Wenger to stay but Arsenal board demands transfer changes

Arsene Wenger is widely reported to have signed a new contract to stay with Arsenal this summer, with an announcement pencilled in for tomorrow.

The Frenchman’s talks are not believed to have gone problem-free however, as the board are said to have been unhappy with their manager’s transfer dealings in recent years, and he has been ordered to arrange our transfers much earlier this summer.

His business has been blamed for the club’s dire campaign, and this season we finished in our lowest league position since Wenger joined, and the club is keen on returning to the Champions League for the 2018-19 season.

The manager will likely be given his most generous budget yet, as the club looks to assure itself of a much stronger campaign, and without a place in Europe’s elite competition, they may well push for a title challenge.

Wenger is expected to have a two-year contract announced tomorrow, but despite an official announcement, Twitter as well as many news sources are reported confirmation of his new deal, with it having been public knowledge that the 67 year-old and the board were to sit down today.

Arsenal won the FA Cup at the weekend, and it remains unknown whether he would have been staying on had he failed to return with a trophy for the campaign, but fans protests have been overlooked regardless.

Planes had been flown over stadiums brandishing banners with the hashtag #WengerOut, while staged walkouts were also put to plan during the season, but there appears to be no such reprieve this summer.

Stan Kroenke has also been the target of protests, with some blaming his control of the club for the recent downfall, and Alisher Usmanov will not have taken any of the pressure of the American after he publicly attempted to buy Kroenke’s shares this month.

Can Wenger get the fans back onside? Does anyone now doubt his new deal?

Pat J

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  1. DANDY GUNNER says:

    The Arsenal Board are SPINELESS they are afraid of life after Wenger they have been pulling in a lot money from their dividends for the last 20 years and if Wenger goes they won’t get as much in dividends that is what this is all about MONEY. The Board don’t give a Monkeys about the Fans.

    1. muff..di...di...di...diver i now stutter cos this club made me suffer says:

      unreal decision

      this wont be two more years.
      he’s addicted

      i expect 5-6 years

      nina bracewell who sold her shares to stan an made this possible has gone under the radar


      1. gmv8 says:

        At least she came out and apologised, said she made a mistake. No one else who sold to Kroenke, or advised her to do so also,has done the same. It’s Peter Hill-Wood, who’s the worst – he was totally clued in, and said about Kroenke ‘We don’t want his sort around here’ – yet still sold his shares to him.

        1. Midkemma says:

          I curse the old board every time I think of Silent Stan.
          For me that is when AFC started to show less ambition.

          We had 1 member on the board who was deeply immersed in the footballing world and that was David Dein, he had a genuine passion for AFC… and he got forced out :'(

          The board then promised us fans they wouldn’t sell and as you rightfully pointed out, HW spun his web of lies which just boosted the share value.

          This is where our problems stem from and IMO this is where us fans need to focus our attention, sort this out and get people on the board who knows about football so we can compete at the top. Gazidis was also hired around this time to replace Dein who done the transfers… IMO he is the 1st one who should go. He knows nothing about how to sign top players and we have been witnessing that for years now. The top players who have come have pointed to Wenger being the reason why and his personal phone calls… Why can’t Gazidis get top players in?

      2. MANTAK says:

        Nina Bracewell ?!!! You’ŕ letting your disappointed amplify your stupidity. Its not her fault we are in the position we are now. She sold her shares to the highest bidder and good luck to her. Thats like blaming the guy who you bought a car from when you get done for speeding.

        The best and worst thing about some football fans that contribute to forums is they are allowed to epress their opinions. Unfortunately theres a huge sway of people that shouldnt be allowed to express their opinion, brexit being an excellent example, because it allows those individuals a voice when they really should keep it zipped..

    2. Atid says:

      Dandy Gunner – u must learn the facts. I am an Arsenal Shareholder, WE DO NOT GET DIVIDENDS, FULL STOP!!

      1. G-Force says:

        Fact is that Stan has taken money out of the club disguised as ‘advisory services’ and bonuses are paid out for mediocrity. Not saying that he can’t but there you go…

      2. DANDY GUNNER says:

        You are a shareholder I said the Board get big Dividends.

    3. Tas says:

      This was decided moths ago the only reason they announce it now is so that supporters turn up for the games and so no massive demonstrations, now we have weeks to get use to it and shut up get on with life, if we are lucky they might spend some lose change on top of seling players

  2. Pablo Picaso says:

    One word = Disaster!!!

