Wenger – The next Arsenal boss will be in a strong position

Arsene Wenger has been ridiculed many many times over his fixation of getting Arsenal into the Top Four every year but failing to win any other trophy for eight long years until last season’s FA Cup victory, but in a deep interview with the BBC he is proud of his achievements.

Wenger won three titles and four FA Cups up until the Gunners upped sticks to move to the Emirates, but Le Prof kept Arsenal in the Champions League every single season. Wenger said: “I went with the club for the challenge of building a new stadium without dropping out of the Champions League and we made it every year,”.

“I feel that I have done my job in a very committed and faithful way. In 20 years it will be acknowledged that was a very sensitive period for the club. Today the club is in a strong position.”

Le Prof still has two years left on his contract, but he very happy for the way he has prepared the club for whoever takes over when he leaves or retires. He was asked what his future holds and he replied: “We don’t know, that’s why life is interesting. I will continue as always to give my best to the job I do and for this club.

“(I want to leave the club) in a strong healthy position which means a club with good players, with good youth behind and strong financial position to go further up and develop even more and I will do that, you can believe me.

“The guy who comes in after me will be in a very strong position to deliver something exceptional.”

So now he has done his job (very well I might add) then perhaps we can’t get get out of that thrifty mindset, and maybe he should hand on the reins to someone who is NOT scared to buy the right players to take the club to the next “exceptional” level?

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    1. Bellerin, Coquelin have been fantastic this season.

      We have Bielik, Hayden, Crowley, Akpom who may do really well in future

      1. have to agree, an not just the players.
        a fantastic stadium, huge global profile

        arsene has built the foundation of our future dominance

  1. Watching this somewhat timid London derby between Spuds and the Fighting former Rednaps, im left with 3 transparent observation.

    1) Is there anybody worth cherry picking on QPR’s roster when they get relegated @ seasons end? (Austin, Caulker)

    2) Lloris is the best keeper in the EPL, WC player

    3) Vertonghen is such a twat

    1. LoL I wouldn’t mind having Vertonghen though
      Also, Lloris and Ericsson

      I hope Spurs don’t get Lacazette. I rate him highly

      As for QPR, I’m not sure about the team. Haven’t been following

      I know Sanchez wanted us to get Vargas because they play together as forwards for Chilie. He may be worth getting to butter up Alexis

      Only guys I recognize is Caulker (defender) and Richard Dunne (defender). Are they any good?

      Rio Ferdinand, Bobby Zamora and Shaun Wright Phillips are far too old now. LOL

        1. Yeah dune isn’t old at all. It’s a pure classic. Have you read the book? Book is great, a bit of a read though. Have you watched 2001space odyssey? Class film as well.

          If you haven’t seen 2001, go watch it. I’m sure someone like you who appreciates a classic like dune will love 2001.

    2. There are four players who we Could add dipending on what the team needs in the summer.

      1.Fer; 25,tall,strong,versatile(cm,Lm,am),gets a mom every 6games.
      What has he impressed with this season?
      Whoscored performance rating 7.31(qpr best performing player )
      Dribbling,concentration,through ball,intercepting,def contributions,cutting in,likes to tackle.stand out performance vs Swansea and Sunderland.
      With these attributes could he be a good addition as a dm/cm?

      2.caulker;23,tall,strong,arial dominance,(sol campbell 2.0)
      This season?rating of 7.20
      Excels in: Clearances,blocking,doesn’t dive in tackle,long balls
      Great games against Spurs n arsenal in last couple weeks

      Would make the perfect contender for 3rd/4th choice allowing chambers to go on loan.

      3.Austin;25,tall,strong,15goals +2ass in 25 games 7.09 rating 2mom
      This season performance
      Flick ons,headers,finishing,work rate, defensive contributionslong shots
      Been excellent vs Spurs vs arsenal in last 2weeks.
      (Giroud 2.0) would make a great back up potential giroud challenger

      4.isla 26 rb,rwb,rm,cm(versatile) 6.95,2ass
      Great at crossing,tacking and key passes has no weaknesses based on this season.
      He would make a perfect adddition cj could be sold, Chambers needs a loan and walcott doesn’t offer any defensive cover when playing rm/rfwd.

  2. And how is that not a blatant hand ball?

    EPL refs are the worst officials in all of sport, its really embarrassing.

  3. Come on QPR. Goal!!!

    1-2 Spuds with 10 mins +/- to go

    Come on at least one more QPR

  4. I don’t known what has motivated the boss to answer the journalist question the way he has done. I say this because a rejunvinated successful boss at Arsenal will have another 3 year contract extention when his current deal expired in just over 2 years time. I think the boss with the new financial power that will be at his disposal can successfully compete at the transfer market to continue to buy top quality players for Arsenal to win more laurels for us. Sir Alex served 27 years at Manchester United. What is driving the boss to be talking of a successor after he would have served 21 years? Have we the Gooners said we don’t want him anymore. Or is it because some traditional known critical Gooners have protested against his tenure that has made him to answer the journalist the way he has answered the question. Criticism and protest will always come when results are bad and praises will soon follow when results are good again. I think the boss knows that.

  5. Crowley, Gnarby, Bielik, Bellerin, Chambers, Zelalem, Akpom – not a bad bunch!

    Schneiderlin and Khadira (available on a free and should be got alt all cost for that and other reasons) and One of the strikers we have been linked to would make the future even brighter.

    Arsene spoke sense and selflessly and for this fair assessment he shouldn’t get the abuse he gets from a section of fans. Not enough people understand the work laid out by the Club.

    For sure, Wenger will leave the club in a far better state than when he got it.

    But no time for sentiments, where we are is 8years in the making, so let’s go win things…

  6. Just a quick question guys. Do you guys see Wenger winning the EPL before his current contract expires, especially with intense competition from the likes of Mourinho??? I’m by no means dissing Wenger bcos I have much respect for him and agree he has left the next manager in a fantastic position. I merely want to know the honest, unbiased opinions of the gooners here. U can thumbs up this comment if u think wenger can do it and thumbs if otherwise

  7. Thank you wenger for the much you have done……….perhaps, its cuz we’ve been patient with u…. But whoever says ur successor is gonna have well over 18yrs to repeat your feats is definitely not Listening to reason

  8. I think Wenger was responding to journalists’ questions and he gave a synopsis of what he considered to be his legacy at Arsenal when he eventually leaves. I don’t see anything unusual in this because he will leave at some point in time anyway. Going back to the gist of what Wenger said, I can only add that not many rational minds would disagree with him. Indeed Wenger has put Arsenal on a higher level than he found it. The following examples will suffice: Making Arsenal a world wide football club and household name in nearly all countries; introducing a brand of football that is loved worldwide; keeping Arsenal in the Champions League for 18 consecutive seasons; building Arsenal a state of the art stadium that will ensure financial stability for the club; promoting a business model that ensures self sustenance and depending on internally generated revenue rather than depending on a foreign billionaire godfather. Of course one can add the trophies he has won for the club and the lucrative business ventures the club has scooped under his management.
    Wenger is a manager in the literal sense because he is a versatile man. He is not just a football coach but an all round manager whose target is to give the club a future of prosperity and competitiveness for many years to come. Hence I strongly believe that posterity will judge Wenger very favourably.

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