Wenger to block Emery’s move to sign Chelsea target Golovin?

Arsenal are claimed to be readying a bid to sign CSKA Moscow’s attacking star Aleksandr Golovin, but Arsene Wenger is believed to have other ideas.

The Frenchman is claimed to be eager to team up with the Russian international should he acquire a new job this summer, while his replacement in North London is said to have sanctioned a move for his signature.

Golovin has been attracting plenty of attention for an extremely exciting season, and is believed to have returned glowing scouting reports from the Gunners team who had been watching him, prompting Emery to give the go-ahead to his team to move forward with negotiations.

The player’s representative Sandor Varga insists that Wenger remains interested in the player, as well as Chelsea. Varga said: ‘I can say the same about Wenger.

‘I asked Arsene about Golovin, the Frenchman said: ‘I do not know what Arsenal will do, but I’ll take him for myself’.

‘Arsene wants to work. While there is no certainty, we negotiated with two clubs, but did not come to an agreement.

‘But if Wenger takes [charge of] any team, Golovin will have another option.’

Would Wenger really go out of his way to beat Arsenal in the transfer market to a target? Which club looks a realistic option for the Frenchman to team up with the creative Russian? Should our club stop wasting time and step-up their chase for Golovin?

Pat J

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  1. Declan says:

    Is this a joke?

  2. Maks says:

    Wenger has been delusional and crazy when he was at Arsenal, so after a shocking sack by his beloved Board… he is even crazier now, so – everything is possible.
    Wenger is like a devorced parter who built all his life into the marriege and when it s gone he/she s gone mad too.

    1. Uchman says:

      Even when wenger is having his desired rest, some idiots still want to wind us up? We r wiser now, wenger remains our legend

    2. jon fox says:

      If I had said this, even though I agree with your post, but would have phrased it differently, I would have been shot down by many on here who are still grieving for Wenger. I kid you not! There are many who put their love for the man above their love for the club. But they are dwarfed by the number who agree with us.

      1. RichSAAlao says:

        @Jon fox
        Not so.
        Just we are not the aggressors type.

        1. jon fox says:

          Who is “We”? Surely you mean you. The vast majority wanted Wenger out as you well know.

          1. Ken1945 says:

            Here you go again Jon, assuming that everyone agrees with your views.
            There were over 56,000 fans who showed just how much Wenger was and still is appreciated at the last home game.
            The poll that took place on this site registered 1000 votes and had a 82% majority in favour of Wenger leaving.
            That makes it obvious that the vast majority didn’t actually take part in the survey, especially as our fanbase goes into the millions around the world.
            Now I am not saying you are wrong, but there is no evidence that you are right either is there?
            When I argue my point of view, that is my PERSONAL OPINION and I don’t have to make statements about a mythical majority to make it look as if everyone agrees with me.
            I stand on my own beliefs and my own two feet.
            There are more and more fans on here getting so tired of the past recriminations against the ex manager and the infighting between our own fans.
            So you would assume that the vast majority want to move on.
            Not a proven fact of course,. but do you see the point?
            That makes your sarcastic response contesting ‘we surely you mean you’re as just another of your typical put downs to someone who doesn’t agree with you.
            Let’s just move on before YOUR views become irrelevant to an unknown percentage of people who are looking forward not backwards all the time.

          2. jon fox says:

            Ken, We will never agree on the percentage who wanted Wenger out. Whem many opinion polls (on politics and other matters all give approx the same percent) in this case,80-88% it is reasonable to assume those are a good indication at the very least. It is clear that most wanted him out , at least last season. I wanted him out since 2007-8 and I was possibly almost alone at that time. But it is academic now. However, no one should feel they have the right to tell me what to post and who I can speak about. No one is forced to read my posts as you usually do, with forensic closeness. Or even to read them at all. As you had the right to comment on my row with Dan, now put to bed, hopefully, so I have the right , in a free forum and free country to write as I wish, but always within the bounds of taste and decency. I do not personally think stern disagreement with others is any reason to become personally spiteful. I never mean things personally. HOW COULD I AS I DO NOT PRSONALLY KNOW ANYONE AT ALL ON HERE. I agree or disagree as I see fit. This is what a democratic country and free forum allows. In the same way, I never tell others how to write as I DO NOT HAVE THAT RIGHT, NOR WISH TO. Similarly, I will not be told to shut up, as no one has that right either. But I have no wish either to keep bringing up the past BUT the still very recent past is bound to be relevant at times, if only to highlight the big difference, as I think, about being positive about the coming season, which I very much am and what we have RECENTLY moved on from. To put up artificial barriers to free discussion is to give in to a type of mob tyranny. THIS I WILL NEVER DO. I am never, intentionally, ambiguous and believe in spelling out in plain speak, what I think. Better to be honest than prevaricate and dissemble. Surely?

