Wenger – The title is still possible for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger was obviously disappointed that his Arsenal team got beaten by a young Man United team yesterday, and he knows that it is important points lost, but we also know that this is a weird topsy-turvy season and there could still be many more twists and turns for every team in the race.

Le Prof said after the game: “I felt that we had a lot of the ball and a lot of possession. We favoured their game plan because we conceded two quick goals and at 2-0 down it is difficult. You have to take a gamble. I think the biggest regret was we had so much of the ball but we conceded three goals. It is difficult to win away from home after that.”

It certainly is hard to win after conceding three goals, that’s very astute of him! But many people thought that Wenger would go for the safe game like he did against Barcelona, but he went for an attacking formation. He was asked if he regretted that decision. “No” he replied. “Because I’m convinced Welbeck, Walcott and Alexis can defend well when it is needed. When you analyse the goals, we lost the ball in our own half for the first one but after that they were just crosses today.”

So what effect does Wenger think this game will have for the title race? “Nobody knows. We dropped three important points today. We have to have a better level of fight than that and have to bounce back on Wednesday night and not feel sorry for ourselves. That is what it means. After, mathematically what is means, we will know at the end of the season.”

So, in the end, are the Gunners still in the title race? “It is still possible. We will have to answer quick and strong.”

We keep saying those phrases, ‘answer quick’, ‘bounce back’ strong response’, but we are running out of time. Yesterday was a must-win game, but we lost. Every single game from now on is a must-win game. Can we ‘bounce back’ and win them all?

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  1. he makes me laugh with his “we had so much of the ball” statements. If you can’t win without the ball we might as well cancel the Barca game. How do Leicester do it? I doubt they dominate teams with possession.

    This team and manager don’t have the character to be self critical and fight 100% for each game.
    We will be lucky to finish 3rd.

    1. Possession is indeed a useless stat,we beat Bayern 2-0 with only 30% of the ball,Man United have the best possession stats this season yet they’re only 5th on the table,goals win games not possession!

  2. LOL.l… More bs from the master of this art …. We’ve been bouncing back for 12 years …. Pellegrini is free in the summer…a no brainer in my view

    1. Any other top manager would be able to motivate the squad enough to win the games like WBA away, Norwich away, Southampton away, West Ham home, Liverpool home, spuds home, depleted manure away. Which is seventeen points. Seventeen points that would see us on the top of the league big time.
      That’s more than enough for Wenger to resign as I don’t see him getting the sack ever.

  3. Even with those shoddy performances, Theo Walcott would have received his $140k pay cheque this morning. Ditto for Wenger.
    We will beat Swansea and again lose or draw with Spurs. Nothing’s going to change till Arsene leaves.

  4. Hahahahahaha

    Lois van girL teaching wenger how to complain to the 4th official (He jesticulates, falls on the ground, mimicks an arsenal player and gets an all round stadium applaudse)….PRICELESS

    NB: wenger complaining to an enemy (Mike Dean) whom he tagged “weak and Naive” some months back L()L

    Wenger gotta be the Joke of modern day football……countless beatings , Never shy!

  5. The Wenger title is more than possible. But only if they fight for it. If they manage not to get trashed by the spuds, I’m sure the squad will be able to defend the Wenger title. Come on you bottlers!

  6. What more is there to say about wenger when he actually speaks about possession positively. Is he now so enclosed in his ego bubble he needs reminding that the object of the game is to score goals and not concede?!
    If he had a drop of self respect he would have resigned after losing 8-2 to united. Our worst defeats in the league cup, Europe, fa cup and the league are all under Wenger (google wengers most embarrassing defeats and you will be shocked he still has a job). AKB’s continue to state that he is our most successful manager which has simply happened by the law of average with the amount of time he has been here. As long we sit on our backsides and do nothing this heartache will never end and the trinity of evil Kroenke, Gazidis, Wenger will continue to make money while delivering zero trophies.

    1. I know we should only care how he plays for AFC but have you seen how brilliantly Ramsey plays for Wales?
      Even Ozil and Sanchez are playing badly so what i am saying is, has it occured to anyone that it might possibly be the clueless manager?
      I know its blasphemy but just saying.

      1. Even berndtner plays like Messi wen playing for the national team. Ramsey mr.flicks shouldn’t even b at Arsenal if the team is serious about titles, plus his English friends

  7. i dn’t care bout 4th………..and i also don’t care bout a champions League spot!

    A team like chelski struggling for a Europa league spot is no different from a team pushed down into 5th place

  8. We need a few more goals.
    We have 11 games left so
    If Giroud Wellbeck Walcott
    Sanchez and Ramsey have
    two good games each that’s all we need.
    So we just have to stay up beat and positive.

      1. wow you got the cheek to come back with your putdowns of other comments, what are you saying now or are you stans troll?

  9. As long as Wenger, Gazidis & Kroenke are in charge of proceedings we’ll never win the league (Premier or Champions). These people treat the club as a business no more no less. Success to them is based on profit margins not trophies. As long as they make champions league football every year then they have achieved their yearly business targets. An FA Cup here or there is just a way to keep fans who are easily mugged off quiet and under the illusion that we’re making our way back to the days when we ruled the land. But the reality is that the mentality and goals of the people in charge hasn’t changed, therefore the club itself is doomed to mediocrity.

    1. @jackieboy
      Wake up dude and stop regurgitating nonsense for the sake of likes. “EVERY” team is a business…

  10. Leicesters schedule worries me.
    They have 6 home games
    WBA Newcastle Southampton
    Westham Swansea Everton.
    And they could win all of these.
    They have 5 away games.
    Watford + Sunderland they should win.
    That would give them 79 points.
    If Arsenal win all 11 games left our max total is 84.
    If Arsenal loses just one more game under this scenario
    Leicester would need only 2/9 from Palace Utd and Chelsea.
    9 wins and 2 draws is what Arsenal might need to win the EPL.
    Leicester also has no other games so has
    good breaks before all games.
    But that’s just my theory 🙂
    Maybe Leicester will collapse utterly.
    What’s for sure we need to do a lot of winning now.

  11. Evidently, I see the clown of a manager is still able to strut his stuff at AFC. Kudos to the destructive AKB brigade. Alas, their embarrassment has just began.

    1. And you are embarrassing yourself by claiming you know what the problem is. But where is your wonderful solution. Insulting other fans does not fix things…

  12. WENGER OUT!.until he and the management of arsenal are gone,the club will continue in a downward spiral.

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