    If the board were a bit clever or actually cared a little for us they would make this silly statement along with Alexis and Ozil’s extensions plus a WC striker announcement. But this is the real world, Wenger stays, Sanchez off to City, and the club continues going down.

    1. Arsenal FC says:

      NOOOOOOOOOOO I don’t want to see Sanchez in a crappy chitty shirt playing against us.Damn our manager,board and owner if they sell Sanchez to a direct rival in EPL.

      1. muff..di...di...di...diver i now stutter cos this club made me suffer says:

        they dont need sanchez
        best midfield in world football now
        an aguero

        they need defenders

        not worried

        1. Pablo Picaso says:

          muff Pep is a sneaky little fella. He wants the best squad in world football and if he can weaken a rival even better. Forward players like Nolito, Navas, Nasri, Kelachi, will be offloaded living enough room for a Sanchez. Players like Sterling will be bench warmers in the new City team. Jesus / Kun / Sanchez can all play together or rotate.

          I am not ruling out anything at the moment but my prayer is Alexis stays or he goes to China (wouldn’t want to watch him in Europe destroying other teams and imagining what would have been)

        2. Arsenal FC says:

          It will be RVP all over again just watch.

          1. The Bridge is over/the Bridge is over says:

            What has Vanpayslip got to do with this?

          2. Tas says:

            If you don’t know then you don’t know

          3. Midkemma says:

            RvP didn’t leave because he wanted a bigger payslip.
            He left because he wanted AFC to show ambition and we bought Podolski and Giroud… Real ambition Arsenal. =.=

            Wenger was also saying he would be happy to let RvP run down his contract.

            Then the board sold RvP to ensure we didn’t lose such an asset for free.

            Fans turned on RvP like a bunch of idiots instead of supporting the guy for trying to force Arsenal to show ambition that we all wanted to see from our team.

            And here we are with you calling him VanPayslip…

          4. Tas says:

            My main problem with RVP was when he scored against us home and away his selebration was shocking he jumped in the arms of Frguson kissing and hugging him like as if it was the CL final wining goal,

            The man has no respect to the club where he was injured for 7.5 years of 9 years at the club ungrateful peace of turd I spit on him and I don’t usualy get upset with anyone

          5. Arsenal FC says:

            In case you don’t know he went to UTD and won them the bloody title.
            That’s what i mean with Sanchez too.Arsenal will sell him to City and he will win them the bloody title like RVP did.DUH.

          6. stubill says:

            The difference is, had Arsenal not sold him, they would have made about a £3 million loss that year. That’s one of the main reasons we kept selling our best players during that period.

          7. Arsenal FC says:

            So now Arsenal will tell Sanchez to see out his contract and go on a free when his contract expires and Arsenal will be ok with that yes?.

  3. Rorie Day says:

    Delighted we won the FA Cup; but for God’s Sake… This is the worst news all season, and we all knew he would re-sign!

    2 more years; praying and believing the team can challenge for the title; instead it’ll be business as usual.

    Our Best Player may Leave to be replaced by who? Who will come to a rusting Europa League team, with take over bids, fan discontent (boarding on hatred) and a manager so delusional and up his own arse that he dismisses lifelong fans to talk about his competency and his quality as a coach. The term Conceited comes to mind.

    Many of you may disagree; fair enough but the FA Cup can’t continue to whitewash the cracks in our club.

  4. gotanidea says:

    If the board really demands earlier transfer from Wenger, good. Arsenal suffered a lot in trophy achievement department, because of the last minute transfers and the panic buys.

    I believe Wenger has finally seen what he did wrongly with the success of the new system. I hope he will get midfield dictators this time, because Arsenal’s midfield is lacking of players that can dictate the tempo and help Arsenal to dominate the ball possession.

    The earliest deal that Wenger has to secure is Sanchez’s contract extension. I think currently it is difficult to find someone like him, unless Arsenal is willing to pay 60 million plus for a new attacking midfielder.

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Mahrez £35 million, is being linked again.

      1. Tas says:

        Now we will chase any and every player that had one deacent season cut price

    2. Midkemma says:

      Xhaka was done early, not a last min panic buy.
      We needed a top CB and a top CF still right?

