Wenger to extend his Arsenal contract? You can’t be serious!

Who will make Wenger smile this summer?Arsenal have had a horrendous start to Arsene Wenger’s latest contract extension, losing 5 of their first 15 games of the season, but can anyone actually see Stan Kroenke or our spineless Board ever telling Le Prof that it’s time to leave the club? I can’t see it, and neither can Tony Adams, who even believes that Wenger will carry on and sign another extension when this one ends!

Our Mr Arsenal was asked if he thought that Wenger could win another Premier League title before he retires, and Adams replied: “He’s contracted for another 18 months, so you’re asking me whether this squad can do it. I don’t think they can, I think that’s pretty obvious.

“But how long will he go on for now? How old is he 67? He’s already said retirement is death to him, so you can’t see him retiring and there doesn’t seem to be anything outside of the game for him.”

“It wouldn’t be beyond me to see him sign another extension for another couple of years as well.”

I’m not so sure that the fans would put up with that, especially if we don’t finish up in the Top Four in this season or the next, but the fans are not running the club, so we can fully expect Kroenke and the Board to announce a now contract for Wenger long before this one ends so it doesn’t have the detrimental effect on the team like we had last year.

I am sure that some fans would be happy to see Wenger stay until he can’t walk any longer, but surely that percentage will drop as another year passes without a League title.

Darren N


  1. shark says:

    For sure it will come to an end in a couple of years because we will not have any players to sell and we won’t benefit for the CL money. Kroenke will want to make a change if he stops making money. These years will be frustrating for the fans but what can we do other than wait and try to stay healthy watching our beloved club going down.

    1. ADE says:

      You will only realise what the man has done for this club after he is gone. I cant wait to see the folly of majority of you fans.

      1. shark says:

        He did a lot for the club, we’re grateful but it’s time for a change. Everybody can see that, even our opponents. There are so many repeated mistakes, we don’t play that beautiful football anymore.

      2. jonfox says:

        So you at least admit the majority want Wenger out then, seemingly. And you also want us all to see the “folly” of that. I suggest in all seriousness you will be waiting till eternity then, cos the “folly”, as you ludicrously describe it, is actually a yearning for a new proper manager who can use the money the club gives him- which is still enough for him to waste £35 million on the awful Xhaka AND waste 5 million plus each year on wages for the mythical Walcott, sighting last seen by a few eagle eyed fans when hiding in open play on the Emirates pitch, last season and money down the drain, – on proper players with both a brain and a heart. The thought of finally seeing Wenger leave our club is all that keeps me going. Me and countless other thousands, but obviously not you, you “folly fool.”

        1. bran99 says:

          Good point brother, some people makes Wenger like their God, he’s gone and our lives cease to exist.. I hate these kinds of people, always overlooking succes of our beloved club for the everlasting love to their old senile master

        2. John says:

          Is it the players or rather Wenger’s fault………most of the mistakes are his…..
          .and a new coach will take us to an improved position………and lots of good coaches want to coach arsenal…….Arsenal has enough talent in the team to put up a real fight for the title….. Wenger is stagnant…..optimized…..peaked……..the challenge will be the new coach’s relationship with Mr. Kroenke………and his average team generating income philosophy ……

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    Remember Wenger said before he signed his latest contract, that he could see himself managing for at least another four years, and that his preference is to stay at Arsenal. So that’s four more years, MINIMUM!

    I think Kroenke will keep Wenger around for as long as possible, and I think Wenger wants to have one last stab at rebuilding Arsenal next summer when there will be a lot of players leaving.

  3. Nothing changed says:

    I fully expect Wenger to stay beyond his current contract. Why would he leave? Unhappy with the results? Results have not made him question his abilities in the past? Money? The guy gets paid as if he is amongst the most successful and effective managers in the PL and he already has more money than God can count. I really don’t see a reason for him to leave.

  4. victor benz says:

    if wenger like, let him stay 4 more 6 yrs, he wil nt win a primier league again.

