Wenger to start Ozil and Wilshere to give Arsenal upbeat finish

One game for Arsenal that does not have too much riding on it against an already relegated and woefully out of form Aston Villa side is not all that important in the grand scheme of things, but having said that we still want Arsenal to win it.

It is not a completely dead rubber after all as the Gunners do need to make sure that we don’t have to play two nervy and unwanted games at the start of next season in order to secure a place in the Champions League group phase, and unlikely it may be there is still an outside chance of finishing above Tottenham in the Premier League table, which Arsene Wenger admits is only of value to us fans as bragging rights but still a worthwhile goal at that.

I do think that there is another good reason for Arsenal to play well and beat Aston Villa today, however. It is a bit like the importance of going into an international break during the season after a good performance and result, only much more so. A quality showing from the lads today will make us and them feel a lot better about things in the coming weeks and months and who knows what difference that could make?

A fluent and flowing Arsenal today could be just what the fans and players need to start to put the disappointment of this season behind us and that is why I think the boss will start with the creative talents of Jack Wilshere and Mesut Ozil in the centre, as he suggested in the pre-match press conference on Arsenal Player by stating that both are fit and ready to go.

We want to take this game to Villa and make their heads spin, thus giving the Emirates crowd a good reason to cheer and go home happy. Surely Wenger knows that this is no time for caution, so will he slip the shackles and allow our creative players to have the freedom to do what Arsenal do best?


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  1. The spuds will beat Newcastle today where their fans are apparently going to protest (let’s see if they do any better).

    ‎We will finish 3rd by beating a already relegated side by playing ping pong in midfield with Jack and mesut and will score heavily.

    And the win will mean diddly square for the coming season.‎

    ‎Sorry to rain on your parade.

    1. If you think that not having to play CL qualifiers in a Euros year, disrupting our pre season “will mean diddy square for the coming season” then you are entitled to your point of view but I disagree.

  2. Here is hoping Ozil can get at least 3 assists today to break and set a new record..

    That means we have to score at least 5 goals for and Ozil to do what he does best!!!!coyg!

  3. I really hope the Arsenal fans protest again today. It was a bit of damp squib against Norwich, but hopefully that was just the beginning, and with momentum, become bigger over time. I certainly do not think the Emirates crowd was representative of how the majority of Arsenal fans feel.

    I haven’t watched Arsenal since the standard defensive collapse at West Ham – a typical type of game that has become synonymous with Wenger. It’s a lovely sunny day today, so I will enjoy that, instead of watching relentless square passes. Thank you Wenger, for ruining Arsenal for me!

    Rinse and repeat for next season, and so on, and so on…

      1. So anyone who wants an end to mediocracy and end to just being happy for top four or beating Totenham or whatever miserable excuse mediocracy loving gits make up to satisfy themselves is a miserable git. I would much rather be a miserable git then a mediocracy loving lowlife.

      2. @Admin

        No, just another realist. I prefer to live in reality, but hey, you enjoy watching the likes of Ramsey, Giroud, Walcott and Co! If you’re really lucky, you may see Giroud’s second hat-trick in four years!!

  4. I’m not sure about that. I think this is the type of game when we usually see Arsenal at their best. Play time, unless Villa can muster up a hard to beat attitude. They didn’t when it mattered so I don’t really see them over-loading the bus stop area. Sometimes a reminder of what exactly went wrong can be more helpful. For instance, a Giroud hatrick after a barnstorming Wilshere Ramsey performance might have the manager thinking on Wilshere being unlucky. He also might think I knew there was a reason why I preferred Jack and Aaron on the same line-up. Then Girouds numbers would go up three, thanks to a side which gave up the ghost months back. Of course I never want Arsenal to fail in any game, and hope we win, Id just prefer if Villa gave us a proper contest of it, so we can focus entirely on the many things which went wrong. We need to do that now, time for optimism is well over. Unless we’re speaking of summer business, which could? be dented if we see certain individuals run a mock today.

  5. Manc are playing at the same time as us. Manc will be going all out for the win to ensure CL place. If they win and we lose then it is CL qualification matches, disrupting our pre season in a busy summer for some players in the euros. We have a lot to lose.

    Lets hope the team are totally focussed and not underestimating aston villa. We have bottled too many matches this season, we do not want another upset.

  6. If we take Leicester
    out of the equation
    it would be Spurs
    and Arsenal going for
    the title on the last day.
    Now that would be summit 🙂
    May be next season aye?

    1. Next season, May the force be with us. Lucky we have Iwobi wan1 Kenobi, petty Lukey boy is over in Turkey. I think we May have to promote princess Leah (williamson) from Arsenal ladies. Next May people, the force will prevail.

  7. Reading that Man City think they can buy Alexis Sanchez and Jack Wilshere from Arsenal.

    What a joke. It’s been 4 years since we last sold a player to a rival. That time has now passed, we don’t need the money anymore. Financially, we’re now in a very strong position. If a financially starved Everton could resist a £30m offer for John Stones last summer, Arsenal can resist whatever City will have to offer.

    1. The problem will come in a years time. If Sanchez and/or Ozil have not signed a new contract then we will be faced with either selling them or them going on a free reansfer the following year. Also, if it looks like they are not going to sign a new contract during the coming season then we are in a much better position to sell now than in a years time.

      Arsenal is a business, kroenke will go for the option which makes him the most money. Best for us fans is to bring in players who will improve the team so we challenge for PL and CL and top players want to come to Arsenal for that reason. If kroenke thinks that this will grow the “brand” then us fans will be happy.

      If Kroenke thinks that top four in PL (which means third or fourth) is good enough to keep fans happy and is best financially then expect more of the same ie possibly one marquee signing this summer plus some others and perhaps selling Sanchez.

  8. Looking forward to this game, with all the downs and the negativity within the season I know that I will still miss my arsenal for 3 months.

    1. You have the summer transfer window to look forward to. Lots of false hopes and disappointments. The occasional surprise like Sanogo and Ozil.

  9. Xhaka wants to come to Arsenal
    Kante wants to come to Arsenal
    I don’t know what to believe anymore 🙁

    1. Its the Summer Transfer soap opera. Mostly made up stories which by chance turn out to be true.

    2. Yeah Twig, that exact copy story coming out again for a player in the same position, annoyed me a little, as I now call BS on both of them. I think Xhaka wants to move alright, but we only got mentioned because 1 it is Arsenal, and two because we watched him thirty odd times last season. We probably do that with every player we watch, or we could have been looking at their left back.

      Remember Xhaka said he wants his new move sorted out before the Euros. Well I was thinking, the Euros kicks off in June, but the transfer window doesn’t open up until July. Sometimes they fly back for a quicky signature, but it’s more often that a club will wait the extra couple weeks. How come some windows open up earlier than ours, or even how some clubs can sign big players before the window, like Bayern, Cech for us but nothing was concrete except for his word. I don’t see why they just don’t make the window longer, esp when International tournaments are on.

    3. And Ronaldo wants to go to manu every year. Wouldn’t worry too much about what the media say ?

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