      How about a world cup winning CB? Hmm, but to get him then we won’t have funds to a top CF…

      Maybe Wenger was asking for more money?

      In the end we bought Mustafi who has won the WC and when he 1st joined us he did help us develop a mean defense until our CM fell apart, Xhaka took time to adapt.

      We did bid for Lacazette and it was all Wenger had left to spend and we failed.

      Got Perez who Wenger has shown no indication he has wanted at all! Kinda like Welbeck, Wenger only wanted him on loan. That is 2 CF we now have and neither of them are good enough for Arsenal and neither of them was wanted by Wenger.

      If the board doesn’t want Wenger to dither in the transfer market then they need to hand him a blank cheque book. That way he can get who he wants without being told “you can’t afford that though if you get this other player”.

      David Dein went out and got the players and he sold to recoup money.
      Gazidis is failing us.

      Wenger gets blame =.=
      Wenger isn’t perfect but Gazidis is the real hinderance in transfers.

      1. JamButWhiner says:

        It seems to me from everything I read and hear that it is Wenger who is the one dithering on transfers not sure we can blame Gazidas for that. Wenger wants and has total control over these clowns if you ask me. There is not a player who comes in without Wenger’s blessing and not a player sold without his approval.

  5. Arsenal FC says:

    Although this was inevitable but i’m not happy at all with this.Wenger is never going to win the EPL ever again and don’t even bother going there regarding the ECL.Saturday was such a ideal time for Wenger to go with style but no he won’t go out on a high.

  6. Pablo Amandiarez says:

    I have mixed feelings about this. Got nothing against Wenger but his blind support of his players is what really annoys me. He has to weed out the non-performers who are just there for the money and bring in at least a couple of hardened, no-nonsense players. The team does not have mental strength and the determination of old.

  7. Galen says:

    The transfer window would be the first sign. We all know the story at Arsenal. But this window and how we operate would let us know. When we signed Sead Kolasinac I knew Arsene would stay.
    How do we know if its smae old bitttccccchhh

    1) You hear Comments like the squad is good enough
    2) The market is very slow , people are on holidays
    3) there is money in the market but not quality
    4) Not been in the champions league is a problem
    5) We are doing signings on Final day
    6) We start the season unprepared cause we don’t have our targets and we have injuries

    If i don’t see these 6 attitudes above , then i know we are trying to change something. For me the change is not just the Manager, its the way the club operate and that begins from the transfer window at the start of the season, preseason preparation and our ambition

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      • Soccer Nigeria claims deal for Onyekuru has been agreed
      • KAS Eupen forward scored 25 goals last season
      • The 19 year old has attracted interest from several Premier League clubs

      In an exclusive, Soccer Nigeria reveal that Arsenal have agreed a fee of €8 million for the player.

      A source told them: “Henry (Onyekuru) is close to becoming a Gunner, the transfer fee has been agreed and his weekly wages and other personal terms have been agreed.”

      Onyekuru has enjoyed a stellar season in Belgium, scoring 25 goals in 41 appearances for newly promoted KAS Eupen. He has gained a reputation for his ability to carry the ball with the speed.

      The 19 year old’s goal tally is impressive considering he has played most of the season as a left winger.

      1. SANOGO ANYONE???????….What part of WORLD CLASS PLAYERS they don’t get……we are condemned to keep the STATUS QUO while this team keeps this mentality imposed by the owners and supported by the Manager..

    2. Winterburn 87 says:

      You forgot : ‘ we weren’t mentally prepared ‘

    3. gotanidea says:

      You are right about the problem lies with Wenger’s attitude and how Arsenal operates, @Galen.

      But once Arsenal announces Wenger’s extension, I hope the protests will stop. If the new season starts with negative comments from the fans and the media, Arsenal will definitely get a disappointing season.

      Suppose Arsenal purchases bargained players and desperately buy someone in the last minute of the transfer window again, I hope all of us will be able to support other team instead. Because if they do that, it will show that Arsenal is greedy and is not a great club.

      Let us watch whether Arsenal will really change in this transfer window and whether they are really worth to be supported by us.

    4. Midkemma says:

      Wenger is NOT the final say on how much we spend.
      If he was then we would have Lacazette, Wenger wanted him 12 months ago and AFC made a bid of what was left over from the transfer kitty and AFC failed in that bid, ended up buying a player who Wenger has never shown any indication he has wanted.