          3. Ken1945 says:

            Yes Jon nothing better than being honest. But it is the way that one does it with words that counts.
            From the replies that you are receiving, it’s surely clear to you that your barbed comments are not appreciated?
            It doesn’t matter about one poll or another, the ex manager is just that, the ex manager.
            It was my way of describing the seemingly need to have support for your personal views.
            I could reply in detail to the posts that still go on and on about the past, but I really want to look forward under the new regime.
            Of course I read in detail your posts, because I know you are well versed with the history of the club and your views as to the future. But your habit of dismissing those not of your persuasion is highly objectionable.
            There are some brilliant posters on here, some I agree with and some I don’t. I try to treat them all with respect and sometimes I fail.
            I have been persuaded to change my views by reading and digesting their views (Kenny Rolfe is a classic example) then discussing in an adult way.
            As you say, nobody is forced to read anyone else’s post, but surely one would be really upset if no one reacted to their own?
            Our differing views on Arsene Wenger will never change, as is the case with everyone else who loves our club.
            I know I’ve moved on from our very personal, bitter and frank arguments regarding our ex manager and I am looking forward to the new season.
            Believe me when I say that I hope Emery can be more successful than Wenger, it’s the club I support.
            Really hope that you move on also and I am just trying to give some advice to a fellow gooner.
            No more no less.

          4. Craig says:

            No offence but the arguing is booooooorrrriiiinnnnggg. Onwards to a fresh start for our great club

          5. GunnerJack says:

            You say that Jon ‘seemingly needs to have support for his personal views’ but if 82% agree with him and only 18% with you why do think Jon needs any other support at all? Apart from that Jon comes across as very independent and so would not need ANYBODY’S support when stating his views, and no matter how much you delve into what he says to find something to pick on, as if you are trying to make yourself look clever, know it all etc, you are going to have a hard task. As Jon says you read, or rather dissect, his posts almost as a forensic examination, desperately trying to find some small flaw you can exploit so you can become No.1 ‘know it all on this site’. I think it is you, not Jon, who craves support. Now, if you want another battle, go ahead and try to tell me what I can say, or not, as the case may be.

          6. Ken1945 says:

            Gunner Jack, you can say what you want, just as everyone else can, including Jon and myself.

            If you read my post in detail, or even as a forensic examination, you would realise that I was actually very complementary to Jon, it was the way he went about his post I questioned.
            I do read his posts with great interest because he and I have differing views on some things but completely agree on others.
            Some I comment on and some I don’t, as he does mine, on a regular basis.
            Isn’t that why we post views, in order that they can be read and discussed?
            You have obviously read mine (thanks for that) and come to the conclusion that I want to look clever and become no.1, know it all on this site.
            I am annoyed with myself that I have come across like that as that was not my intention.
            I have re read it and cannot see how you come to this conclusion, please explain my need for support as you see it.

            Jon, is that how you see it, or is it a healthy debate between two adults?

            I am quite willing to discuss anything to do with our club Gunner Jack, I have been doing this for quite a while on here.
            So, let battle commence…how about your % breakdown of the gooner fanbase to begin with?

          7. Abel says:

            Ken, Jon does have is apologists on this site who praise his every whim regardless of how devoid o reason it is. Say your piece and let them be. Heck, even Hitler had people who believed in him as do Jihadists.
            He clearly is obsessed with Wenger (obsession cuts both ways) always find a way to insert Wenger bashing into most of his posts.

      2. Xxnofx says:

        Like the way you called me an idiot the other night because I stuck up for Dan because all of the shit he was getting on here for what I believe his true ,and that is that it’s the same board just a different manager .
        Just because we don’t all agree with you or suck up to you doesn’t mean your always right .just remember it’s justarsenal.com not justjonfox .com .
        Anyway I’ll leave it at that but maybe just tone it down a bit in the future and maybe act the age that you always tell us you are .
        I have my opinion you have yours ,that’s what a forum is for ,not to attack people that don’t agree with you

        1. jon fox says:

          Stop preaching for goodness sake. You sound like a petulant child who can’t get his way. I called you idiotic because of what you sai.d I did not rob your house and murder your family. Grow up and learn not to be a snowflake. I do not need telling what forums are for , in YOUR opinion. , so stop acting the way you accuse me of doing. Pots and kettles, etc!

          1. Xxnofx says:

            I’m 38 mate not a child ,and the reason your getting angry is because someone or some people are hitting back at you which you don’t like because you like to be in control -which from your previous posts you like to get people on your side with your endless attack’s on people that don’t conform to your way of thinking ..and let’s not go on about preaching ,because the shit I’ve read that you’ve posted for the last 6 months as been an head fck ,with your countless dribbles about wenger ,and still after he’s left the club .
            At the end of the day Jon we had an argument the other night and you got tasteless with you attcjs and I keeped it friendly ,you don’t like people on here having a different opinion to yours and you try and get them to follow you you ,which tells me all I need to know about the kind of person you are .

