Wenger – The transfer window CAN help to win the League title

Arsene Wenger has been talking about how Arsenal and the other Big Teams can challenge Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea for the Premier League title next season, and admits that some astute purchases in the summer transfer window can have a big effect on who wins next years trophy.

Wenger thinks that the Gunners have a very strong, confident squad right now, but he thinks our rivals will still be investing in the transfer market and could also be stronger next season.

“We have that feeling (that we can challenge next season] in the squad but it’s still a question because we are behind Chelsea and behind with a pack of Man City and Man United,” Wenger said on Arsenal.com. “We go into the uncertainty of how strong will they be next season. Nobody knows that.”

Le Prof also admitted that Chelsea’s simple addition of two star players last year were enough to give Mourinho the edge in this campaign, but he believes that the Blues already possessed a great defence before they spent their money.

“Chelsea made a big leap this year because they’ve lost just two games.” Wenger continued. “So you must say that is a massive leap to what they did last season. But they had good cohesion at the back and went into the season having brought in Diego Costa. He and Cesc Fabregas gave them a big boost.

“But I think you feel the strength of the Chelsea team when you play against them. And I think we’ll fight against them and it’ll be tight against them next season for everybody because Liverpool will respond as well.”

“You can always look at possible areas where you can strengthen but sometimes in your own team the cohesion is important as well, and that is linked to the type of players that play together.

“Sometimes it’s less risky [to bring players in] but where the heart of the team is, the fact they play together for a long time is very important as well.

“We just spoke about Chelsea. They have a stable defence that has played together for two or three years now. And they conceded fewer goals than the other teams.”

Wenger is basically saying that there will be five teams challenging for the Top Four next year, and the destination of next year’s trophy could depend on who spends their money wisely in the summer. Does that mean he is acutely aware that the Gunners need to splash the cash as well, or get left behind?

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    1. If someone is not content with what they have, He/She will not be content with what they will have..
      – Socrates
      Just a food for thought.

  1. Nice to hear such statement from Wenger.He too wants to make some astute purchases and put in a serious challenge for EPL.Finally some real statement of ambition…………..

  2. Guys Let’s keep the negative comments away at least till the season ends.Arsenal players and manager needs our support so let’s cheer them and hope for them.Negativity would make them lose their morale and do no good for current or upcoming season.

    1. Negativity ?
      I want AFC to win the epl after 10 yrs, I want to show that I’m not satisfied with 4th anymore… that’s not Negativity
      I want AFC to be stronger team in reality

  3. Arsenal Wenger has to slip at some points every season … start well and then step down the race, or start sh$t and then catch up the 4th spot … They always manage to frustrate you …
    Wenger always speak about the consistency which his team lacks the most … consistency of 10 games doesn’t win you titles …
    Adding top class players, good tactics, wining team mentality, and fighting spirit, that I think win you titles … stinginess, ego, favoritism, stubbornness, and rigid tactics that’s what we are in now …
    Injuries will be there every season, deal with it … bad referees will be there every season, deal with it … top teams do strengthen every year, deal with … make your own luck … so no excuses, please!

    1. Id be ok with that. People should remember though that squad players going out will most likely be replaced with either players being promoted or signings that may not reach ten mil mark.

      Id be most happiest for Wenger to cut losses on Sanogo.. freeing up striker position is essential. Same goes for Poldi even though he has a good shot and is a German international i think his game is suited elsewhere.

      Tomas.. we will all miss his blood and thunder, rarely hides always wanting the ball and looking forward.

  4. Despite being at the top for almost 19 years,
    the 65-year-old Wenger will not be joining
    Ferguson in retirement just yet.
    He said: “Sometimes I think, ‘What is he (Sir Alex
    Ferguson) doing all day.’ But he looks very happy
    in his retirement.
    “He is lucky because he is interested in horses as
    well. When he gets up in the morning, he can go
    to horses, practise or training.”
    And Wenger, who grew up in the Alsace region of
    France near Strasbourg, added: “I love horses as
    well but I don’t go to races. I like horses in
    general because I am a farmer.
    “I rode them when I was a kid but now? No, my
    back could not take any riding.”
    Lol Love this man.

    1. Also he said his back wouldnt take to it.. riding horses. I always imagined Wenger was even fitter than i am.. so i guess he did let slip age is effecting him.

  5. “I must be a bit bonkers to want to be a manager
    but I certainly want to keep the connection with
    the club and leave everything open for the future,”
    he told the press.
    “I wouldn’t mind being either Fergie or Wenger
    because both have been very successful
    managers. I think I’ll be somewhere in the middle.
    “What I have tried to do with managers I have
    worked with down the years is to write notes on
    them all. I’ve kept an eye on the sessions the
    players have liked and always tried to remember
    the one-liners or bits of advice, whether good or
    Gerrard’s acknowledgement of great manager’s ability saying he hopes to be like them.
    Anybody saying sh#t about Wenger’s ability should go to hell. #GreatManager

  6. Hmm. Ramsey or Cazorla as CM today? I want a proper winger on the right today, so I don’t think we can play both, unless of course Ozil is taken out instead.