      Gazidis is the real issue and Silent Stan is the man who can sort that out.

      Have a look at transfers before he arrives.
      Have a look at transfers from the 1st summer window after he arrived.

      See the penny pinching arrive? If not then please learn to read, it is so obvious that a child can see it.

      After Dein and before Gazidis Wenger pays over the odds to buy Nasri who had just signed a new contract to boost his value. Winter window and Gazidis is fresh in his new role, not been at AFC long enough to put a bum grove in his new office seat and we sign Arshavin for a record transfer fee. I put that down to Wenger as it is not impossible to think that people take a bit of time to settle into a new job in a new country with different structures. The next transfer window, the 1st summer transfer with Gazidis and we spend £10 million. The following year and the max we spend on a single player is again, around £10 million. 12 months later and what is the max we spend on a player? £12 mil with add ons for the Ox. 3 other players at around £10 mil.

      Wow… £10 mil figure is appearing more now isn’t it? Let us look at 12 months later…
      £10, £12 and £16 million. The largest fee was for Cazorla and it was the 2nd time we went for him after missing out on him by a couple million the year before.

      It has taken us years to get back to the level of spending before Gazidis arrived, £1 million difference between Arshavin and Cazorla. This is as debts ease off a bit as well. Next year we make a new record signing.

      When will fans wake up and realize that Gazidis has been letting our club down for years while pointing the finger at Wenger, any wonder there is disharmony between them at the club?

    5. Jamaican gooner says:

      Am ecstatic about the extension and also optimistic about this transfer window.. Reason be, is that it’s the first time wenger has ever come out and stated he’s in the market for world class addition.. He’s very blunt about his intention

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Just Watched Wrath of Khan
    Spock sacrificed his life for the ship and crew.

    Wenger should have sacrificed his job when he won the FA CUP for the Sake of the Club and fans.

    Wenger should have said “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one”

    Then Wenger should have said to the fans and Arsenal FC, “I am and always shall be your friend. Live Long and Prosper”

    But nothing has changed
    If anything he got a little slap on the hand. Actually not even that.

    City already have their first signing
    Don’t expect much from Wenger

    1. Midkemma says:

      Do you work at being ignorant of is it a natural skill?

      Yes we need a top CF so why didn’t the Arsenal board back Wenger and make more funds available to him last transfer window? We failed in a £30ish million bid for Lacazette and followed that failure up with a £17 million Perez who Wenger has never shown faith in.

      That is the boards failings.

      We wanted as supporters a TOP CB, CM and CF.

      Xhaka has taken time to settle but recently he has shown that he IS the top CM we need.
      Mustafi has dropped in form a bit but when he 1st joined he helped us go unbeaten for a respectable number of games, our def was praised. Don’t forget that Mustafi has a WC medal.

      We got a top CM and CB. Maybe we could have done better but the fact remains that Wenger got 2 top players.

      The board are saying Wenger needs to not dither in the transfer market like last time, I bet Wenger was dithering because he knew he had to choose between a top CB and a top CF.

      If all he had was £100 million and £30-£35 million of that was spent on Xhaka then all he had left was either £65 or £70 million.

      If Lacazette was going to cost us £45 mil then all Arsenal had left to get a top CB would have been £20-£25 million.

      Wenger chose to reinforce the CB, prob thinking of Kos injuries….
      That cost Arsenal around £35 million, still cheaper than the £50 ish million Stones cost city and Mustafi has won the world cup with Germany.

      Wenger had around £30- £35 million to spend on a CF. Around that was the fee we bid for Lacazette…. and FAILED.

      It isn’t Wenger who needs to leave, it is Gazidis.
      He was hired to take over Deins role, have you supported Arsenal long enough to know that or base everything on what you read in the daily rags?
      When Dein was at Arsenal then we didn’t hear about missing out on bids by a few million, we got the player. Heck, we beat Real Madrid to sign Pires, can we beat RM to a player with Gazidis penny pinching… Oh that is right, you assume it is Wenger penny pinching because that is what you have been told by the media!

      There is 1 player Wenger signed with no Dein at Arsenal and no Gazidis at Arsenal, that was Nasri. Nasri signed a new contract just before we signed him and we had to pay more than we would have otherwise. Gazidis then arrived and he hadn’t been at Arsenal long enough to warm his seat up by the time we bought Arshavin for a record transfer fee.

