Wenger told 4 simple steps to Arsenal EPL title! Maybe not so simple

Anyone who follows the comings and goings of Arsenal Football Club will know that the former Gunner Robert Pires is still fairly close to his fellow countryman Arsene Wenger. After hanging up his playing boots recently, Pires seems to spend most of his time behind the scenes at Arsenal, coaching and generally helping out.

So I am sure that he will have plenty of chances to tell our manager the four things he needs to do to help Arsenal to bounce back from the disappointment of last season and finally add another Premier League title to the trophy room.

But for those of us not in such close contact, the Frenchman’s ideas are being reported by The Mirror, so what could these four simple steps to success be I wonder.

Pires said, ““The most important thing is to keep Sanchez and Ozil — and if they buy Lacazette and Mbappe.

“Arsenal can do both. They can extend the contracts of Sanchez and Ozil, and why not buy two or three players?

“If Arsene buys some players, they can lift the Premier League trophy. To buy some players, you need to spend a lot of money — and why not? The first objective is to lift a trophy at the end of the season.

“Mbappe is a great player who has good potential.

“Of course he is very expensive but now in the UK anything is possible. Lacazette is a great player.”

So there you go Arsene, splash the cash on the two French forwards and do whatever it takes to get Ozil and Alexis to keep playing for Arsenal. But which, if any, of these things do you think will actually happen?



  1. Napersie says:

    And am scared none will happen

  2. Milton John says:

    If it happens then it’s good. Let’s hope for the best. Also it’s​ not like the previous years.

  3. funkyrith says:

    If we think we will go from 5th to 1st because Chelsea went from 9th to 1st, well, we can dream on. We dont have a squad like Chelsea, they won the previous year, we dont have a coach like Conte. All we are asking is to compete, and finishing 2nd will not be a bad thing. Stay in the race till the end and fans will be happy. For that to happen, we need big players, and retain Alexis/Ox/Ramsey/Ozil in that order. If we dont do that, while others have opened their shopping list fulfilled, we wont compete.

    1. hazeldog says:

      We finished second a couple of years ago and some of the fans were not happy.
      Be honest, you will only be happy if we win it.

      1. Robin Vanpayslip says:

        Why misuse what was said. He is talking about 2nd and being in the title race. Wenger hasn’t been in a title race for well over a decade. It’s usually capitulation with him from end of Jan onwards

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I completely agree
    We need to keep the two AND sign 2 top forwards. Lacazette and Mbappe would be perfect but admittedly expensive and Mbappe could be Madrid bound.

    Other teams will be improving their squad with world class talent. We need to catch up.

    Lacazette is one. Mbappe is unrealistic but we need to get an additional . He doesn’t need to be world class. If we can’t get Mbappe, Aubemeyang, Lewandowski then he could be a quality player with PL experience like Mahrez or some other quality player like Reus, Draxler etc

    Bottom line is that losing and replacing Alexis will not make us contenders. Keeping Alexis and getting Lacazette won’t necessarily make us title contenders. We need to go one step further if we truly have Ambition and want to do well in both PL and CL.

    Again, with Wenger I am not expecting a lot. He believes Giroud, Welbeck, Ramsey are world class for all I know

    1. hazeldog says:

      Lacazette cannot get past Giroud in the French team and you say he is top class. So must Giroud be then.

      1. Adam Criniti says:

        I think its been pointed out ad nauseam that Lacazette is playing 2nd fiddle to Griezman and not Giroud in Deschamps French set up.

        Giroud has been in splendid International form recently but Lacazette and Mbappe both fit the style of futbol Arsene prefers to play.

        Praying for one or both, expecting neither.

  5. lugdush says:

    but alexis will leave, ozil will stay, mbappe will not come and lacazette maybe…in that scenario we are going backwards…maybe turan comes too xD


    Alexis could leave, ozil could leave, the ox could leave, but arsenal is worrying about ramseys contract situation…god helps us

  6. RSH says:

    Arsenal gave up the EPL title when they extended Wenger’s contract. Talking about winning any trophy outside the FA Cup is pretty pointless. But it’s nice to dream

  7. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    Pires doing his impersonation of the Great Barry Norman… And why not? ? ? It’s all in a day’s work for Uncle Wenger, but he’s far too busy getting his favourite Son a Spanking new contract worth £160,000 a week.

    Mbappe to Real Madrid… ?? Via stepping stone club Arsenal.
    If your Happy with Mbappe, Clap your Hands ???
    If your happy and you know it, then let your face forking show it ??
    If your Happy with Mbappe, Clap your hands ???

  8. Frank says:

    Arsenal will not win the Premier League with Wenger and Kroenke.

  9. gmv8 says:

    Lacazette doen’t really fit the Arsenal (Arsene) mould – that’s why no serious effort has been made to sign him. He’s not fast, and unable to dart in from deeper positions. Mbappe is tailor made for Arsenal, being able to accomplish both those in an Henry-esque style. Also IF he signed for us, you would be struggling to keep AS7 from commandeering any nearby pens and pieces of paper so he could sign up ASAP. He is the key piece in the jigsaw, once in, all the other pieces will fall in around him. I guess that’s why Arsenal are putting down so much money for him.

  10. SA Gooner says:

    Who the heck is Mbappe and what has he proved? Just because his name was mentioned somewhere everyone is suddenly a fan and we HAVE to buy him. Why are we not looking at someone who has actually proved himself in the EPL, like Romelu Lukaku, who wants away from Everton. That imo would make a lot more sense.

  11. Stephan Larose says:

    Arsenal’s current team crushed Chelsea 3-0, and then again 2-1 to win the FA cup, and they really could have won it 4/5-1, and that was with all their senior defenders injured. The squad is already good enough to win the league. If they add a couple world class signings it won’t even be fair, they’ll be destroying teams 7/8-0. Looking forward to that!

    1. Adam Criniti says:

      Guess you missed the losses to West Brom, Watford, Crystal Palace and both draws to mighty Bournemouth.

      These are the games that year in year out kill Arsenals chance @ legitimately competing for the EPL title.

      Beating Spuds once in a while wouldnt hurt either.

      1. gmv8 says:

        Yes – haven’t had mashed potato for quite a while now …

  12. Nebsy says:

    Come on Arsene, do your thing. Sign an unknown semi-decent player and tell us how you’ve tried everything to sign the rumoured top players. Them 3rd kits are looking fresh, can’t wait to waste my money on them hoping this is the season we do something. You never walk alone. No, wait. I mean, We love you Arsenal, we do!

  13. Craig West says:

    Alexis, Ozil, Mbappe and lacazette doesn’t seem like they would all fit in the starting 11 ?

    I can see AW going big on Mbappe, for example, then singing some cheap but quality players, like a Pablo Fornals, for another example, whom has been linked and apparently has a release clause between around 8-15m, depending on where you read it lol

    Wenger you sly dog, you

  14. Raj says:

    Ozil will stay as he does not have many clubs offering him huge wages,
    Alexis will leave , he will join Man City
    Mbappe won’t join us , either he will stay in Monaco or join Madrid
    Lacazette may not join us , he will stay with Lyon till Jan and then join Atletico Madrid

  15. Franko says:

    The new 3-4-2-1 system will see to it that we don’t concede goals the way we have been doing in the last 10 seasons. Thats the change Wenger surprising found out after being stubborn and unwilling to change over the years. Arsenal will still maintain the passing and flair but we would have a more solid defensive base this time around with the 3-4-2-1 system. If we keep Ozil and Sanchez and get a World Class striker, expect Arsenal to blow majority of the teams away this new season.

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