
    Not even d Chelsea match
    We lost d league in d first half of d season when W was busy marketing wack
    For me, we are now up against d best in d EPL
    W should just stop gambling in some matches
    No wacky, we either draw or win big teams
    We lost to Chelsea and man u this season BC our balance was disrupted by wacky being in d team
    Look at Ramsey, he played 3 different roles and position against Chelsea
    Ozil is too lame for my liking
    Lost d ball Twice in our half carelessly
    Same thing wacky does
    That’s why carzola is d best in D deep lying playmaker role
    He will compete with Arteta next season
    Wenger won’t use arteta as DM BC he has Coqueline who is now d best in doing d actual dirty work.
    My point is DT aterta used to play as DM and deep lying playmaker at d same time
    It was too much for him and some arsenal fans don’t understand what Wenger does
    Now d work aterta did is now shared bw Coq and Caz
    Dt shift is what has given arsenal our consistency.
    U see Caz always deep to mop things up but not necessarily our DM
    So he ll share DT duty with arteta.
    Wenger should learn to be proactive
    He is still a very good coach
    If u observe only Chelsea and Arsenal use deep lying playmakers in d EPL
    fabregas and carzola
    : maurinho started it on time but Wenger had to wait till wacky got injured before he deployed Caz there
    : Same mistake he made last season
    : Ramsey was a box to box and not playmaker
    : When he got injured, we suffered
    I thought W would immediately drop Caz to that position but he choose wacky instead And Caz was left on d wings
    We started loosing and drawing matches from there.
    This season, he started with wack there again, same results. Thank God for his injury. We would HV bn battling for 4th position or Europa by now. So Chelsea took d initiative of a deep playmaker in fabregas before Wenger and got hold of d league. With a more balanced team than Arsenal, we are bound to play catch up

  4. get a new manager…

    listen to Henry and spend the money!!!

    sign some quality players and win

  5. Kondogbia would be an amazing signing , a quick skillful striker aswell, would be happy with a swap deal involving Walcott and sterling . Flamini podolski Walcott sanogo Campbell out

  6. The top 11.
    Bellerin Mertz Kos Monreal
    Coq Cazorla Ramsey Ozil Sanchez Giroud.

    Subs 7. Szczesny deBuchy Gibbs Arteta Wilshere Wallcott Wellbeck

    Res. 18
    Martinez Gabriel Chambers Flamini Diaby
    Rosicky Chamberlain Gnabry
    Podolski Ryo Campbell Wellbeck Sanogo
    Zelalem Hayden Bielik Crowley Akpom

    Total 36.
    Maybe Kondogbia or Schneiderlin.
    Do we really need any more?

  7. When I search for anything Arsenal related I always use ‘Arsenal + search term -metro’
    That means that I don’t even have to see the utter bollocks the Metro publish.
    So disappointing to see it regurgitated here.
    Dead article, waste of time.

  8. Whenever I hear people saying sell Theo Walcott is that how ungrateful n inconsiderate people are? When Theo was fit and in form he banged in goals n we all loved him he got injured and return n now we are against him… C’mon peeps Walcott will return to full form soon n then he will be deadly and if we sell him it will be our biggest regret.. Sanchez on LW n Walcott on RW ll destroy any defence d yesterday game saw Chelsea scraping for ball when we bombarded dem from walcott’s wing n Sanchez’s wing he runs behind defenses brilliantly n scores perfectly give him a chance. A good summer transfer and I mean a great one (World class DM and Striker) will put d icing on the cake for an arsenal team waxing stronger n stronger . From what I saw against Chelsea yesterday next season I don’t think Chelsea will be able to defeat us again. It will be d game to watch out for

    1. I agree the criticism of Theo may be a little harsh but it appears the majority of this board have reached the consensus that even when fit the OX is a more complete player and the future @ RW.

      I tend to agree and wouldn’t lose sleep if he’s sold abroad or to a mid table squad.

      1. I agree with you a fit OX is more dangerous but I think we should Walcott another chance to hit top form again and sell him aboard for a big price then pass to baton to d OX…

  9. Benzema IN Sanogo OUT
    Schneiderlin IN Flamini OUT
    Reus IN Walcott OUT
    Coutinho IN Rosicky OUT
    Beto IN Sczesney OUT

    AND THE EPL IS OURS FOR THE TAKING, NOT EVEN INJURIES CAN STOP US(but not gonna happen with the wenger i know)

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