      The 1st summer transfer window with Gazidis and we only spend on Vermaelen and for a fee of around £10 million.

      Oh look, penny pinching.

      We have a squad of players who are questionable and people have blamed Wenger for this.
      We need a top CF and we have Welbeck who Wenger only wanted on loan and Perez who we got instead of Lacazette who Wenger appeared to want.

      That is Gazidis, not Wenger.

  9. crispen says:

    one word “GREAT”!!!!

    AW is great. The board realizes that. And Arsenal lives to fight another day..


  10. Vlad says:

    He’s going to stay. We knew that for months now. The question is whether he still has what it takes to lead the club to glory. I say Yes, but only if he can put that stubbornness of his aside. That, and his favoritism towards certain players, although he’s gotten much better with that in the last couple of years (never in a million years did I think that Jackie boy could be sent out on loan).

    1. khangunners says:

      See you on February you will see

    2. Midkemma says:

      Hi Vlad, Wenger being stubborn is mostly media BS from my point of view.

      Wenger does try new things quite a lot and that is how he ‘stumbles’ upon solutions.
      Most commonly seen is with squad picking, a pair works well together and amazes people… Like Coquelin and Cazorla. Formation not as much but managers do have favored formations and we did not call SAF stubborn for playing his formation… Wenger went from a 442 when 1st joined to the 4231 and now 343. If you have a look at the evolution of formations within the EPL then you will find that Wenger has changed his formation pretty quick compared to other managers but not a flip flop manager.

      The real issue has been signings, we have not had enough quality to send out our prospects on loan, well, until recently.
      When we did get it, Jack went out on loan to prove himself.

      Why did you think Jack wouldn’t be sent out on loan in a million years? Media?
      Wenger does make use of loan moves when he can.
      Gnabry was highly rated by Wenger and Wenger wanted him to get game time to improve his fitness so why was he sent to a team managed by Pulis? We lost him afterwards because Pulis failed him and Arsenal by not playing him and he hadn’t had the chance to prove his fitness. Instead of taking another loan move, he asked to be sold.

      We see a fair number of players going out on loan since we have had more funds, some of them have been bad loans like Gnabry but AFC has been getting players out on loan.

      Campbell has a lot of support from the fans and they moan about him being on loan. Campbell has to grow up in the head still. Sporting has seen this and unless he grows up, he isn’t going to be playing for Wenger.

      Chambers done well and at moments he was fantastic but he was a liability due to concentration lapses. He needed games. He wasn’t going to get them at Arsenal… Loan. Chambers could become a future top international CB if develops correctly.

      Another reason why I do not feel it is a surprise for Wenger to loan players out, it keeps the players value at the club while paying less on the wages, basically it bumps up share value!

      Why would anyone be surprised to see Silent Stan do a tactic which boosts his share value?

    3. CLG says:

      . If anyone has favouritism, it’s you because you favour Jackie with or without broken legs

  11. Midkemma says:

    The board will do nothing of the sort and I know why.

    Any individual can see that Wenger has not been the issue on transfers, Gazidis makes sounds which points the blame at Wenger but the owner knows the board.

    Wenger is being told to spend.
    Yes, the same amount as last season and he has to rebuild a squad…

    The reason why we still need a tp CF is because Gazidis failed to back Wenger, Wenger needed more money last year and he wasn’t given it because Gazidis is pathetic.

    We dithered for Mustafi and Perez?
    Wenger didn’t have the funds for both and was trying to find a solution.

    In the end the solution was missing out on Lacazette and panic buy Perez.

    Well done Gazidis, instead of making threatening sounds to the media as PR, do your freaking job! Ensure enough funds available to the manager and do not fail to get one of his main targets.

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Wenger treats the clubs funds as if it was his own and that’s straight from the old delusional zipper jackets mouth.
      The Board are actually telling Wenger to spend & to get his signings done early.

    2. amb98 says:

      Arsene Wenger has to take a huge portion of the blame for transfers and virtually everything else because he has so much control at the football club. People always say that we lack finances however part of this is Wenger’s fault. Over the last 3 seasons we have had a net spend of £187.27m. We have only received £34m from players leaving the club. AW’s problem is he does not offload players to recoup money (e.g. Wilshere, Ramsey, Theo, Giroud, Gibbs etc) as well as our stupid wage structure where players like Jenkinson are on £50k. During the same time period Chelsea have a net spend of £16.16m. Cup final aside look at the difference between the two squads.

