Wenger threatens ‘all change’ if Arsenal don’t make Champions League

There is a very interesting report this week from the Islington Gazette, which is the biggest local paper in Arsenal country, and they claim the have many sources at the club and have inside info about what goes on at the Emirates.

Their report claims that there were high level meetings between Wenger and the Arsenal Board on Monday, after our meek capitulation against Man City in the Caraboa Cup Final, and it seems that the bosses have given Wenger some ultimatums according to a ‘source’ at the club.

A source inside the club told the Islington Gazette newspaper: “Wenger had a board meeting yesterday [Monday] and today [Tuesday] told all first team players and coaches if club isn’t in the Champions League next season it is all change in the summer.”

The report doesn’t say whether this threat applies to Wenger himself or just to all the coaches and players, but if all true then it would prove that Kroenke & Co have finally lost patience with the overpaid prima-donnas that make up our underperforming squad.

Or did the Board just issue an ultimatum to Wenger, and the Boss is trying to shift the onus by passing it on to the players..



  1. Part of me still thinks that Wenger has next year no matter what, the board are not going to rush their changes but we can all agree that def coaching has been underwhelming for many years now…

    They are planning more changes and Wenger will be his own inbetween manager, instead of having a Moyes for 2 years, they kept Wenger for that period while making the changes with him still around.

    Not what I want, I can’t deny the argument that the board are not going to rush Raul into finding a new manager in less than half a year after joining, I don’t trust Gazidis to get a top manager and Raul has done this kinda stuff for Barca so… I assume he will do for us as well.

    1. They must know if Wenger stays then this season will be repeated as long as he stays.
      No team needs a change more than Arsenal.
      Twenty one years of doing the same thing its no wonder Arsenal are so predictable and easy to beat..

    2. Its a bliss that Moyes did not do well at manure, otherwise arsenal fans would not have a person to go back too every time we sh. our pants when it comes to change.

      1. I could replace Moyes with other managers that have failed if you want

        I would like to see a top manager come into AFC, not some gamble who looks good because he does what is told and kinda done alright but didn’t…

        I would like Luis Enrique and hold hope that Raul Sanllehi connection can make it happen, that guy got more points per game at Barca than Pep, a top manager.

        It is a bliss that Moyes didn’t do well at UTD because I’m an Arsenal supporter and I had a good lol at a rival making a mistake… Well, no longer rival but could be again soon if we can get a top manager in and not some yes man who looks good on paper which is what Moyes was.

        1. I understand but you could also take Luis as an example that a gamble can come out good, or even take Wenger himself as one. Luis stats are good at Barca. But Barca are barca. Its not that he transformed the team into becoming great.

          Moyes took over a team which past their best with Fergi overusing the team and not preparing it for the future years. All their core players where nearing their ends so Moyes hand no chance.

          I think that we need to experiment with managers and start to hire them and see who becomes a hit, bec thats what one needs to do. We need to look at spurs and watch them how things are getting done, bec they are much smarter then us when its comes to handling football matters, that i can tell. Give Henry a chance, give Serri a chance, in case of Chelsea sacking their manager i would go all in for Conte, as he has the means to be great and reamain so for long. Passion overload. Wrong club though.

          1. Any manager will be a gamble but we can gamble with Paul from the pub or get someone in who has a proven CV…

            I feel we have focused too much on Moyes, I never rated him and lol’d hard when he was hired to begin with, he had long enough at Everton and he done what?

            For the wages we pay Wenger, we could pay one of the best managers in the world, while any manager will be a gamble I do feel that gamble can be less risk if research done fully and finding someone who has shown they can do it over a obscure name could attract players.

            We don’t have UCL football but getting someone of Enrique calibre would get some footballers thinking twice about us… Would they for a moyes type?

              1. Pochettino has done very well but… Enrique for me, Pochettino can go live on a farm instead of manage us for all I care.

                It is a spud manager, I will not deny he has done a very good job but I do not want a spud manager at the helm of AFC.

                Sarri, Enrique, Jardim. Some good managers about without the need to look at a the guy who thinks tricking the ref is part of the game.

              2. Show me the trophy first …and come back talk to me about Poch. Wenger has won more trophies in the last four years ALONE than Poch

  2. I wonder if marketing and sponsors were a driving force?
    With potential new kit deal, can’t see Adidas paying more because team not up to scratch. Trickle down effects everything at club.
    No CL this year, probably not next year either. Sponsors aren’t overpaying on an underperforming team.

    That’s what got board’s and stan’s attention i bet.

  3. Wenger threatens change?
    Thought wenger was one being threatened with change?

    Who knows with Wenger-speak.

  4. Other teams sack their manager if he falls out with his players, at Arsenal we sack everyone and keep the manager. Bahaha.

  5. who selects teams? who motivates players? who recommends player and coach transfers? who oversees training? wenger should not only be on the list but be at the top of those to leave our arsenal. enough is enough. wenger out.

  6. It sounds very much like the Board have finally woken up to the fact that this Managerial Has-Been has taken both them and us supporters for a ride all along.And to think it was THIS BOARD that sanctioned a 2 Year deal for Le Fraud at the end of last Season with a salary increase up to £9m a year.He had them over as a bunch of MUGS like he has treated us for the last DECADE.
    I cannot for the life of me understand why some feel he should be allowed to leave with Dignity and Respect to honour his past achievements.FFS WHY would anyone feel he deserves that respect?Just GET HIM THE F**K OUT NOW.

