Wenger thinks Arsenal’s draw with Chelsea was great but thinks the penalty was ‘farcical’

Arsenal came out fighting in the second half of the Chelsea game today and when Jack Wilshere put us ahead it looked like the Blues were on the ropes and the Gunners were pushing hard for the second goal to put the game to bed. But Chelsea were given a penalty which Eden Hazard obviously scored and our local rivals were suddenly back in the game.

Wenger obviously thinks that the penalty was not so obvious as the referee thought and he called it a farcical decision, but it was only to be expected when Arsenal play nowadays. “I think it was a great football game,” Wenger said. “where we saw fantastic action on both sides and a game where we have shown great mental resources. I knew before the game that the last 20 minutes could be difficult for us, because we have a big disadvantage with the schedule. We got, again, a farcical decision but we knew that as well before, so we have to deal with that. That’s it basically.”

But he was also unhappy that the media didn’t want to talk about the football. “Look, what I find terrible is that we have just seen is a great football game and we talk only about things that are nothing to do with football. At some stage, you stand up in the morning and you say ‘we have seen a great football game’ but you are not interested in that. For me, that would be nice, that at some stage we speak about football again. What are we talking about? It’s nothing to do with football.”

“What I am finding is just what I want to tell you. I would love to talk about football, because that is what I love. We have seen a great football game tonight, but what are we talking about? Not about football.”

So Wenger expected another penalty to be given against us, and he also thinks that Arsenal would not be down in 6th position in the table if our club hadn’t been mistreated by the refereeing decisions, and that is why we are so far from the top. “That is very frustrating, I agree with you. We have to look at ourselves as well, but still, I think it was a great football game and when you look recently our performances have been top quality. The regret we have is that we have not the results that we could have had. Certainly that is part of our problem, but as well on the other side, you have to say that we have not been gifted this luck.”

So it looks like we will be talking about referees for yet another week….



  1. John Wick says:

    Although I agree that the refereeing is atrocious and yes we do get some awful decisions go against us but more often than not we bring it on ourselves, are defending is beyond pathetic I don’t necessarily think they’re bad players I just think the guys are not trained to defend.. Wenger is too old and his tactics are outdated everyone can see it but nothing will be done to fix it.. Wenger will go when he decides and that’s that! It doesn’t matter if we had Maldini and Baresi our defence would still be crap even Lacazette can’t hit a barn door these days.. Wenger is our main problem so I don’t even care if he has a busy January we’ll still be fragile. Top 4 is slipping away won’t make a difference to Wenger he’ll still be here next season and most likely the one after that.. we have to get used to fighting for 5th and 6th place we’re no longer a top 4 club.

    1. SuperClaes says:

      Absolutely right!

      Penalty was probably technically right and Bellerin keeps giving away soft penalties as he can’t get his timing right nor keep his calm in the penalty area…

      But what is Wenger doing to earn 8 million a year? Chambers was chocking and after yesterday any decent coach would ship him out asap. He could have switched Chamber and Holding or even withdrawn Chambers as his mistakes really ought to have finished the game in first half if Morata had any shooting boots on…

      The defending in the last 2 games have been atrocious and if Sanchez and Ozil leaves I seriously worry where we are going to end up……

  2. Jerick says:

    It was a great game from a neutral point of view but obviously as a fan I would love if we got all 3 points. Wilshere is only lacking a bit of creativity to be compared to Cazorla. He’s dribbling well, moving in tight spaces and difficult to be overthrown off the ball so that’s a plus from the game.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      For a neutral is right, it’s not good shape to be in when you’re pleasing neutrals. Could’ve enjoyed today’s outcome more so if Dean hadn’t crashed the party.

      Comparing Jack to Cazorla is like comparing Zaha to Alexis. He’s had a few good games, well two out of the last three. He’s looked good, the goal and the assist is what he needs but people are getting ahead of themselves. I’ve seen not very popular players scoring and assisting with them getting not nearly the love Jack receives. He needs consistency in the final third, he needs to stay fit, and he needs form going for him for more than a short spell in a contract year.

    2. mikey says:

      Our refs are the worse in Europe if not the world, they give penalties when its “not so obvious” and nothing when “its obvious”

    3. SuperClaes says:

      Thought Wilshere did ok but have to mention that he lost or almost lost the ball turning with the ball few times and thats not on… WC CM doesn’t do this and most times leads to dangerous counters!

      Still believes Wilshere may be better option in CM if he gets to play alongside a natural ballplaying DM!!!

  3. Sandeep says:

    Instead of blaming ref Wenger should tighten up his defense cause ref can have bad decision but we have to win despite that.

