Wenger thinks Europa League could distract Arsenal’s title chase

When Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United were in the Europa Cup semi finals last season, the Portugese boss gave up on the title race and rested players in important Premier League games so they could be fresh for the infamous Thursday night competition. It worked out for United though because although they dropped to 6th place in the League they gained entry to the Champions League.

Arsene Wenger is not impressed and has said that he was opposed to the idea of automatic entry to the main competition for the winners of the EUropa League. He said: “You cannot go into the season and think that [is going to be your route into the Champions League],” he said.

“I was always not in favour of that, because I think at some stage it can influence the championship, because if a team is in April in a position where they have more chance to win the Europa League they can let some games go in the championship, and not completely focus on that.”

So I’m wondering if Arsenal get into the same situation as Man United were in last season, does that mean he would put all his efforts into getting into the Top Four rather than try and win the Europa League? That would be silly.

But obviously if we are fighting for the actual title then I would agree, ignore the Thursday night games!



  1. McLovin says:

    LOL. Only thing distracting our title challenge will be Wenger himself. NOTHING else. But it seems he’s getting his excuses ready early.

  2. Durand says:

    Now Jose will have a pop back at wenger of course.
    Wenger should just pass on question instead of taking the bait.
    Winding Jose up doesn’t serve any purpose, but nevertheless here we go again.
    Jose comment incoming….

    1. Durand says:

      How about focusing soley on Arsenal. Who cares about man utd route to champions league, or how much PSG paid for Neymar, or what other clubs do.
      Jeez, bet if Arsenal win Europa league he’ll still take that ticket to champions league.

    2. Goonerboy says:

      Don’t tell me you are scared of Jose’s reply..are you??? *smiles*…

      1. Durand says:

        Nah bro waiting for it. Jose hits back and hits back hard. It’s funny to me and entertaining, specialist in failure jab was hard knock; especially since we finished 5th last year. Jose won that one.
        Prefer Jose and Pep to have a go and distract one another, but Le Prof won’t pass up chance to say something. Jose talks titles, and Wenger should just show off gold trophy from invincibles and tell Jose “specialize in that.”
        Just win title and wave down the table to Jose, thats the best and sweetest.

        1. neil says:

          How did Jose ‘win that one’ by Arsenal finishing 5th and Man Utd finishing behind us !?

  3. Twig says:

    Ozil and Ramsey may miss Chelsea clash. Possible lineup

    Welbeck Wilshere Walcott (World Wide Web?)
    Xhaka Coquelin
    Sead Koscielny Mertesacker Bellerin

    1. McLovin says:

      Coq is injured 2-3 weeks in normal people’s time and 5-6 weeks in Arsenal time

    2. JW Holmes says:

      isn’t Coquelin injured

  4. John0711 says:

    The season hasn’t started and the excuses are coming how about I promised to buy top top players but havnt

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      This Wenger is now dedicatin too much on being a football philanthropist and guru instead of focusing on how we should be winning the title like other managers. I thought he didn’t like Henry doing all this media work and coaching at the same time, yet he loves to assess and interview on the sideline.

  5. Naledi says:

    All you North Londoners, should just riot this guy Kroenke and “The specialist” Wenger to leave. I cant see us ever winning the PL or even reach the FINAL of the UCL, no not with Wenger. It is enough now.

    Thank you

  6. waal2waal says:

    europa route to champions league is like announcing yourself via the back door to the competition, perhaps wenger’s saying he expectation is to enter the way we normally do via the front door. And by that he means sealing a top 4 spot, preferably 1st.

    All said and done, europa isn’t a competition he’s accustomed to being in, he’s used to the CL final 16 and then drawing one of the competition favorites. so YES, it means he would put all his efforts into getting into the Top Four.

  7. Paul says:

    Arsene xxxxing wenger………….. I’m tired of saying ‘here we go again’, same old story, same old arsenal but getting worse with wenger in charge every season. Please arsene wenger shift to another role at arsenal if you love arsenal too much to leave, let another coach manage our group of players so they can be world class, let another coach bring enthusiasm like klopp has done for Liverpool, it hurts me to see our pressing, fast and attacking football change to sitting in our half, breaking inefficiently, slow paced possessive football with mostly wingly and sideways passes, m tired of being humiliated by top teams every season
    If barca don’t humiliate us, it’s Bayern or Chelsea or man utd , thank God we haven’t gotten real madrid, even if they are going to beat us, why can’t it be respectable, we keep getting 8-2s, 10-2s, even Southampton 4-0, westbrom3-1……………….whyyyyyyyyy wenger, stop hurting us and creating divisions among he fans
    And you fans, ………………tired of hearing you say ‘in arsene we trust’ today, and ‘thanks for d memories, time to say bye arsene’ tomorrow……..wenger keeps playing us
    We get mauled by a Bayern today, then he compensates us with a win against Stoke and we shout ‘in arsene we trust ‘ wake up guys

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    If Wenger gets Lemar and a top CM, I will congratulate him on a job well done of summer transfers (1st time in over a decade)

    If Wenger just gets Lemar, I will say it’s the best summer transfer window we have had but may not be good enough

    If Wenger gets neither or sells Alexis without replacing him, it will be another miserable summer

    Lacazette and Kolsanic has improved us but we need more to compete with Spurs, Liverpool, Chelsea, United and City. We aren’t there yet and only have about 4 weeks Left

    1. Durand says:

      No worries arsenal girl, the trusty bargin bin isn’t open yet. Lemar lemar lemar everyday, but nothing. Guess he can’t get his hand out of his pocket holding that bid wad of cash.
      He still hasn’t replaced that dodgy zip; if he won’t spend 10 pounds for new zip, doubt he’ll spend €35 million for new CM like seri.
      More likely old zip and Ramsey both get generous new contracts than get working zip and seri.

  9. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    ⏰ Tick Tock… At the third stroke,
    ?? The Time Sponsored by Wengeracy,
    Will be: Panic-Buying, Precisely… Bleep,Bleep,Bleep.

  10. Kane says:

    All the teams that finished above arsenal have all improved their squads including man utd…..instead of mourning, we should have a bigger squad & prepare for life in europa league ….the season is going to be harder than last.

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