          2. jon fox says:

            Let’s both stop now. This getting silly and I never mean criticism personally, though you clearly believe I do. We are both passionate fans who support the same great club , so I propose we kiss and make up. Well perhaps not the actual kiss anyway. Agreed?

          3. Xxnofx says:

            Agreed I will let this go because I’m old enough to do so and I don’t like arguing so that’s fine by me ,but just respect others peoples opinions .respect to all gooners

          4. jon fox says:

            Peace at last. GREAT NEWS!

  3. Durand says:

    Ugghh, don’t go away mad, just go away.

    Why not Ramsey if he is so f-ing great?
    Why not Jack on a free?

    Perhaps Wenger should focus on getting managing job first, aye?

    Media obsession continues with Wenger, and media NEVER pass up opportunity to wind up Gooners.

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  4. gotanidea says:

    This was a ridiculuous story from the Metro and the Express. I can’t believe JustArsenal brought it here

    Wenger has not even got a job yet, let alone blocking Emery’s move in transfer market

    Besides, Golovin was not as impressive as Modric and the Spanish playmakers in World Cup. Arsenal already have many players like him and they need the one that can make faster impact now

    1. GB says:

      Yes gotanidea it’s a bollox story

      1. Ozziegunner says:


  5. RSH says:

    no more wenger talk. not our problem anymore. his opinions and views aren’t relevant. Would rather read a Herbert Chapman article if we’re going to bring up past managers.

    1. Ozziegunner says:



    Did anyone see Ahmed Musa’s goal for Nigeria? Iwobi on the bench and Nigeria is leading.

    1. Someone says:

      Iwobi has never been Arsenal quality and it was Wenger’s fault to give this awful player playing time and it has cost us goals , i’m pretty sure he is not going to get many minutes next season (if he is gonna get any) and probably get sold after that. Unai emery is gonna be ruthless.


    2-0 Nigeria. Ahmed Musa with another amazing goal.

    1. Fab says:

      This is the moment of the so called “God save the King”. Nigeria lead 2-0 against Iceland, and Surgoson misses penalty. May be the King still alive in Argentina


        Exactly my thoughts lol. Unless Nigeria qualifies along with Croatia.


    Iceland misses a penalty

  9. Ingleby says:

    Assuming AW does get another club to manage, the inference from the quote is that regardless of the unknown playing staff at the unknown club with an unknown budget he will buy Golovin.

    Oh, there go a whole flock of flying pigs!!

    1. Ozziegunner says:


  10. Sean Williams says:

    Such a stupid deluded article. Maybe I’m wrong though and Wenger, like Saruman, is sitting plotting how to get payback on Arsenal. With his magic wand and with the whole Hogwarts academy, and with mantras and Voodoo spells, he will take Golovin to his new team Hackney Marshes United and turn Golovin into a nobody. Wasted article.

  11. Aricha says:

    click baits nkt wenger left saying no matter what he will still be a fan of arsenal and will support the club…SMH now from which perspective does this story make sense? correct me if am wrong

  12. Joshua Bryant says:

    So managers that are out of a job are signing players now? hahaha silly article.

  13. T.j says:

    Arsene does’t matter anymore. Emery does

    1. ger burke says:

      here here t.j, well said and so true , let the new broom sweep clean and erase the memories of the bad old days .

  14. Sue says:

    Xhaka booooom!!!!!

  15. ACE says:

    Xhaka had been so poor up until that ROCKET!

    Great goal

    1. Sue says:

      The whole team had been! Haven’t been overly impressed with Lichtsteiner

      1. Hep Yo says:

        Yeah, nothing impressive about keeping the Brasil attack from scoring. smh

        1. Sue says:

          I’m on about now against Serbia

    2. Someone says:

      XHAKA HAD BEEN POOR !!!!!!!! you are either joking or didn’t understand the game AT All.

      1. Sue says:

        Yes I know… he was better after he scored

        1. Someone says:

          Go and see how many chances he created BEFORE he scored , how many attacks he initiated , his passing accuracy , his role for his team to keep possession and … he was great and there is no doubt about it.

          1. Sue says:

            Why are you telling me this??? I did watch the game…. I didn’t think Switzerland played very well in the first half, but they turned it around in the second half, it was a great game

          2. Ken1945 says:

            Sue, its obvious you have come up against one of the professional manager’s currently unemployed.
            Someone must know him, because his knowledge of the game surpasses that of the manager who kept him on for the whole game.
            Trouble is, people don’t read someone else’s post properly before replying ?

