Wenger to announce stay if Arsenal beat Man City?

I am going to be making a fair few assumptions here about Arsenal Football Club and the much talked about situation of our manager and whether it will be Arsene Wenger in charge once again next season, so please bear with me and remember that there has been no official declaration one way or the other and surmising is all we have left.

Before this current international break we heard from Arsene that he had already made his decision and would be announcing it soon. That may not be quite true but I assume it is and I also assume that his decisio0n is to give the Premier League title at least one more crack. If not I think we would have already heard.

Even Wenger cannot believe this decision will be welcomed by every Arsenal fan though, or even by the majority of us unless wee some king of turnaround in form from the timid and turgid e3fforst that have seen us slip from third place to sixth in recent weeks, with a record breaking Champions League exit at the hands of Bayern Munich thrown in.

With that in mind I think that Wenger is waiting for the right time to make his announcement and a win over Man City at the Emirates on Sunday would certainly make us all feel more positive and potentially receptive to the news. If we lose or draw this massive match, however, expect the wait to go on….



  1. Juhi McLovin says:

    Since he probably has signed the extension already and waiting the right time for the announcement, it would be quite tragicomical if we went on and completely crashed out this season. Then in May when we just finished 8th in the table, Wenger quietly announces his 2-year extension hahah.

    1. muffdiver says:

      Just seen alexis sanchez goals versus Chile. The atmosphere the way he’s loved the quality of his play

      Heartbreaking were losing him
      It’s like saying goodbye to Thierry all over again

      A legend who wasted his time here

  2. frank says:

    I have never wanted Arsenal to lose but if a heavy loss to Man City was to be the end of Wenger, then I would take another 5-1 drubbing rather than see Wenger for another 2 years.

    1. Disturbance says:

      Exactly what I was thinking… This is how low we’ve got.

      1. Juhi McLovin says:

        Come on now mates. With Wenger in charge, we can always go lower.

        6-0 rubbing against Man City, 2-year contract extension for Wenger and re-signing Diaby, that’s how our gaffer could outdo himself.

        1. stubill says:

          I really don’t fancy “rubbing against Man City”, if that’s ok with you.

  3. davidnz says:

    Or he might just say the club will make
    the decision at the end of the season.
    AW. “But I am the club” tee hee 🙂

  4. Trudeau says:

    Wenger has said he will listen to what fans are saying. Maybe he should listen to what fans aren’t saying. The lack of comments on this site over the last few weeks (even accounting for the international beak) is a case in point. Call it what you will but ambivalence/apathy/comfortably numb”ness” seems endemic right now. I can only see it get worse (after an initial outburst of anger) if Wenger puts pen to paper.

  5. proffetic says:

    How will the Man City result have any relevance. Even if we win, with our fixtures to come we won’t be in top four. I don’t think I can bear to watch him and Steve Bould not speaking for another year. For God’s sake lets have something different to look at and something new to look forward to!

  6. leo...fourteen says:

    what a shame..well I don’t see us winning city whether we wish for it or not..m just tired of looking at that man’s face everyday..atleast a new coach wud wanna improve his cv and do better…oh arsenal

  7. Twig says:

    I hope Man City helps us to get a new manager.

  8. Jansen says:

    The chances of us winning against City are slim to none and none just left town.

    The club supposedly told Wenger to use the international break to make up his mind. If they are smart they announce his renewal before a big loss and then do the usual fan bs job. The usual fan bs job would be talking about a big budget for this summer and the necessity of a rebuilding project. That usually fools some of the fans. At then end of the summer, they can just say they could not find better players than we have and talk about bringing along some youngsters in addition to having signed a few Perez’s and Elneney’s.

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