  12. Adrian says:

    given the lack of succession planning, a contract extension seems sensible. The transfer policy will have to change as wenger likes to buy young players he can develop. If they set up the appropriate management structure the hand over can take place seamlessly in the next two years.

  13. ArseOverTit says:

    such ambition at AFC..

    Question: who can we get to deliver the biggest honors to our football club?

    Answer: I know, A guy who has not been able to win a premier league in 13 years and who in 22 years has not won a European trophy!

    Of course, this make perfect sense [financially] , if you are a bunch of unambitious [footballing wise] yes men. If Wenger is confirmed tomorrow and Stan remains at the club Im forgetting about AFC until they are gone.

    I wait with interest to see if the slide into a mid table sports franchise visited by half and half football tourists continues.

    Soul is being sucked from this club.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Conte has never won a European cup, Klopp has won one title in all his years, and only about four or five different teams won the CL over the last twenty years.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        Sorry, 2 titles in 17 years Klopp.

        1. ArseOverTit says:

          ranieri did in the league though,

          in UCL so did maurenho and di matteo, so did benitez..

  14. Bartender says:

    Imagine they announced Thomas Tuchel as manager with Wenger as director of football?!!!

    But knowing Arsenal

    Manager: Arsene Wenger

    DoF: Arsene Wenger

    Lol…aaaah this team though

  15. BOARD DEMANDS…….that is the funniest thing I heard year, the BOARD COMPLIES with WENGER demands sounds more accurate

  16. The Bridge is over/the Bridge is over says:

    The most important thing for AFC is stability and today’s news brings just that. It was imperative that Wenger stayed and this is very positive news in terms of next steps for the club.

  17. mark says:

    All the wailing, whining, bleating, moaning and general negative feeling towards AW isn’t going to change anything. He is here for another 2 years at least.

    For me, that means we ought to get behind him and believe things can change for the better to the aim of winning the Premier league or perhaps the Europa league.

    I do think the club realises he is the best man to take us forward, but only with a few tweaks here and there. If that means good early transfers, great. Whether you like Wenger or not, it’s a no brainer that he has to stay while the club plans for his successor. He is Mr consistent, and a new face is a risk. Like it or not, that’s how football is in these times.

    If he does well, great if not then I am all for affecting change in a couple of years, but not without a well laid plan for smooth transferral of power. For now though, keeping him on with a few changes is the sensible option. Arsenal F.C. is a business after all.

    And this new 3 4 3 looks good for now.

    All that said, he must start listening a bit more….

  18. john says:

    It was no surprise that he signed another two years contract who else would take it. The thought of playing on a Thursday then a Sunday will harm our title chances as we in the Europa cup not the champions league.
    We need at least five quality players a defender, goalkeeper, a defensive midfielder, a attacking midfielder and a striker
    Though winning the f.a cup did take a bit of pressure of him only time will tell
    There got to be a new structure at the club, and get rid of the also rans like Lucas Perez, Jenkinson, debuchy and sagono for starters

  19. Madaki says:

    Good news as long as he will be forced to bring in world class players this summer

    1. ArseOverTit says:

      yeh, of course we will. right after Kroenke throws 100 million of his own money into the pot to do so!;)

      new here?

  20. thenry says:

    a player who can dictate play that would be xhaka he’s been doing it better then most the second half of the season or did you miss that.
    excellent news Wenger has signed on for two more years.
    hope the dissenting fans piss off and find new clubs to support we don’t need the taxic atmosphere.
    only Arsenal fans can complain at winning a trophy
    down the road spuds win fuk all ever yet their fans support their team knowing they will win fuk all.
    COYG Arsene definately knows better then all you on here

    1. khangunners says:

      Arsenal is a club with a richer history than spuds so obviously arsenal fans will demand more.

  21. fredupGooner says:

    Two more years of Wenger….nothing but bloody nightmare!

