Wenger thinks Arsenal should have scored more at West Ham!

It was great to see Arsenal scoring freely again in our scintillating 5-1 at West Ham United, but good old Arsene Wenger regrets that we didn’t score more of our chances in the first half! Wenger said when he was asked if he thought the second half was impressive. “You can say that, but we had a strong team performance for 90 minutes with very few weaker periods.” Le Prof said.

“There is only one regret: that we didn’t take our chances in the first half. We were a bit short with 1-0 up at half-time and we know how it plays on the mind. Then you think you could pay for that, but we maintained the pressure on West Ham and overall we finished in a very strong way. We were always dangerous, when we lost the ball in their final third we won it quickly back. When we were on the breaks, we looked always pacy to make the difference. Maybe as well we were patient enough when we had the domination to keep the ball well and it was a strong team performance today.”

Last year Arsenal surrendered a 2-0 lead to practically throw away our last chance of keeping up with Leicester at the top of the table, and Wenger was asked what he thought was the difference this time arounf. “I felt overall, on our side, we had a stronger defensive performance today and to be completely objective I must say as well that West Ham have less confidence at the moment that they had last year at the same period.

“They have, at the moment, two handicaps. They are playing in a new ground. We have gone through that, it’s not completely comfortable, especially if it’s added with a lack of confidence. Today as well, I think they missed some important players in their squad.”

We certainly have a much better defence than last year with Mustafi alongside Koscielny and it is obvious that the Hammers are having trouble adjusting to their new ground, but we can only beat what is put in front of us and we dealt with them decisively.

So we move up to second place within one game of Chelsea at the top, and no matter what the pundits say,on that performance we are definitely in with a shout at the title!

Onwards and Upwards!!!



  1. Ugabooga says:

    Meh Pundits always play down our credentials, but have we ever done anything to prove them wrong?


    Always falling away or finishing 2nd in CL group.
    Being knocked out round 16.

    Saw article about City losing 2 key players, did we not say same about spud n pool n look what happened.

    Just keep your ego in check my fellow Gooderstone.

    1. Ugabooga says:

      Darn auto correct, fellow gooners

  2. Juhi McLovin says:


    1. Juhi McLovin says:


      1. arsenal_canada says:

        WHAT A GAME!

  3. Twig says:

    Bournemouth with a shocker!

    1. Adienl says:

      How was Wilshire?

      1. Juhi McLovin says:

        No goals or assists but he played a role in the attacks that lead to the second goal and also the equalizer. He seems to play the deep playmaker role despite being a CAM on the team sheet.

        1. Adienl says:

          That’s exactly what we need him for. He has always played well as CM rather than as a CAM.

        2. RSH says:

          im just glad he’s getting 90 minutes and isn’t injured yet. It’s a start. I’ve seen about a couple Bournemouth games and he’s been pretty good. Going out on loan was a great idea. He would’ve had an uneventful season with us, probably injured by now somehow.

  4. Wilshegz says:

    he is right, we should have scored more in the 1st half had Ox n Ozil been more accurate with their final passes.

  5. RSH says:

    we found our ruthlessness late on. Against better teams it’s better to kill games off early. Still happy about the 3 points, but there was 70 minutes of worrying play. Glad Wenger sees that and let’s hope he finds a way to correct it.

  6. legend Henry says:

    No Wenger!!
    we are preserving the goals for the match against Basel
    I hate the thought of being second in the champions league group.
    let’s outscore them to avoid possibly facing Barca in the round of sixteen.

    1. Quophi says:

      It’s not about goals in UCL it’s H2H… A sit stands Arsenal leads PSG in GD but we’re still 2nd… We better hope they lose or draw

      1. Wilshegz says:

        and Bayern are also gonna finish 2nd so even if we finish 1st there is a possibility of facing Bayern or Madrid who are presently 2nd too.. so it makes no real difference where we finish on the UCL table this term

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