    1. Shortboygooner says:

      @sandeep. This penalty was a clear ref mistake. As was the one in the west brom game. Fair enough against west brom we should have played better maybe if we attacked how we did against chelsea the pen wouldnt have mattered. But when you have 2 big teams going at it. The ref must be up to scratch and that was a poor decision. Regardless of your feelings on the defence or wenger

  4. Gunner22 says:

    Arsene haters wished for a loss, we got a draw after leading for the second time, thats 4 points dropped, can we all stand by our manager and team till the Seasons end, wish them well, support them on the pitch and boost their moral rather than being negative and boring, good days are ahead for us as we just have recruited the top 2 guys for talent spotting and contract management and we are still in 3 cups, COYG

  5. Sandeep says:

    @jerick i agree with u jack playing well.

  6. Sandeep says:

    If 1-2 season ago if Wenger.
    Berlin kos mustafi monreal
    Cazorla Ramsey
    Rosicky. Ozil. Sanchez
    We could have chance to win league. But Wenger delayed striker signing and now our aging defender needs to be upgraded and we also lost mid warrior like Cazorla and Rosicky,ozil and Sanchez in doubt. We surely need to rebuild our team.Xaha can’t replace Cazorla in mid for sure.Even a partnership of whilshere and Ramsey look decent.

    1. John Ibrahim says:

      Wenger always wanted Laca but he doesnt control the finances…

      Get a real job and you will know

      No one can magically produces 300m every season to spend easily unless you have the petrol dollar

      1. sfgunner says:

        just read arsenal is 2nd most rich club in the world, they have 300m in cash to spend, most in the world…

        1. Tdg1944 says:

          Seventh richest club in most reliable sources. That is still very rich.

          1. Abel says:

            Riches by assets and investment not necessarily raw cash. Clubs like Chelsea, City and PSG have raw cash from owners pockets not investments.

          2. Break-on-through says:

            It added the owners money even though ours don’t use it, both our owners resources as well as board members, it threw the kitchen sink into it. If they done it properly, we probably wouldn’t even be seventh, say it added owners who do back the market with own money, whilst ours doesn’t, where would that place AFC on the factual scale. Liv would go ahead of Arsenal, are maybe others out there too.

  7. Sandeep says:

    @john Ibrahim I know it’s difficult job but they get the pay only to do the required job and i am not talking about spending 300m. If you need quality you have to pay.In past transfer window when Wenger only bought chech he could have bought a decent striker.he do same every window and leave it late to buy player.Look at Suarez saga.

    1. Abel says:

      Please can we stop blaming Wenger for ‘Suarez saga’
      Liverpool were never going to sell us Suarez, no matter how much we bid. Wenger knew that, hence the cheeky bid of 40+1 to show that even if you bid over his buy out clause they still wouldn’t sell. Which they did.
      Didn’t Barca bid 100m for courinho? Did they sell?
      Don’t just go spouting the popular line from the press that it’s because they felt insulted by the +1 bid that they didn’t sell.

  8. Tat says:

    Win or lose
    Penalty or no penalty
    Arsenal’s defense is a joke, period.

    I just wanna thank Morata

    1. Abel says:

      I agree, we somehow manage to recruit wrongly in defence. However, we can all see that despite th hype an price tag, Lacazette trumps both Morata and Lukaku in technical ability and finishing (laca did miss a few yesterday but at least he worked the keeper) Morata who most of you were clamouring for missed countless sitters including a 1 vs 1 where he managed to miss both Cech and the post completely.

      1. Ronan McNamara says:

        Morata’s misses last night just beggars belief. P45 from Chelski if he keeps that up.

  9. Sue says:

    To me it looked like like Bellerin kicked Hazard’s foot, but he went down like he’d been shot of course holding his shin!!

  10. Pablo says:

    If not for past injuries yall wouldnt be comparing Jack with Cazorla or any other player in the arsenal team…. He would have easily been the best midfielder in Europe now

  11. Sandeep says:

    @Shortboygooner this season we have conceded 28 goals.So defense is in question and Wenger is manager so he also in question.Ref can make mistake and it’s not that only our club suffers from bad decision.

  12. Boluwatife says:

    For once can we just enjoy football? The attack was fantastic. Enjoy the way and confidence Niles played. Yeah the defence was shit but sometimes, we need to blame the players. Mustafi is supposed to be a world class defender yet he couldn’t organize the youngsters beside him. He was consistently out of position. Yes Wenger has his faults and to be fair we all thought we had a great defence, given the number of personnel we had there at the start of the season but look at them now. Martesacker, Koscieny, Kolasinac are all terrible

    1. Break-on-through says:

      What has Wenger done to Kolasinac.

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