  22. Break-on-through says:

    Our win-less streak started the moment Kroenke took over, so I’d say he’s the one who should go first. We don’t know what goes on in those board rooms, but I’m sure their jobs are supposed to try and make us a challenging team, it’s not all on the manager. Like when we miss out on a signing over ten mil or so, the board could have sorted that out easily enough. Or when we have to wait nearly ten years before we can begin spending top money, that is being way too stringent, plenty of clubs go into the red knowing well that they can swing it back in no time. Also never mind the red, you often heard about us sitting on huge resources to make the books look good. Then what about the pressure, it’s left to the fans to instill any pressure when players look to be coasting, do the board not want the same as fans want, are they not supporters themselves. Now we’re hearing that director of football is maybe a no go, so did they just say that stuff in case we lost the FA cup, but now they feel they don’t have to belittle/indulge us anymore, not for a while yet anyway. Kroenke out!!

  23. Yossarian says:

    Whilst Silent Stan has never put pressure on Wenger to win anything other than the Wenger Trophy, the board have come out several times in recent years to say “We have the money” so I think the lack of top-quality transfers has indeed been down to Wenger, and his obsession with “Stability” as he often says.

    In past transfer windows he’s just been allowed to get on with it, and everybody in the world can see that it’s not gone well. Had previous windows secured the players that everybody could see we needed (Top centre forward, DM, etc. etc.) then the fans would be much happier now.

    Therefore if it is true, IE. That the board will apply pressure to ensure that top-quality players are signed in the forthcoming transfer window, that is really good news. With a strong squad of top-players, there can be no excuses for not challenging for the title during the 2 year contract extension. (Before anybody tells me that Moureen & Pep didn’t challenge this season, I bet you any money they will be up there next season).

    If it fails, then there will be nowhere to hide by saying “We can’t match the finances of Man U / Man C / etc.” and perhaps we might get somebody who will make better use of the considerable financial power that Arsenal has. After all, it’s Europe’s 5th richest football club (According to Forbes) so we absolutely should be competing with the best.

    1. Break-on-through says:

      But he had 90m last season, after our 30+ signings all he had left was enough for a Perez, your telling me if they gave him another sixty mil he wouldn’t have looked for a better striker than Perez. Same reason he went for Vardy, to me it looks that Wenger tried to make best what was given to him.

      1. OsloGunner says:

        you think he would of got vardy for 17 mill lol
        Wheres your proof that he went for him ?

        1. Admin says:

          Are you serious?

          1. OsloGunner says:

            Fair enough a bid was made but in my opinion it was half hearted the same as the 40 mill + 1 pound for Suarez .

  24. gmv8 says:

    I don’t believe it is Wenger’s choice to be so stingy – that wasn’t the case before Kroenke arrived – he was accused of being too spendthrift – lashing out on Arshavin etc. It is difficult to know who is driving the spending situation at Arsenal, especially as Lucas Perez’s situation appears to have been caused by a difference of opinion on spending. It is clearly something that has to change – even the Spuds have all their top players tied into long term contracts, yet we allow our best players, on which we are heavily reliant – especially AS7 to go into his last year? The way things are going, I would be happy if we retain our best players this year, at the expense of getting anyone else in.

    1. Yossarian says:

      Before Kroenke, David Dein was involved in that side of things, and he was better than Wenger in that department. For a long time now, each season Wenger’s been saying stuff like “This team can challenge for the title” and “It’s the best team since the invincibles” and so on. Coupled with his desire to be seen as somebody that develops players rather than “Buying” the title, I am not convinced that the stinginess not been him.

      Hopefully his failure to beat Leicester to the EPL title last season, and no Wenger Trophy this season, has enlightened him to the fact that he can’t win anything through buying only bargain players, youngsters, and the occasional big signing, because he’s simply not good enough with tactics and with managing injuries and contracts. Maybe he will have to buy some big names to really challenge next season, in an attempt to re-assert his credibility as a serious EPL contender.

  25. Elliot says:

    Obviously disappointed he’s staying but what can we do now? All I care about atm is Sanchez, ozil and the ox staying with us.

    1. Janssen says:

      It is the “what can we do now” after every failure that has made life easy for Wenger.

      Watch, we will have a disappointing transfer window and we will say “what can we do now, let’s give the squad a chance”

      We will have a rough patch followed by an implosion and we will say “let’s judge at the end of the season”

      We will have poor season and not challenge for the PL and when it is over we will say “well what can we do now, let’s bring in some top players”

      And this will go on and on as it has for the past 5 or more years.