  16. auba arsenal of lagos says:

    Like I’ve maintained I’m willing to see xhaka under our new manager b4 I condemn him totally.I have a strong believe Emery will unlock xhaka

    1. Hayzed says:

      Okay you think Emery is a magician.

      1. Ozziegunner says:

        I just hope Emery allows Xhaka to shoot from outside the box more.

    2. Rkw says:

      Unlock what exactly … He was hopeless in both World Cup games so far and anyone who has watched the swiss on a regular would never come away saying wow that’s a player we must have …so can’t blame wenger for that … though I have no idea who thought he was worth 35m … They need to seek medical help

  17. Hep Yo says:

    The term “Arsenal target” followed by a name, is a media term that means “no one employed by Arsenal is actually interested in signing this person”.

    For example, the media headline could be “Arsenal target Neymar signed by PSG for 200 million”.

    So, I have not the slightest doubt that no one at Arsenal has even thought about signing Golovin this summer.

    The worst signings ever are always players who do well in the World Cup. For starters, billions have just seen them, and the fees become way over their value. And, the World Cup is always about styles of play that have nothing to do with the English Premier League.

  18. Marty says:

    What a ridiculous article. If Wenger gets a job he can try and sign the player if he’s still available but he can’t block the move if our manager wants to make an enquiry.

  19. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    If the dude wants to play as either a wing back, deep lying playmaker or a left winger he should definitely sign for Wenger because that’s where every player he signs ends up

    1. TJPAM says:

      Van payslip
      Why are u always on arsene.. Now arsene has left Arsenal.. U still continue to slate him… I can see how rude u are
      By the where are u.. When this LEGEND COVERTEDso many players from one position to other… EG… HENRY, LAUREN, ASHLEY COLE, KOLO TOURE, RVP, ETC

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        I genuinely apologise. My comment was out of order. How could I doubt a guy that did what you said. But I’m a bit annoyed at you. You didn’t give him all of the credit. You missed so many of the success stories. Where was:

        Kim Kardashian with a broken back

        1. Sue says:

          Kim Kardashian ?

          1. Phil says:

            RVP-you missed a few out mate
            Park Son

            And this from a Manager who is still lauded for the Invincibles

          2. Robin Vanpayslip says:

            How could I forget sanogo!

  20. Sue says:

    What a turnaround by the Swiss ?

  21. Hayzed says:

    Okay you think Emery is a magician.

  22. ACE says:

    The Swiss CB who plays for Dortmund is a
    monster, totally bossed Mitrovic in the 2nd half.

    1. Sue says:

      Mitrovic was brilliant in the first half. Was a really good game

  23. ks-gunner says:

    Go and buy Shaqa. Dude is still young and very skilful.

    1. ACE says:

      Would take him over Ozil any day of the week,
      will be a terror if he ends up @ Pool.

  24. RSH says:

    Granit Xhaka, there’s a good midfielder somewhere in there. Hope Unai can get the best out of him.

  25. Someone says:

    People watch one game and a player players good and they want Arsenal to buy him , that’s not how transfers work , Shaqiri was good in this game but he was awful in many others and he didn’t do much in Stoke either !!

    1. ks-gunner says:

      Shaqiri is better than any other players currently occupying the wings at Arsenal. Send the likes of Ozil and Ramsey to Stock City and watch how good they truly are.

      1. Someone says:

        If you think Ramsey and Ozil are bad then there is no discussion to have here.

  26. big g says:

    Why shouldn’t Wenger buy any player he likes. Once he is employed again he’ll have a new mandate which will conflict with every other club,as it always has been this way he’ll most certainly be after some of the same players as Arsenal.

  27. Aricha says:

    xhaqiri knows how to boss that wing, like it or not….he just need quality players behind him

  28. Amitosh says:

    But why Golovin? His main strength is set pieces, and till our 350k guy Ozil is around, he wont get his chance. Good all round play, but do we need him along with Banega? I would take Shaqiri or Martins to provide width on wings, get Ramsey to resign, sell Danny, give more time to Iwobi/Niles

  29. stubill says:

    “Get Ramsey to resign”, What?
    “Give more time to Iwobi/Niles” I’ll agree with Niles, but a quadriplegic is more use than Iwobi.

  30. killamch89 says:

    Do you guys listen to everything the media says? They keep making up stuff about Wenger…First we heard he “made” comments about Licht and Xhaka and now this. I’m giving it a few days before this story is proven fake.

  31. Ozziegunner says:

    How did Serbia have that penalty denied, when the Serb player was pulled down in the box by two Swiss defenders?

  32. It was so difficult for Wenger to sign a player as manager so how can he control players’ transfer now that he is jobless?

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