Wenger – Title race is far from over for Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has seen his Arsenal team drop to 11 points behind Leicester City in the last month as the Gunners have failed to win one Premier League game in that time. But the race is far from over, either for the teams above us or the teams below us, and Wenger is looking for a positive result tomorrow to close the gap ahead, and also to keep away from the closing pack.

“I would say we have to go step by step,” he said on the official Arsenal website. “Let’s get back to winning habits first, that starts tomorrow… if we win tomorrow, we’ll see. That’s our target.

“But at the moment, the only way to achieve something special is first to be realistic and humble enough to deal first with Everton.

“Things will change until the end of the season, that’s for sure. We have to take care of our own destiny, and that’s by producing the performances we expect from ourselves.

“It’s very tight, but I believe the Premier League is far from over. We are in a position where we hope for the best. I agree that a negative result would be very bad for us, but we focus on a positive result. We know now is the time for us to produce the result we want.

“We also have to look behind us because things can change very quickly. We want to move forward, but I’m conscious that our position is not secure, even where we are.”

Leicester, Tottenham, Arsenal and Man City are still hot favourites to finish in the Top Four, but Man United are priced at 4/1 with Bet365 to spoil the party, or even Liverpool or West Ham at under 7/1 could still figure. With only 5 points between us and United in sixth, we really need to show some intent with a win tomorrow.

As Wenger says, we must look for the positive outcome….

Onwards and Upwards!

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    1. It can happen that Leicester drop points. They haven’t exactly been convincing in their last 2 games, just two good finishes sealed both match, I think that will run out tomorrow, or maybe we will see Palace will dominate and again Leicester score with 1 shot on target.

      We play before them in many games for the rest of the season, so we have to make most of our games first and worry about Leicester after. As long as Walcott and Giroud don’t start I’m convinced we will score atleast 2 goals tomorrow.

      1. They did what’s necessary, unlike Sanchez and the squad, who could be brilliant all the way up until the moment where the ball goes into the net. How well they play doesn’t matter for $hit – the amount of goals scored/conceded by the end of the match does.

    2. nope you are the fool you should first start by learning some maths and after that educate yourselves and then you can think about calling arsene a fool.. leicester have to lose 3 games and we have to win all of our games and i dont think that losing 3 games is sooooooo unlikely

      1. And the likelihood of us winning all the remaining games is what exactly??? Once a junkie always a junkie

  1. wow, surprise surprise. Yet again, for the 6th season in a row Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich all avoid each other in the quarter finals. What are the odds on that happening 6 years in a row?

    It’s clear as daylight the draw is fixed only for these teams.

    1. Of course its fixed ?
      If there’s corruption at the highest level (Fifa )
      You are sure to find it everywhere else!

    2. Talk like a wet blanket stupidity silly man. We don’t go through so it’s fixed? No we can’t win the big games yet that’s why.

      1. Where in my comment did you read anything about Arsenal? I wrote how the big three always avoid each other in the quarters. Maybe you need to remove your wet blanket silly man. It’s got nothing to do with Arsenal.

    3. How exactly can those draws be fixed? Maybe it’s fixed in the way to make Arsenal meet a big team in the round of 16 too?

      Better hide before the spaghettimonsters getcha’

      1. If you read the comment, it’s not about Arsenal. There are many was to fix thing in sport I’m surprised you don’t know how it easy it could be done. They could just have the big three put in a slightly heavier ball than the rest of them all whilst looking the same.

        Big teams staying in the competition draws in more money. Perhaps the matches aren’t fixed but the draw looks like it is.

        1. If you read the comment, I said “maybe” and “too”, indicating my comment was not primarily about Arsenal, but a further reference on how dumb (no offense, nothing personal!) i find the idea… How do the draws look like they’re fixed?

  2. guys i am getting worried.
    Hey look at this.
    At manchester united they have great youngsters like.
    donald love
    fosuh mensah
    borthwwick jackson
    marcus rashford
    andreas pereira
    anthony martial
    memphis depay
    luke shaw.

    At chelsea they have
    kurt zouma
    loftus cheek

    whilst here we neither have players for the present nor the future.

    Mr wenger please stop being deluded focus on your 4th place

    1. Chambers
      Rosicky ( 😀 )

      Not exactly the worst prospects either… Look where our U21 team is on the table, not too bad… (5p from the top of our group with 3 matches less than the top team) Although I would like an extreme investment in both youth development and superstars for the first team. (one can only dream when Kroenke’s in charge…)

  3. liverpool have

    Even citeh have iheneacho sterling and roberts.

    While we are left with a misfiring ox
    injury prone wilshere.
    Inexperienced chambers.