      1. Elliot says:

        Unfortunately Janssen, I think your probably right 🙁

  26. DANDY GUNNER says:

    WENGER can’t compete tactically with the younger generation of Coaches anymore, he showed that in abundance this season as Arsenal’s campaign crumbled around them. The Board and Wenger will be quite happy with a top 6 and a domestic cup. So Buckle down for another two years of same old same old, move along nothing new to see here. On that Note this is my last post as I can’t take anymore of Wengers CXXX. I will be back when that Wenger is gone from Arsenal. I wish you all the Best.

  27. G-Force says:

    So let me get this straight…Louis Van Gaal won the FA cup, finished fifth and got fired. Ar$ene got the exact same results and gets rewarded with a new deal?!! Mind you, it took LVG TWO years to win the FA cup whereas Ar$ene took NINE years to finally end the trophy drought with the FA cup. Even Tuchel won a cup with Dortmund and got fired!

    Ar$ene has the chance to leave with some shred of dignity (not in my books though) amid the toxic atmosphere, plane fly-by, fan protests, chants etc but his arrogance and greed convinces him that the FA cup, which saw him draw two non-league teams warrants a new deal!!?

    The board are a disgrace as well! I am 100% sure that one of the targets set by the board is CL qualification, which he did not achieve but who cares, fxxx the fans right and offer him a new deal. Ar$ene now thinks he is an expert manager after copying other teams adopt a back three after decades of sticking with the same formation. I bet he watched videos of Mourinho’s masterclass against Chelsea in the league over and over again before the FA cup final. Utter joke!!

  28. Ronny says:

    Gutted!! Totally gutted!!

  29. Ronny says:

    This guy must have the skin of a rhino.
    Thick skinned I’ll say. He may need it come next year.

  30. OsloGunner says:

    Didnt a board member come out years ago and state
    “if we gave you 100 million what would you do” Wenger replied ” i would hand it back”.
    Im totally devastated he is getting a extention .
    By the way ive been a fan since 1979 and i come from London .
    I wont be renewing my sports channel next season thats for sure and since 2010 i have refused to invest 1 penny into this club except taking my sons to a game as promised and even then i had to choose the opponent carefully as not to disappoint my boys .

  31. AndersS says:

    No hope of challenging for the title any time soon.

  32. john says:

    It. Time to get behind the manager it the board who are at fault, they should give him.a free run at the transfers market,and Wenger should tell the board who he wants and get them. Playing in the Europa cup not a bad idea cos if you win it you enter the champions league Next season, also the new formation is working i hope he keeps it.
    We seem to raise our game against top sides and it drops against lower sides.
    We have to win those matches to stand a chance of winning the league

  33. GrahamB says:

    G-force; Stan has taken £3mill a year which is feck all compared with other industries and especially as how rich the club is. He is nor robbing the club!

    1. G-Force says:

      Hence, I clearly mentioned ‘not saying that he can’t’ (take out the money). He can take out £10mil for all I care.

  34. Ronny says:

    All we can hope is that as part of this extension involved both the board and wenger having made stipulations of things that must change,(more money, quicker transfers) and structural changes and some delegation. Etc etc.

    I still suspect AW will call all of he shots next year!
    I was delighted for him and to see him smiling on the weekend when we won the cup. I thought good on you to come through this and deliver a cup and a good performance. But part of my delight was based on him saying now is a good time to call it a day.
    I’d love to know what will have been discussed and changed that may make a difference to results next year.

    One thing I am positive about though is the way the back of the sqaud is shaping up. Holding is looking like a massive find, Monreal has been pretty good recently at cb, lb and we and probably will continue to be a great covering player to have in the sqaud maybe from the bench once kolasinac is up and running. Xhaka has started to look comftabke and as if he belongs now. Gabriel not bad as a covering rb. Ox much better lately he’ll even Ramsey looked somewhere like his old self at the end of the season.
    A couple of cracking signings sell many players that no longer are needed and keep going with the 3 at the back next year and we’ll become both scary ingly good going forward but at the same time sold at the back.
    Exciting times just wish we had a change of voice at the top to keep the players attention/motivation throughout a long season.
    Wouldn’t suprise me if ox pushes to leave now wengers staying along with Sanchez.
    Ozil will likely stay I feel.

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