Wenger – Tottenham aren’t ahead of Arsenal yet…nor Leicester

Arsene Wenger absolutely refuses to believe that the title race is over, not while there is the slightest mathematical chance that Arsenal could still end up as Champions. But there is also the small matter of our great rivals Tottenham Hotspurs, who have not finished higher than Arsenal in the League table since 1995 but are currently six points ahead of us, although we have a game in hand.

Wenger was asked how he feels about Spurs being above him for the first time in his Arsenal career. “First of all, we are not behind Spurs yet,” he said. “Anyway, Tottenham have been 18 years behind us and they’ve survived. So let’s be realistic.

“ If Leicester win on Sunday it does not affect us, it does not change the fact that we absolutely have to win our game against Palace. Let’s prepare for that no matter what the result is.

“We need a perfect run. They can drop points on Sunday but if they go until the end of the season having lost only three games what can you say [other than] ‘well done’, ‘congratulations’, even if it’s Leicester that nobody expected.

“At the moment it’s difficult for us to accept that we are not completely there [at the top]. Leicester have lost three games, it is exceptional. They lost two games against us, and then you have Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, all of whom you’d think they would lose more than one game against. Barcelona has lost four games this season, Real Madrid five and Leicester three.”

You might find it difficult to accept Arsene, but the table does not lie. And you say that Leicester have only lost three games all season, but you are still hoping they will lose another three in their last six games? I think it is time to give up on that one.

Tottenham may well be catchable and I really really hope we do, but I am right now looking at a League Table that only includes games played since Christmas, and in those 16 games Tottenham have gained 36 points, even 2 points ahead of Leicester, and where are Arsenal? Way down in 11th place with just 23 points.

It is obvious which teams are in form at the moment, and I’m afraid Arsenal are not one of them…

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  1. Mr. Wenger is definitely from another planet….

    Leicester will win the league..

    Arsenal can finish 2nd and above Spurs..

    Arsenal will still drop points anyway, hence they can’t win the league

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