  5. Wolfgang says:

    Surely Arsenal are not serious about extending his contarct. Yes he has won the cup
    the last three times out of 4 years. But that is no excuse for not constantly challenging
    and imploding in the epl.
    I strongly believe had he not won the cup ,he would have been off.The problem is
    he is a dinosaur when it comes to tactics. He has been outwitted time and again as last nights loss illustrated.He aint willing to heed advice believing in his own failings which have made Arsenal a joke in the fw.
    Arsenal are a premium soccer brand and if the board aint careful will fall further behind
    the top teams.

  6. Mitch Connor says:

    Why are people surprised?
    It’s all about MONEY
    Do you think they built a new Stadium out of the goodness of their hearts so that the fans will have more comfort? It’s for MONEY. Why don’t we buy more top players… to save MONEY. Why does Kroenke LOVE Wenger…… MONEY.
    Some people don’t realize that we made a tiny bit of money in the summer. We should have spent more than we sold because of our dire situation. But MONEY is more important to them than Trophies.

    Wenger and Kroenke love affair is like that of Tony Blair and George W. Bush. Both relationships have led to dire situations. Both Kroenke and Wenger need to go!

  7. Robin Vanpayslip says:

    That kind of dough for being a specialist in failure – I can see why he won’t leave

    1. Sukhjot Gunner says:

      No man don’t call him with that name ! It’s a shame we say such things about him. I wonder whether manure fans say the same about fergie ???? Agreed that he has not had that kind of success,but come on ! Show him the respect he deserves coz he is our successful ever and longest-serving manager..

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        Fergus bought RVP because he needed a striker. He then went in to win the league. Wenger bought Giroud. So no – not the same!!!!!

  8. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    I was thinking that maybe wenger could give up at the end of this season if things don’t go according to plan,and you are saying that he could have an extention??? This is complete crap. Even though I’m one of the biggest wenger fan in the world,with all due respect,I think that he needs to think about the broad picture and make the right decision when needed coz I WILL CRY IF A MANAGER WHO HAS DONE SO MUCH 4 US AND GIVEN US EXTRAORDINARY MOMENTS OF SUCCESS AND BRILLIANT TEAMS IS S-A-C-K-E-D.

  9. GB says:

    Dont be rediculous Darren N, just because one of my biggest heros of Arsenal says he can see Arsene signing on again does not mean it will happen. He may be a hero but brain of Britain he ain’t! Without a major trophy I think he will go at the end of this season. As for having @nother go at Stan just remember he got rid of an under performing coach at the Rams and now his new young replacement has them going places, he is all of a sudden like a pig in poo. I believe he sees the credit in moving forward and therefore increasing the value of his stock and I am so confident in this, I will say goodbye to Just Arsenal if it doesn’t happen!!!

  10. jonfox says:

    Lets fast forward ahead to 2030. Arsenal still owned by Kroenke, now in his eighties and managed by Wenger also in his eighties. Crowds at Arsenal in the Championship are down to around 17000 – 20000 and the club is at about the same level in status as Villa, who are now in the Prem. Hardly any young fans have either the money or passion to go regularly and the crowds average age is now 60+. Josh Kroenke has got fed up with his fathers intransigence and senility and now owns Spurs who are Londons top club in 7th place in Prem. There are still seventeen fans world wide who want Wenger to stay. They are all living in Broadmoor Prison, an institution for the criminally insane.

  11. Yossarian says:

    Unfortunately I could see Wenger staying for another 2 years after the end of his current contract, in which case we’ll have another 3-and-a-half seasons of the same old problems.

    Since the weekend, for the first time ever, I’ve been getting sympathy from Man Utd fans. That’s how sorry the situation has become.

  12. Bur says:

    Stay! Stay! I don’t believe it!
    Seriously I just couldn’t handle another season let alone another 2 years!

  13. mario says:

    Wenger is a good coach what every body can testify but I want him to do something before is late, Wenger have to call ozil and Sanchez private meeting ask them in serious manner what they want and give to them then promise them that he Gonna buy two or three quality players that Can cost non less than 35,40 To 50 million pounds, one defensive midfielder That Can Help xhaka Like Nzonzi or gay from Everton I think if he play with Sanchez and ozil he will do more better I love his playing brain buy person like van dyike From Southampton then buy Andrew Silva from Barca,

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