Wenger tells fans DON’T PANIC! as Arsenal head for 5 wins from 6!!!!

It was perfectly understandable for the Arsenal fans to be pretty far from okay last weekend after losing away to Stoke City yet again. It was not just the result that cheesed most Gooners off royally, it was the limp manner of our first half performance against the Potters. For me it evoked memories of those painful away days last season at Anfield, Stamford Bridge, Goodison Park and the Etihad.

But as unhappy as I was with Arsenal in that first 45 minutes, I was equally unhappy with the abuse that Arsene Wenger got at the train station afterwards. Whatever we think of how well he is doing at the club, Arsenal have always had more class than that and Wenger deserves so much more.

But the video has made it the talking point of the week and our manager has been asked many questions about it. His latest words on the subject are, for me, the definitive response, because when you realise that a win over Newcastle today will make it five out of six, the wailing and teeth gnashing of some fans does seem a bit of an overreaction.

Wenger told Arsenal Player, “We have a good dynamic in our team, we won four of our last five games. We had one blip against Stoke but overall I think we are on a good trend.

“We have played eight Champions League games [this season]. We won five, drew two and have only lost one in Dortmund. The regret is Anderlecht at home. That cost us first place because we are level on points with Dortmund. Overall 13 points – when you look at how many some other teams qualified with – is a decent total.”

Of course we should have been better at Stoke, but we did come back strongly in the second half and our recent performances have been pretty good. So should we all just calm down and appreciate what the Gunners are doing rather than looking on the bad side of things?

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  1. Disturbance says:

    We cannot be happy anymore. Not a chance. Look at the Injuries. We are ruining Walcott, Wishere and Ramsey because we don’t know how to cope with their bodies. We exploit players because Wenger doesn’t like Podolski , Rosicky and other talent sitting on the bench and our starting 11 is ruined to pieces. We are tactically inadequate. We cannot be happy that we scored 2 away at Stoke and lost 3-2. We should be beating Stoke for fun. Wenger has to be booed, pressured by fans and media until he is sacked and someone with understanding of how to manage a modern top club comes in charge!

    1. YingYang69 says:

      We should be beating stoke… but for fun im not so sure… stoke away for anyone can be a daunting prospect.

  2. thetruth says:

    we will win the EPL in 3 years time sure
    good timing wenger
    you would have collected 3 x 8 million pounds and eff off to your chateau de france

  3. dboy says:

    We are not Panicking. We are pissed of seeing the same sh”t season after season. Did he also not tell us don’t panic last season? What’s new? Sweet F”ckall. Now we talking about “class”. It is shameful for fans to react the way they did. Really? Let’s see how classy you are when someone rips you off . Come on Bob. We all lose our “class” when we pissed off. I for one will admit I’m not perfect or “classy”, especially when I’m pissed. Now please understand, I’m not advocating violence. But you can not also stand still and watch someone run away with your hard earned money, maybe once but year after year? Somebody is bound to get pissed off. It was only a matter of time. Fans spend their hard earned cash to watch utter bullocks. So please spare us this class bull.

  4. Arsenal Fan says:

    When the seagulls follow the trawler, it is because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea.

    Eric Cantona

  5. optimisticgooner says:

    I m getting a feeling dat Wenger is pissed off and so our fortunes are gonna change soon!!

    1. Mesut O-grillz says:

      I hope he’s pissed off. But that’s how he gets you… and then boom! He brings in the male version of Kim K.

    2. Usmanov says:

      I really hope so. And long may it last.

      Sometimes you do not need stats to tell you what you see, what you desire or need. My desire is that Arsenal always achieves the best they are truly capable of. Sometimes I even need them to overachieve.
      5 wins? 6 wins? What does it matter?!
      What matters is that last season we had more wins at this stage, and we were achieving more in the league (maybe even overachieving). This season we have had lesser wins, and we are underachieving (6th placed in the league). Maybe this is a normal thing in football. But in this case, it is not an understandable one. We (and our manager) seem to have been the architect of our failures this season.

  6. muda says:

    i really have respect for Wenger, but he never correct his mistakes, so if that’s the only way for arsenal to get on the track. then i will say more abuse for Wenger. #ArsenalFisrt

  7. SoOpa AeoN says:

    I won’t be a sLave to Mediocrity!…….dammit

  8. dboy says:

    Imagine someone continually pissing you off. And you never, not once give him a piece of your mind. That’s not reality. Wenger need to know how we feel. #Wengerout!!

  9. Greg says:

    We need to be at our very best today against a newcastle team playing with belief! Come on gunners! Lets dig very deep and get the 3 priceless points! Coyg!

  10. Gigi2 says:

    Wenger, Wenger, Wenger
    Need to win, plain and simple. And the losses have been cause of himnotbuying enough defence and him not liking poldi and others

  11. YingYang69 says:

    Also that train station business… I thought it was silly or unnecessary to say get out Campbell while you can (maybe game time but some liv fans said that regarding the). I dont think they would say get out Sanchez, the Ox or Kos the boss etc so why Campbell. My opinion of Campbell is that he looked very dangerous in one WC game and in that game every time he attacked the defence he looked like scoring… which was about four or five times overall. The other WC matches he looked up for it but still very raw. In Greece he looked an above average player within greek football standards and not yet good enough for the Arsenal. What little i have seen of him in the Arsenal colours he looks no better than Gnabry, in fact Gnabry has looked the better potential. I dont get this massive sway in Campbells potential. Most Gooners feel we need to add world class players from here on and yet allot feel Campbell could do a great job… i wouldnt put him ahead of Sanchez Walcott Oxlade or Welbz unless i was forced into it.

  12. Rockylegendliveson says:

    Panic, don’t panic! Wasn’t that from Dad’s Army?

    I don’t sense panic I see complete disappointment. Disappointment in failing to get a striker last January that would have given us a chance at the title. Disappointment to get a Defensive Midfielder and Centre Back. Disappointment in loaning out your right back. Disappointment to keep making the same mistakes with injuries, defence and tactics. Disappointment in failing to challenge again this year after winning the FA Cup.

    I also see more and more Arsenal fans realising Wenger is not learning and is failing to make the right decisions to challenge for the Title. Whilst being respectful, this season is already over and it will come down to Wenger himself to decide his own fate.

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