    1. It’s like AKBs believe since Wenger “made” the club, he has the right to destroy it too. By the time Wenger is done with his experiments with Xhaka, Iwobi, El Neny and the rest of the mediocre lot we will be back to where he found us before he joined in the 90s. Then he will leave.

      1. Great point but he could leave us potentially worse off, he inherited a more than decent forward line, possibly the best back four and goalkeeper England has ever seen and a club that’d last won the league five and a bit years prior, dependent when he does go it’ll take his successor years to get this team balanced.

    2. 100% agree Phil, there is some on here such as the “new” Thomas I say new as it seems AKB disappear and a new one miraculously appears. There fans are what ruins club they talk about the FA cup as if it’s a major trophy and the 200m as if it’s what we all want.
      I want our club to compete and not state “ oh we have to have perspective when we lose to city” omg how far have we come !!!

      For those who want wenger to leave with dignity surely that’s his decision? If he continues to ruin the club doesn’t that take away the dignity aspect

      I will always treasure players such as wright,Henry Nicholas Before wenger they love the club Wenger loves the money and limelight
      I had with the important word being “had” so much respect for him but it’s gone now I want him gone no matter how

  7. I remember sometimes in 2008, 2009 or 2010 a colleague (a Liverpool fan) was saying to me that “Wenger is finished” and I was so angry at her…
    Lool I cannot believe that she was and still right until now regardless all those years…

    1. Even a girl discovered this earlier than you, I bet she already left you the following year.. hahaha just kidding mate

    2. weve all been at that point where we dont want to admit Wenger is finished. But then at some point you cant deny anymore. I just wish he’d go peacefully, but he’s forcing the fanbase to turn against him.

  8. Almost every new year comes the news ‘mass clear out’ , ‘arsene is going to overhaul the squad’ later followed by a ‘summer spending spree’ rumour. Heard it all before. Wenger is on borrowed time and he knows it,some of the players are on borrowed time and they know it. No champions league only means any player worth anything will be sold. Club is being criminally managed on and off the pitch.

  9. Report is probably fake
    but let’s say he did say
    big changes if top 4 is not achieved.
    To be fair this seasons PL
    has gone and only top 4 is possible.
    But should he have also said in the future
    there will be big changes if “PL title is not won”?
    Or is top 4 always the pass mark?
    Why would the players be scared though?
    They are all on contracts so can run them down regardless.
    Most would get the same pay at another top 6 club.
    Same with all the coaching staff.
    Having an owner who is happy with top 4
    means these “statements” are more promotional
    for fans and sponsors benefit
    rather than indicating any real change.
    Sacking the manager even if top 4 is achieved
    would be a real indicator of changed.
    So I hope top 4 is achieved then we will
    see what the clubs ambition really is.

  10. This report further confirms that I, from many timid comments on this site, seemingly am in a minority in being convinced that Wenger will be sacked when we are out of the Europa. Zero chance of making top four. The board are clearly not going to accept Wenger staying with no CL next year. Since we will play a resurgent ACMilan twice in next 16 days, with “Deadly” Welbeck and “Mustafi the brave” and “Xhaka the mobile”, in our team our chances of winning that tie are about the same as mine of being the next Pope. And I am not even a Catholic!. Even if we did, by some miracle beat ACM, we are NOT going to win the trophy. So bye-bye Wenger, possibly even on Friday March 16TH , when we are knocked out but more likely in May. I won’t miss you; except in the way anyone misses the flu! Some will regret your going; but not me, as I bitterly resent and loathe you and how you have damaged our club for the last decade. And I will toast your demise in champagne, the celebration drink. These last 60 years , I have supported the club, Arsenal FC, NOT an oddball manager who puts his own happiness and obscenely unearned salary above the good of the club which should have sacked him a decade ago.

    1. His exit will be like that of the dictator in Zimbabwe, Mugabe.

      Millions of Arsenal fans will take to the street to celebrate Wenger’s exit, that i can gurantee

  11. The only threat Wenger can make that worries me is that he will sign another contract.

    Walk away now and do the right thing.

  12. I think our fans need to be realistic here. It is one thing to praise someone like Pochetino for the good work he has done in the context of Tottenham. But is that what we aspire for? Well Tottenham is now ahead of Arsenal but is that all? What Pochetino won? In fact Wenger is still ahead of Pochetino in winning trophies. What then makes some of our fans admire Pochetino so much? It is the case of Moyes all over again. Everyone was praising him for the way he had lifted Everton but when he got to Man Utd he became a total flop. Some of the names I hear some people floating as possible Wenger successors should not excite anyone because they have no winning record. Winning is an addiction, either you have it or you don’t. When you talk of the Monaco manager Jardim, Carlo Ancelloti, Joachim Low or Diego Simeon I can understand. However the other names should be carefully assessed to establish their suitability.

  13. Low is not a good club manager. He was the manager of Fenerbahce in Turkey and was mediocre.

    Allegri, Conte, Ancelotti, Simeone – one of these guys and 200M transfer kitty spent smartly and we can begin challenging next year.

    1. I concur with your list.
      In response to barryglik, Oxlade-Chamberlain went to Liverpool for less money than offered by Arsenal.

  14. Simeone would be great, the guy has managed to keep right in the mix with Barca and Real for the past 7 years – arguably the two best teams in the world, and with comparatively less resources.
    Despite AFC being one of the richest and most profitable clubs in the world, silent Stan won’t spend like our direct rivals so Simeone could be the man to make the most of our current squad. On paper, bar our defense, we should be title contenders. Should…

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