Wenger tells Arsenal to attack Bayern and regain UCL pride

Even though Arsene Wenger has admitted what we all suspected, that the big priority for Arsenal this season is to win the Premier League, the Frenchman also accepts that the performances of the Gunners in the first two Champions League group games was simply not good enough.

In a report on the Arsenal website the boss suggested that the defeats against Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiacos were not merely down to his team selection and resting of big players like Petr Cech. He believes that there was an element of complacency in the whole team´s attitude because the players all expected to beat the Croatian and Greek teams, just as we expected to walk over Monaco in the knockout round last year.

The good news for Arsenal fans is that Wenger knows that he and his team need to restore some pride after the shambles of the first two games and so he is calling for a huge performance from Arsenal and it sounds as though he is planning to field as strong a side as possible.

He said, “The confidence level is there, the needed result is there as well – we know exactly what is required [because] a 0-0 is not even a good result. To score goals, we have to attack.

“It is true that [we have delivered big results] before, but we want to do it again because we feel a bit that the pain inflicted [in the Champions League] was a bit by ourselves. Maybe subconsciously we thought ‘anyway we will win these [first two games’.

“Now to correct that we need a great performance. What we want to do is play up to our level – that will be needed because we play against a big team.

“For us it a perfect run in our Premier League, and on the other hand also perfect preparation for the Bayern game because we had no injuries and we got the three points. We are now in a position where we can really focus and give everything on Tuesday night.”

So it seems as though we need to strap ourselves in for a exciting night at the Emirates stadium tomorrow, with Arsenal planning to go on the attack. That could lead to a goal fest of a game, as Bayern Munich are no strangers to scoring this season either. But who will score the most?

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    1. Do you think? Zero points from two games against the weak teams in our group would suggest that wouldn’t it professor.

      Good to see you are putting that diploma to good use.

  1. In the last 12 games, Bayern have had 7 Clean sheets and conceded a single goal only in the other 5…So as much as they love to score they also dont concede much..We need a solid performance and make sure we dont loose the game in the 1st half…

    1. This game will be won/lost in the middle of the park,if we win the game coq/santi will be man of the match,if we lose they will be the worst players

  2. Can we play in “nothing to loose” mode when we put everything on the line? That’s right, we can’t. So, we should and will take necessary risk to get the result. Fight until the final countdown.

  3. The Cl is a competition where you mesuare your self with the best. A possible win against Bayern would give a message away, the oppesite of what we have done with Olympiacos and Zagreb, that indeed we are good enough and worthy to be known as Champions.

  4. So it seems Wenger is not going to Rest Key players. Both ways I am OK. Who knows if we win the match then it will be a massive confidence boaster for us and we can really march on. Even if we lost then we are out of Europe, which will also not bad for us.
    So we have to wait and watch.
    My only worry is some players needs rest like Sanchez and ozil,
    There must not be any injury.
    If wenger feels some players are at risk, then he must not play or take off them as soon a s possible.

    There is no question the Pl should be our priority

  5. We will need to play the “PERFECT” game against Bayern in both matches if we are to come up on top.

    Everyone at the club should be on there A-game including as the funs. We may need a similar or better approach as Arsenal 3 vs 1 Man U, City 0 vs 2 Arsenal, Arsenal 4 vs 1 Lpool.

    We need to play with full of heart, aggressive, and we should try to control the tempo of the game. Bayern is not like City, Man U or Chelsea where in recent times we allow them to have more of the ball and pick them when they loose it, Bayern or Pep’s teams chew up teams that dare them that way, the best way is to keep them running around minus the ball while keeping our shape and taking the chances we create.

    One goal might not be enough to win this game even with supper Cech between the sticks, our strike force needs to continue there top form.

    For all those claiming they would like Arsenal to drop out of the CL early, do you for one second think players like Sanchez, Ozil, Carzola or Cech feel the same? Its the biggest club competition and it separate’s the cream from the rest, the gunners from the spurs, so all WC players want to do well in it.

    Cant wait for tomorrow.

  6. My team against Bayern:


    Debuchy Mertesacker Gabriel Gibbs

    Flamini Hayden

    Costa Arteta Ox


    Arsenal 2 – Bayern Munich 0

  7. I’d play our strongest (fittest) team. Lets focus on the game at hand and then worry about the weekend afterwards. If we are winning then all good, if not and looking like we won’t win make subs after 60 mins to rest key players (Sanchez, Ozil, Coq)

    I’m worried about ‘attacking’ Bayern, as I hope we don’t over do this and leave ourselves too open to the counter attack. I think we should be energetic, compact when defending and just focus on trying to take our chances when we get them… As we WILL get chances we just need to ensure we are clinical. No need to over do it and try to win the game early on and make silly mistakes.

  8. The Game App Data Memory Plan Unlocking Key for the Boss to unlock Pep Guardiola’s Game App Data Memory Plan of: ARROGANCE&OVERCONFIDENCE is: BE CONFIDENT OF WINNING. The Gunners MUST responsibly, patiently and above all, confidently attack Bayern Munich to their roots and score them 3 goals during the course of the entire game without conceding any goal to the Bavarians. The Gunners MUST be disciplined and remain disciplined throughout the game. They MUST have the eagle’s eye to sight any movement by the Bavarians outfit on the field of play, and neutralize the move before it haches any damaging result. The Gunners MUST be as strong as d steel and be as fast as the lightning. They must equally be deadly as the Adder and be as wise as d serpent in this game. The Gunners MUST be at alert as d fly and also endured as the Cedar of Lebanon. The Gunners MUST be calculative as d Phantom in ambush who never missed it’s target. Above all other things, the Gunners MUST pounce on their prey and take them for a spoil.

  9. Arsenal need to be careful against Bayern, they have quality and can really cause us damage. A Bayern battering can be very demoralizing on our players and can affect our EPL form too, it shouldnt just be attack attack attack for Arsenal. Lets try and keep the scoreline decent by not forgetting how to defend too.

  10. Maybe drop an extra man in midfield and move Walcott wide Right.
    Bellarin, Mert, Kos, Monreal
    Ramsey, Coq
    Walcott, Cazorla, Ozil, Sanchez

  11. Listen Baby Please

    We should play


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