Wenger to replace Unai Emery at PSG?

Wenger offered a Two Year contract, but not from Arsenal!

An announcement from Arsene Wenger and Arsenal is expected in the very near future in regards to the Frenchman’s intentions at the club. It wouldn’t surprise the majority of Arsenal fans if he was to come out and say that he was staying for at least another season, however in reality, I think he’s seen the uproar amongst the fans and the poor squad moral and has concluded that it is time to move on.

Despite the possible intention to leave, it is generally considered that the contract offer that was reportedly put on the table earlier in the season, still remains there to be signed. However it is being reported today that a two year deal has been drawn up for Arsene Wenger signature, the only difference is that it isn’t to be in charge of Arsenal.

It was reported last week how French side Paris Saint Germain were keeping a close eye on Arsene Wenger’s situation at Arsenal, with the current Ligue 1 champions keen on obtaining Wenger’s services if he was to leave the Gunners.

The report in the Metro suggests that PSG have been keen on Wenger for sometime, and the appointment of Unai Emery last summer hasn’t worked out as planned. Wenger has turned down some big European clubs during his managerial career, with the likes of Real Madrid and AC Milan having previously shown an interest in his services. But despite such interest, Wenger has always turned them down in commitment to Arsenal. However the opportunity he reportedly has now with PSG would be one that he would be silly to turn down. He has the chance of success in France, as well as an outside shot in Europe. He’d be on a very good wage and of course it would see a return to his home nation of France. For Wenger this could be the perfect position post-Arsenal, especially with the 67 year old keen on one last job before he retires.

Although this is nothing more than pure speculation at this stage, if true, I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that Wenger suggests he’s made up his mind and then PSG come calling. PSG would be a big job for Wenger to go into, rather than drop down the levels. This is because whilst many will argue that his methods are outdated, I think a change of team and a breath of fresh air is what’s most needed for both Wenger and Arsenal. Wenger is in real danger of ruining the legacy he has achieved at Arsenal and these final few months are going to be like a foul smell lingering in the air.

The announcement that Wenger spoke of is going to be massive in terms of how the end of the season goes. His situation is taking over everything about Arsenal football club. His future is the pre-match talk, the in game commentary and what is discussed at full time. If he was to just come out and say where his future lies beyond the summer, then it would clear the air for a lot of fans, players and of course the media; and then we can end the constant uncertain speculation that has become the focal point of the Gunners this season.



  1. sonix says:

    I agree this is a big chance for Arsene to move on and of course have a good shot in the Champions League.

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Move on!
    Please Move On!

  3. Fatboy Gooney says:

    Arsenal fans should know better ?? not to get their hopes up.
    According to Wenger, this is fake news!
    It’s probably the Arsenal Board that’s spreading this one.?
    They’ve been busy this week, what with their airplane banner in Wenger’s defence and now this rumour lol ?

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    It’s safe to say that the majority of fans want change at the club, But the sad facts are: the changes that will take place next season won’t include the manager.
    You can scream, shout, cry and wave your banner as much as you want or even take things to the extreme and chuck yourself under a train in protest ??but it’s not going to get Wenger to step down or get kicked out.
    The youth today will hound out their parents after 20 years of service ????

    ?? ” Get Out Dad, I don’t care if it’s your house”

  5. ArseOverTit says:

    The big announcement today is that we should all just be very grateful to him for being at AFC.

    Forget about Graham, chapman and the first munitions workers we should all just be happy to have Wenger collecting 8.5Million to manage our unsuccessful football team, assembled, trained and motivated by he.

    With what he says it’s hard to know what is going to happen and that may be because he doesn’t know himself yet due to knowone except maybe a Chinese league club making a path for him.

    I pray to the football and Arsenal gods the man leaves before he completely ruins his early legacy for his sake and for AFCs!

  6. SoOpa AeoN says:

    Hey!!! Mr. Potato Head…..
    Don’t you dare turn your back on PSG……Take the Job Asap
    Remember charity begins at home & you are french

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