Wenger tells Spurs to CALM DOWN about beating Arsenal

We have been here before Arsenal fans, although our victories in all three north London derbies last season meant that we had a year off from the usual crazed mutterings from those at White Hart Lane. But after their narrow win over the Gunners, (it was only 2-1 with the winner scored in the 87th minute despite what some spuds would have you believe) they seem to be getting a bit ahead of themselves again.

How many times have we heard about a supposed shift of power in north London? We have had all sorts of daft remarks from the likes of Adebayor in the past, with my personal favourite being when AVB talked about Arsenal heading into an uncontrollable downward spiral after his version of the spuds beat us at the beginning of March in 2013 to go above the Gunners in the EPL table.

Rather than the collapse predicted by the Portuguese coach, however, Arsenal did not lose another game all season and it was them, once again, that missed out on a Champions League spot. So maybe someone should have a little word with their Belgian midfielder Moussa Dembele who has gone even further by claiming that Tottenham have now got serious title credentials, as a Daily Mail report reveals.

Maybe he is right (cough, cough) and maybe this will be the year that they finally finish above Arsenal under Arsene Wenger, but the Frenchman has been there and done it and suggested in an ESPN report that the spuds may just be eating their words when the season finishes.

Wenger said, โ€œOf course, it is dangerous [to draw swift conclusions].

โ€œThere is a long way to go, so I believe that just keep going and recover, show quickly a strong response on Tuesday, and then we see where we stand after that.โ€

You get the feeling that Wenger does not expect them to beat Liverpool at Anfield tomorrow and so a win over Leicester will put us quickly back above our noisy neighbours and keep them quiet for a while.

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  1. Spurs played well
    We didn’t

    But we will still finish higher than them as usual.
    Finishing above Spurs is as normal as us finishing 4th every year (unfortunately)

    1. You speak the truth, yet you get thumbed down. Obviously people live in a wonderland, refusing to acknowledge reality.

      1. i think 5 wins in a row got to our head. when we went 1:0 up at halftime, we thought fate meant we would not lose. the spuds did show up our current weak link though: the b2b transition – ramsey needs to gain form but not at arsenal’s expense. caz probably mentally tired.

  2. I am slightly surprised they have not learnt anything from a couple of years ago when they beat us 2-1 at the Lane & were actually 10 points ahead of us at that time with less of the season to go than the current situation. They were celebrating like it was done & dusted, we all know what happened after that. Big difference this time is it puts them a mere one point ahead of us & we have a better run in of fixtures than them to the end of the season! I’m honestly confident we’ll finish above them & in fact 3rd place is well within our grasp. 3rd & another FA Cup final appearance is surely a realistic target.

      1. Yeah agreed. My point though was Spurs are over celebrating. Nothing at all has been decided yet. May will determine final league positions.
        Let’s hope their over celebrating comes back to bite them in the arse!!

        1. They were just celebrating beating us, that’s all! I’m sure they, of all teams, know that this is far from over. We’ve hurt them way too often for them to forget or think that one point is enough to bury us till the end of the season. Each game comes with its own enthusiastic celebration from the winners, which is merely a demonstration of the sweetness of victory over a bitter rival!

  3. We lost because they played better and had more “passion” (closing us down senselessly) and were tactically ready (Pochettino) for the show down.
    I am not too worry about the defeat as we are still very close to the top four spot.

    Wenger said after the game “Our experience will be key in top four battle” (which has and always will be the main objective).

    I can wait to have “that” manager who will reaffirm (even after a defeat) that “Our experience will be key in the title battle”… It won’t be Wenger because he does not have it. I truly believe he would love to win the league again, but he might/may not know how to do it anymore.

    Top four it is, and we need to do a throughout job against Leicester.

    Sanchez should be back (we seriously missed him on Saturday) and may be Ramsey should sit this one and reflect. Gabriel might get a game and it would be nice to see him with Koscielny (Mertesacker and his chest control in the 16 meters… !! What is that all about??).

    Apparently we played the youngest team (the spurs team lined up on Saturday-age average) in the league on Saturday.

  4. as expected at work all day today i took a battering by spud fans. constant jokes and digs.
    its hilarious last year we did the double on them- i didnt say sh*t at work- as im used to us spanking the spuds, wouldnt be worth my breath
    small club definition….one league win against rivals an they celebrate like its christmas.

    i will milk the next time we beat them,
    might hire gunnersaurus outfit casually walk into work, let off a fire extinguisher directly in there faces…an shout FOAM PARTTTYYY

  5. I’ve already sent the invites for my St Tottering day party to my Spud U like associates. Not that anyone accepts them as even the loyal tit heads know not to get carried away.

