Wenger to leave Arsenal to take England to the World Cup?

It was little surprise that Roy Hodgson quickly resigned after England’s dismal exit from the Euros, but it is certainly a big surprise that Arsene Wenger was quickly installed as one of the favourites to take over, perhaps next summer when his contract with Arsenal will end.

Normally most English fans would prefer a native manager, but the FA chief executive Martin Glenn (who will one of the three-man panel to select Hodgson’s replacement) said that being English was not a requirement for the post- “If there were the perfect English manager, you would pick them,” Glenn said. “I am not sure there is, but we would take a good look and make a rational assessment.

“We’ll be looking for the best person for the job, so I am not ruling out a non-English coach.

“I’m not going to talk about names, it’s not even 24 hours since we’ve gone out of the tournament, but we will are looking for the best person, not necessarily the best Englishman.

“I won’t be drawn (on names), but track records are very important. It’s not always a factor that one can translate to the other, but clearly track record is an important part of any process.”

“We’d like to get one (manager) for the first World Cup qualifier, but if we don’t, we have an interim plan in mind,” Glenn said. “We are not talking about names today (for the interim post), but it would be a pretty obvious one to pick.

“We just don’t know yet who the runners and riders would be for the job.

“We clearly need an inspirational manager who can harness all of the resources that the English game, the big resources, has got to make us more resilient in tournaments.”

“That I think is the brief, but we want to work that through – but it is an inspirational manager and management team to get the best out of a squad which has got high potential,”

Glenn has previously been very enthusiastic about the Arsenal boss taking the job, especially as he has been managing in England for so long andknows the ins and outs of how the FA is run. “Arsène Wenger has been here since 1996,” Glenn said. “Has Arsène got a fantastic understanding of the Premier League, of English players, of the English media, of the expectations of England?

“Absolutely. So would you rule him out? Probably not, but he might not want it.”

Wenger has always said that he would always honour his contract no matter what, but it is a fact that the national manager’s job is considered to be more of a part-time occupation, and Wenger may like the idea of semi-retirement after giving his heart and soul to Arsenal for the last 20 years.

Perhaps he could do a job share this year with Gareth Southgate to help (like Hiddinck did with Chelsea and Russia) and then take sole control next summer when theWorld Cup Qualifiers will be in full swing.

Surely he has the “track record” needed, and he could hardly do a worse job than Hodgson!


    1. @Mick the Gooner…

      Do you really think money is part of Wenger’s worries now??
      I don’t think money will play a part in Wenger’s future decisions or next job IF he will be in another job after Arsenal…

      He loves England and their team and alwats love to help them by supplying most of the national team players, but unfortunatelly,he couldn’t do that this summer due to injuries and loss of form!

      1. But Wenger is all about money even if it isn’t his directly, or else we wouldn’t be in this situation of waiting to get the right striker at the RIGHT price.

    2. Well on England’s performance Walcott should have gone,he would have definitely done better than Sterling. But that’s hind site. Let’s move on. And England should have a English man for the job. The way Wenger has his team playing there worse than Hogsons crap. CB

  1. No. Please no.

    We don’t need England playing more of a passing game than they already do…

    Still, at least he wouldn’t have to agonise over spending money.

    1. “We don’t need England playing more of a passing game than they already do…”

      Well you must have been on cloud 9 when watching Eng V Ice. England couldn’t keep the ball if their life depended on it.

      You must be desperate to get your Hodgson back.

  2. Personally, I love the idea of Wenger managing England,not because I want him gone but bcos I want him to add technicality to the English team and it will be exciting to see how he fares with a national team!

  3. Chelsea got Batshuayi …
    ManUtd got Zlatan to …
    ManUtd got Mkhitaryan …
    Liverpool got Mane …
    Arsenal … please wait …

  4. Arsenal got Xhaka and almost signed Vardy…

    Sam need a striker:pls support the other teams that have bought the players!

  5. MR Wenger is a gentle man Hudson is a gentle man too in soccer you need a bully some one like simone conte that will drive the players on the pitch some one that will motivate and ignite the sole of players in fires while the tactics are 100% perfect
    I dont know much about dennis wise at the moment at moment but at his time he was a bully

  6. Why on earth would Wenger want to take on england. It is a poisoned chalice, last reasonablr success was fourth in world cup in 1990.

    1. There was a third place in 1996 in the euros. So that is twenty years since we have had a modicum of success

  7. England normally qualify for the finals, normally get past the group stage then drop out at that stage. Sounds a bit like Arsenal in the champions league.so perhaps Wenger is ideally suited,

  8. This would be the best thing for Arsenal and Wenger. It would give him a way out and us a way forward that saves face.

  9. With his knowledge of the British game he could probably do a better job than most doing it part time

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