  4. The only thing we can do is win our remaining 9 matches and hope for the best.

    And winning ALL our remaining matches is not an easy thing to do but not impossible

    As the first comment said Leicester needs to also lose 4 matches or lose 3 plus 2draws or lose 2 plus 4 draws etc. Highly unlikely for Leicester

    I hope Leicester/Spuds has shown Wenger the importance of a top CF.

    1. noooooooo what are you guys counting? we have got a game in hand, they have to lose 3 games or lose 2 games and 1 draw and have the worse gd or 1 loss and 3 draws or 4 draws and have the worse gd

    2. He is too stubborn to take corrections; that’s the reason we always sweat before getting top four. Every sane footballer or fans, advised winger on CF but the deluded man is so obsessed with his philosophy of ‘ I KNOW BETTER’

  5. I believe I can fly…

    I believe I can touch the sky..

    I think about it every day..

    Spread my wings and fly away..

      1. I’m sure that R. Kelly would bang in more goals than Giroud!
        … Oh wait. .. or was that Ho’s…?.. than again ..
        Giroud would probably win that competition ?

  6. Just read that Wenger said he nearly signed Lakaku but Chelsea got in with £18m bid….is there anyone he hasnt nearly signed?

  7. Yeah the title race is far from over Arsene, we have 3 fit midfield players! We’re already struggling to put the ball in the back of the net. As long as we finish in the top 4 aye? Yeah I’m sure we will be fine ?
    7 Tomas Rosicky – injured
    8 Mikel Arteta – injured
    10 Jack Wilshere – injured
    11 Mesut Ozil
    15 Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain – injured
    16 Aaron Ramsey – injured
    19 Santi Cazorla – injured
    20 Mathieu Flamini – injured
    34 Francis Coquelin
    35 Mohamed Elneny

    1. At least we know who the 3 midfielders will be and that’s not a bad group. As long as none get injured lol. More playing time for Iwobi then.

    2. Holy butt! I’ve just realised Wilshere has been out all season.. Again! I love that he’s a true gooner, but what a wasteman for the first team… Give him a play for pay-contract!

      1. …. (continued)

        with a play for the pay-contract, maybe he’ll adjust himself to a more safe style of play.

  8. It’s as clear as daylight that wenger is focusing on his 4th spot trophy! ( The minimum expectations from above)
    It’s funny how he becomes motivated when the teams behind us are closing the gap!
    He talks about the league been tight and that our position is not secured ?.. Yes, he is talking about the Champions league qualification and nothing to do with winning the league! ?

    As the battle for 4th Hots up!
    It seems as if Wenger is only now prepared to fight for his bacon!

    1. Spot on!

      When Arsene starts to talk like this, it can only mean two things.

      1. Our top 4 place is under threat.
      2. We are about to begin a
      our usual end-of-season run of winning consecutive games.

      It all so predictable.
      There something fundamentally wrong with Arsene’s idea of motivation.

  9. Won’t do anything for our situation now but in the summer I wish we would go for.

    Arteta, Flamini, and Rosicky are leaving anyways and I’m sure we can find more to give the boot. This group is just not cutting it and are either aging or have already aged.

    1. Laporte – Dont mind if we do 🙂
      Aurier – Good player, but another RB? I’d rather just keep Jenkinson, even though Aurier is undeniebly better…
      Isco – Another CAM? You what m8?
      Fekir – Sure, good talent, but has he been a goalscoring machine? If he’s gone back to being a winger, then we need an LW, not RW.

      I would personally go all out on Aubameyang and Reus, gladly paying over £60M for each of them.

      1. get aubumeyang and reus for 60mil lol?
        In a world where sterling cost 50 mil?
        Those two are going anywhere for anything less than 100mil.
        Besides aubumeyang has said he does not want to play for arsenal.

        1. £60 mill ~each~

          Converted to euro, that’s just about 80 million, which is what they ask for Aubameyang in the first place. And as far as I know, Reus has a buy-out on his contract for less than that.

          Aubameyang has (unless I’ve missed the article) only said he wants to play for Real Madrid, not opting out on Arsenal in specific.

    2. dont be deluded.
      Isco is zidanes darling boy and would never be allowed to leave.
      Lukaku wont be going anywhere because everton are no mugs these days coz they said no to bids for barkley stones and mccarthy to oil rich clubs of chelsea abd mancity.
      And why would kante wanna leave a club top of the premier league to a club struggling for a top 4 finish?.

      Anyway its good to dream

  10. He really does say all the right things doesn’t he. He thinks 11 points difference is something this team can make up? good heavens its worse than i thought.

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