  6. Let’s get behind our team in good and bad times. Yes they played badly on saturdat buh then I still believe we’ll go above them so I’m not that bothered. Wenger should make for a strong selection of players not what he did the last outing. I pray for another FA cup trophy dis season maybe finish third dis season.

  7. So stupid. The bvb are not celebrating and not screaming their heart out you tool. Fack Rambo and let him see the bench bec right now Rosicky plays better then him, and i want Arsenal to win at all cost. Who is Ramsey compared to Arsenal? He is a player just every other one who needs to face some bench time. Favorisem want take us anywhere. You people are not acting as fans but more like personal fangirls who are into players rather then the clubs well doing.

    1. srry, man, i dont wish for our players to get injuries but i am tired of people defending underperformers.

  8. I will never condone personally attacking a player and his family for something as trivial, in the big scheme of things, as a professional futbal fixture BUT these are grown men(most if them @ least) who have voluntarily chosen this vocation in life. With the the plaudits of sensational goals, FA Cup medals, and million dollar salaries comes the expected, yet often petty inquisitions on form and performance when Derbys are lost.

    If you look through clear, unbiased glasses, Ramsey, Per, Schez, Ozil(when healthy) and Jack(when healthy) have simply not been good enough and there starting places deserve speculation.

  9. Every now and then AFC havs these games..Swansea 2 years ago,Soton earlier in the season,Shalke 2 years ago and Spurs on saturday.All these games i mentioned have one thing similar about them.The fact that AFC just didnt compete.The never got out of first gear ..not even for a 2 minute period.Every player..EVERYONE just sucked

  10. I concede that Arsenal will more than likeky usurp Spuds for that all important 4th place trophy, primarily because of the remaining fixture list for each squad. The most unsettling realization I took away from Saturdays Derby was the incredible qulaity of youth that Pochetino trotted out on the pitch and there ability to dominate a much more experienced Arsenal squad.


    In comparison


    1. Thought Per was 53 and wenger was letting him play on whilst he looks for a suitable replacement.

  11. Lol. I honestly can’t wait to see the drastic decline in Kane’s form. I do admit, we were well beaten comprehensively by the Spuds ”Kane Fc” but if we had to play them again tomorrow, they’ll shรฎt in their pants for what dent they think they made in our quest to win the 3rd or 4th trophy. Never will they end above Arsenal come end of this season. They have tried but all was in vain. Why should it change anytime soon? Good luck with the remainig fixtures Arsenal Fc. Please make us fans proud. I seriously can’t wait for Arsenal to be a force to be reckoned with again

  12. I’m glad that everyone is so confident on here that we will finish above spors and make 4th place a.k.a the ‘UCL we are here to make up the numbers’ cup, but I just don’t share this optimism.

    Yes , Spors have a tougher run but the way they and we have been playing makes me believe this is no forgone conclusion as many on here seem to think it is.

    Maybe Arsene’s pact with the devil (his negotian skills aren’t his best asset as we all know) have guaranteed us this spot while he remains at the helm?

  13. We will play in europa cup nxt season ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ we will be watching matches on thursdays!!!! who does that??? only loosers ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
    #wenger out
    #make pythagoras coach

  14. i am so sad ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
    #sing pythagoras a sweet lullaby
    #make pythagoras happy

  15. I said the day before the spud game that we needed to play Welbeck upfront not Giroud, and my reason was that there will be no “hold up play” and that is what has happened, Giroud was a passenger and in those so called big game he will always be a passenger no matter whether you thumb me down or not. He was passenger on the game against Stoke citi, Wellbeck came on from the bench and almost rescued a point after 3-0 down to 3-2, Mr. Giroud was again a passenger when we played man citi thanks to his goal from a set pc.

    For me I underline and you “chicken head like fans” you will one day realize that wellbeck even though he is not scoring at the rate we need, his present always open up the opposite team and creates an opportunity to the midfielders to score, so i don’t care how many goals he is scoring is his present and contribution to the team.

    Thumb me down “Mediocre fans”

      1. No he got his header correctly, but he was swimming throughout the game.

        Haaaaa haaaa! I am just looking for an article similar to the one asked “who is better striker between Giroud and Kane?” Haaaa haaaa! hope you will be some nice answers

  16. i cant sleep ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™ ๐Ÿ™
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    #rock pythagoras tenderly to sleep

  17. That lap of honour from Harry Kane though….if I was new to this i would hav thought they won the world cup!

  18. if wenger continues to play the best number ten in the world then we will be watching thursday night football . lets see how the loyal wenger board will react then .best number ten in the world my ass , he is not even the best number ten at arsenal . ozil out.

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