    Ramsey has been playing well but out of position, I think he’d do very well in the middle, not to mention he gives us a lot more energy in the midfield which we’ll probably need – it’s a big game on a big pitch.

    Cazorla is obviously the more talented footballer with his passing, dribbling etc. and is really good at launching counterattacks which we’ll probably try and do quite a lot today, but to me he seems to have lost a bit of form recently, which is why I would consider bringing Ramsey in instead.

    But however much I want a proper winger on the right, we don’t really have much choice. Walcott is fit, but he hasn’t looked quite up to it recently, and it’s quite a big game to just throw him into, so I guess it’ll be another Ramsey, Özil and Cazorla game. I don’t think we’ll get away with it against a big team though. Yes we did it against Chelsea, but they sat back and barely attacked us. We did it against Liverpool, but they’re a shambles right now. United at Old Trafford is a different story.

  7. Arsenal should reduce
    the squad to 22 players
    by dumping the
    worst 8 players.
    Bring in 2 new players
    DM +striker = 24 Player squad.
    Loan all the young players out.

  8. Wenger spend dont ruin your legacy,prove you are not a specialist in failure,why sit on money and create your own problems.Listen to your legend henry buy 4 top players and clear all the,deadwoods then we may never buy for yrs.Amen

  9. crystal palace sure knows how to ruin a top team party!……… The boys are full of spirit…. I wish they could make it to Europe (Europa at least)

  10. Van gal says arsenal are a better team than chelsea,moureen has never won manager of the month dispite leading from Day 1.It seems everyone is against him.Wenger main plan is to beat mou next season he is the reason teams are spending in england.chelsea have $1billion debt cant compete in transfermarket now

    1. Hate to burst the bubble but shoddy deals mean they “technically” have no debt. The money is owed to the owner, if that makes sense. He can ask for it back at any time but its the company that owns Chelsea that owes money but again it’s to the owner.

      It’s pretty much like saying he owes himself money

  11. I think we need a new goalkeeper but I don’t know how to fit them in, with both Szczesny and Ospina here. Selling Szczesny after a bad run of form seems a bit extreme. Szczesny was very good at the start of the season, despite having Flamini, Monreal and Mertesacker as his main protection, he definately won us a few points. Ospina, I wouldn’t say he’s made many ‘errors’, but there’s definately times where I’d have hoped he’d do better, like on a couple that Monaco scored, and of course the goal Swansea just scored too. But he hasn’t done poorly, and moving him on after just one season, again, seems extreme.

    I think we should look to loan Szczesny out next season and bring in a top keeper. Szczesny is still young. If he wants to be our No. 1 someday he’s going to hve to improve, and loaning him would give him the playing time to do that, plus it would hopefully sort his attitude out by being away from the club and realising what it means to be at a club like Arsenal once he’s experiencing what it’s like to play in a smaller team. Plus it would mean we wouldn’t be giving up on him. I know he doesn’t have many fans on here but I still think he can be a very good keeper. If he performs he can come back, but if not we can move him on.

    1. fully agree a 2 year loan deal would do him wanders

      Eg coutois
      And potentially jenkinson

  12. Obviously the transfer window and who comes in and who goes out will go a long way to not only close the gap between us & the other teams but make us title contenders. Of the players on loan not a lot will get into this team at the moment: Podolski & Campbell might never get Wenger’s trust even thought they have good qualities.
    Sanogo has not done enough at Palace to get playing time ahead of what we currently have; should be loaned out again.
    Jenkinson is the only unknown unless Debuchy starts; he could get back into the squad but with what status and how will it affect Bellerin growth (that you don’t want to disrupt as it is going so well)? Diaby & Flamini future may well not be at the emirates even Rosicky status is a doubt for next season.Will Walcott, Arteta & Szczesny be happy with a non starter status remains to be seen as well? That’s 6-8 players part of the squad.
    Now for the ins: A DM is a given and depending on the preferences (Schneiderlin, Carvalho, Kondogbia, Gundogan). A keeper as well the choice is there (Cech winner & experienced, Lloris even thought he’s a Spurs would be a great addition, Leno young & talented). Maybe an attacking player depending on Walcott situation (Sterling would be a good swap deal no matter what people may think and his attitude which as more been dictated by his envy to leave for another club where he can play UCL) for the best interest of all parties (playing time, trust, contract-$$$). Fancy Gnabry, Gedeon & Bielick getting playing time next season and so all that would even things out.

  13. With schneiderlin’s transfer all but secured we need 3 new players this summer (GK/CB/ST). We can do this by releasing podolski/rosicky/diaby/flamini by loaning jenko/sanogo/campbell again.

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